Emotional Wellbeing and Selfesteem

The well-being theme is about children being confident, happy, and healthy as such focuses on developing as a person. It has two main elements the psychological well-being (including feeling and thinking) and physical well-being. Their relationships and interactions with their families and communities contribute significantly to their sense of well-being. They need to feel valued, respected, empowered, cared for, and included. Also, they need to respect themselves, others, and their environment. Physical well-being is important too, for learning and development as this enables children to explore, to investigate, and to challenge themselves in an environment which in partnership with an adult to achieve its learning goals.

My activity will allow children to feel more confident, happy, relax, improve self-esteem and self-concept, sense of belonging, self-expression, and the opportunity to achieve when they are able to manage tasks. Through my activity the children can build self-confidence by facing fears, overcoming obstacles, and learning new physical or intellectual skills.

The theme Identity and Belonging is about children developing a positive sense of who they are, and feeling that they are valued and respected as part of a family and community.

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Giving children messages of respect, love, approval, and encouragement enables them to develop a positive sense of who they are and a feeling that they have important. Positive messages about their families, backgrounds, cultures, beliefs, and language help children to develop pride in who they are. These messages give them the confidence to voice their views and opinions, to make choices, and help shape their own learning.

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I found evidence of this since in every room in the setting that I was in, every child is welcomed, they were allowed to choose what toys they want to play and that each child has his/her own coat hook. Their picture with the date of birth, pictures of family, drawings, and all the work art are displayed on the wall or on top of the press. This evident when I saw a laminated placemat with their own finished artwork with their name on it during their snack time.

The theme Communicating is about children sharing their experiences, thoughts, ideas, and feelings with others with growing confidence and competence in a variety of ways and for a variety of purposes. It involves giving, receiving, and making sense of information. Children do this by using non-verbal means of communication, talking, listening, thinking, and understanding. A good communicator is crucial to children’s development, as adults, we encourage children to communicate by listening to them, interpreting what they are saying, responding to them, and modeling good communication. I found evidence of this in one of my observations when a boy complained that a girl hit him how the staff handled the situation using her skills to communicate with two kids. How she makes them shook hands that the boy will be ok.

Some of my talents that I can share with children, parents, and staff are singing, playing keyboard, arts and crafts, games, storytelling, making animal sounds, computer, playing drums, etc. I would be happy to learn more, for me learning is unending. As for my weakness, there is a word on that in our language “Ningas kugon”, I don’t really know the English of the two words. It is like if I get interested in something, I will be very excited about it for a few weeks only, and then after that, I tend to forget and being lazy. I need someone to push or encourage me to keep going.

I usually learned from observing others where I can pick up techniques and methods of dealing with children. Staff from my placement are very good and I feel they all work well together as a team. I am aware of the importance of a good relationship with parents, as a good relationship benefits the child, parent, and those who work with children. As I mentioned earlier on the theme Communicating, it is important to have good communication skills since this is crucial to children’s development and skills to talk to parents. Staff motivates children by taking a real interest in what they are doing. It is important that the relationship between the child and childcare worker is built on trust. Children need to feel safe and secure with their carer and they will feel this if you have good interpersonal skills. These skills are essential when working with children as a significant part of work is about relationships and communicate effectively.

Writing this journal increase my awareness and help me to observe, think, and analyze since I was stagnant for 10 years. I find writing the learner record for these assignments help me to look at my own work in childcare and to keep in touch with my feelings. I use my interpersonal skills, verbal communication skills, and non-verbal communication skills while working with staff and children by doing my observation, education, and care routine planning and implementation using the Siolta standard and Aistear theme.

I am aware that practicing in a professional manner requires that individuals have skills, knowledge, values, and attitudes appropriate to their role and responsibility within the setting which is in line with Siolta Standard 11 and also a regular reflection, engagement, and support on my ongoing professional and development helps me a lot.

Since I starting my placement in Greenfield Childcare, I am aware of the importance of effective teamwork among the members of staff I am with. I am more aware of my personal growth through my observation and during my care and education routine implementation. To be an effective Childcare worker, one must explore what works best.  We must look at ourselves and encourage dynamic interactions with children and other staff members. This will give us good learning more about all important things to work as a team to incorporate into our work.

For the conclusion of my work placement, and having completed this Learner Record, I feel I have a good skill when it comes to dealing with children. I have the ability to communicate well with children, parents, and staff and very patient when it comes to children. I am reliable, honest, trustworthy, and responsible and I believe it’s a trait that would best work for a team. Lastly, I am very interested in a child’s development, as it plays an important role in their lives.

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