Emotional (Intelligence) Quotient Essay

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Emotional (Intelligence) Quotient

Aside from the person’s measure of intelligence or is Intelligence Quotient (IQ), he also has another characteristic that measures his ability to feel. It is his Emotional Intelligence, which is measured through his Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EQ). EQ is the description of one’s abilities, capacities, or skills regarding his perception and management of emotions. It is usually of his emotions, of others, and of groups of people.

The concept about this emotional intelligence is a rather new field in psychology that is why its definition is changed from time to time (Research Machines plc). Way back in the 1900’s emotional intelligence were emphasized as various aspects of mental intelligence, cognitive aspects like memory and problem solving. Afterwards, even non-cognitive aspects were recognized as important factors, like the social intelligence, or the understanding and management of other people.

Later in 1985, Wayne Payne explicitly discussed in his doctoral thesis the concept of emotion, wherein he tackled on developing emotional intelligence. However, the article was not published until 1990, when Peter Salovey and John D. Mayer published it (SearchCIO. com). Emotional Intelligence was then defined by Salovey and Mayer as a person’s capability of monitoring his and others feelings and emotions, analyzing it and using that set of information as a guide in his actions and thoughts.

Afterwards, it has been revised to be the ability of emotion perception wherein it integrates emotion in order to facilitate or manage thoughts, understanding emotions and further regulating it, thus promoting personal growth. It is used by people in order to move around its social environment, understanding every part and every aspect of his surroundings. Emotional Intelligence encompasses a person’s ability to perceive emotions, wherein he is able to detect and decipher these feelings of emotions by looking in their faces, pictures, voices, along with their cultural background.

Another is to be able to use these emotions, where he utilizes it in facilitating various activities like computing, thinking and eventually solving a problem. It is also important to understand emotions, to be able to comprehend various emotional signs and language and to be able to appreciate complicated relationships with various emotions. Finally, it would boil down to managing these various emotions, by regulating it for one’s own purpose and for others. It could be used to achieve certain goals by harnessing these emotions.

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