Emotional Intelligence: Be Master of Your Emotion

People concerned about the definition and the range of physical health. To be frank, a healthy person not only has a healthy body and good physical function, but also has a healthy and positive attitude and good emotional self-control. Emotion is any conscious experience characterized by intense mental activity and a certain degree of pleasure or displeasure.

Additionally, There have been a mass of cases of people dying from not managing their emotions properly, which cause some mental illness like depression.

Undoubtedly, mental illness is an invisible killer. Meanwhile, emotion is a complex psychology tools which can affect how we think and how we act. Eventually, humankind can’t ignore the power it related, but ought to acquire a thorough comprehension and take good advantage of it.

Emotion control also called emotion management was first proposed by Daniel Goleman, who became famous for a book named Emotional Intelligence (EI). He believes that by controlling emotions, managers can become outstanding leaders. Emotional management means that you have a good command of mastery self and modulation fit regulate mood; you can properly get a comfort when you meet reactions cause by life contradiction, you can deal with tension and adversity in an optimistic and humorous way.

According to Goleman(1998), having a good emotional management can prove that you have a high index of EI; and emotional intelligence is the capacity to recognize our feelings and those of others, for motivating ourselves, and for managing emotions well in us and in our relationships. EI is more important than IQ in determining outstanding job performance.

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Good emotional management and EI are beneficial to both the individual and the organization, even can determine your decision of the way of success. Above all, the extent of tacit understanding among team members depends greatly on team’s emotional control. EI affected leadership behavior of the project leader. If the leader has a short fuse or the member of an organization are intrigue against each other, the efficiency of the company or a group will in a low level and lead to the waste of resources. EI also relates to the positive and negative affect and satisfaction at work place. More importantly different level of emotional control, eventually bring out two completely different company cultures which directly affecting the length of a company’s life.

Bill George and Esna were known as talented managers, but why did George made a big success in Medtronic and then withdraws, while Esna has a tough life in his late years after the glory of Disney. The difference between them is in emotional control, especially in the period of a huge stress. Meanwhile, EI definitively has a deep relationship in runners or sportsman, even for every aspect in our daily life. EI can take out good effect of reducing the impact of fatigue and leads to better performance.

In order to gain a good emotional management, we should have a full comprehension of our emotions. Distinguish between perceptual and rational, stay calm and be self-disciplined.

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