Emotional Intelligence Essay

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Emotional Intelligence

?When it comes to the five elements of Emotional Intelligence, I can relate to Self-Regulation the most which is my best aspect. In general, I am a pretty easy going type of guy. Even when someone bad mouths me or attacks me verbally, I tend to keep my cool and analyze the situation before responding back. When it comes to my job as a police officer and dealing with people, we deal with all types of emotions. Some personalities can be distressed, combative, and anxious or anger.

Whatever the situation may be, I always tend to self regulate my emotions so that I can best deal with the situation. One example is during an interrogation, another officer and I will play the roles of God Cop Bad Cop, with me being the Good Cop. I am always the Good Cop because I can restrain myself when the suspect tends to be argumentative or angry. I tend to regulate my emotions and not respond in the same manner. The worst aspect of Emotional Intelligence for me would be Social Skills.

This is something I am constantly struggling with. When it comes to conflicts, I tend to either avoid it or eliminated the easiest way to avoid more conflict. I know it is easier said than done, but with learning how to deal with can make me a better leader at earning respect and loyalty. I also tend to lack on praising others outwardly. For example, when I see a good arrest from a co-worker based on his observations skills, I know he did a good job and I praise him for it, but I usually don’t say it to him.

Not because I do not want to but because I am not comfortable saying it outwardly. I know I can improve on praising others because it is important for your co-workers or subordinates to feel important and appreciated. It tends to bring the best out of them. When it comes to conflict resolution, I will work on reaching a solution through common techniques like negotiations or compromises.

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