Emotional Intelligence

The Quick Emotional Intelligence Self-Assessment
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I found taking this self-assessment as motivational, inspiring, engaging, and useful because it helped me to understand my weaknesses and strengths by selecting statements honestly and accurately. I examined each option and decided on which answer is most appropriate along with what is best suited to me. I agreed with the ranks that I received for all four quadrants, as they each reflect on how capable I am at handling my emotions. My least ranked quadrant with a score of…...
The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership
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Emotions, we all have them and there are powerful forces in our lives. In 1994 after extensive research with brain damage patients, Antonio Damasio published his breakthrough findings that rational decision making is impossible when devoid of emotion. He found that brains are hardwired to engage a predetermined emotional response for every reaction we experience, thoughts we have, and the decisions we make. In short, emotions are at the very epicenter of what distinctly makes us human. The good news…...
Emotional Intelligence: A Closer Look
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Emotional Intelligence is a concept commonly underestimated. Taking the proper amount of time out to get to know oneself is a valuable skill not too many are aware exist. I intend to put the concept of emotional intelligence under the microscope. What IS emotional intelligence (EIQ)? Does it have a place in psychological and/or scientific history? To what extent are the components of emotional IQ rooted in our ontogeny, and which structures in the brain contribute to emotional awareness? How…...
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Organizational Behavior Essay Course Hero
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It is indeed clear to anyone leading an organization that individuals making up the organization have a great contribution to how far the organization is going to progress with regards to its existence in the global market. Certainly, this is a key that identifies individual employees as one of the important factors of ‘blood vessels” of any business organization aside form the company consumers themselves. This is the reason why business organization leaders intent to create several ways by which…...
HR’s Emotional Intelligence
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Pages • 2
In this era, HR is shifting paradigms to embark on future oriented human resource strategies that increase individual competencies by focusing on the quality of life of an employee which is achieved through proper work life balance and stress management capabilities. Over the last decade, Emotional Intelligence has drawn significant interest from HR practitioners all over the world as a growing topic for behavioral investigation in order to understand its influence on social interactions. Emotional intelligence is the ability to…...
Emotional Intelligence as a Strategy for University Success
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Emotional Intelligence as a Strategy for University SuccessUniversity success is all I aspire to have right now. Most of the time it is merely pegged on academic achievement, but there are a lot of background forces that define what it is supposed to look like. Five years ago, I didn't have the maturity I have today, the point is, should I have been given the responsibilities I have today five years ago, I wouldn't have done them as best as…...
Emotional Intelligence and Self Management
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I found taking this self- assessment as motivational, inspiring, engaging and useful because it helped me to understand my weaknesses and strengths by selecting statements honestly and accurately. I examined each option and decided on which answer is most appropriate along with what is best suited to me. I agreed with the ranks that I received for all four quadrants, as they each reflect on how capable I am at handling my emotions. My least ranked quadrant with a score…...
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EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE BOTS: A BETTER FUTURE FOR HUMAN RACEASSIGNMENT CODE: DEPARTMENT OF MECHATRONICSX.HENDRY THOMAS ROLL NO:ABSTRACT: Humans are very apt at reading emotional signals in humans and same goes for artificial bots, which raises a question of whether artificial bots are to be emotionally intelligent to ensure effective social interactions. Emotions have an important role in intelligent behavior and influence the human decision-making process.Emotional Intelligence or EI have the ability to monitor your own emotions as well as the emotions…...
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"EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE FOR STUDENTSBHAVYA RAJPAL " BBASEP17S023S.P. JAIN SCHOOL OF GLOBAL MANAGEMENTNOTEHow Can Emotional Intelligence Help Students?AbstractEmotional intelligence is a type of social knowledge that involves the ability to monitor one's own and others' emotions, to discriminate among them, and to use the information to guide one's thinking and actions (Salovey & Mayer, 1990). The scope of emotional intelligence includes the verbal and nonverbal appraisal and expression of emotion, the regulation of emotion in the self and others, and the…...
Emotional Intelligence Guidance
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An individual experiences varied emotions. Happiness, fear, anger, affection, shame, disgust, surprise, lust, sadness, elation, love, frustration, anxiety, failure, achievement, etc. are just e few emotions that affect our day to day activity. Satisfaction with the presentation of good work, exhilaration on achieving an accolade, the pride in helping a colleague, anger with not being recognized, frustration with the procrastination of recommendations suggested, anxiety about meeting deadlines are just a few emotions an individual feels at work. The human brain…...
Emotional Intelligence Practicall Use
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I am writing you a letter with a little wisdom and good advice on marriage and relationships such as; Interpersonal communication and the misconceptions/barriers of interpersonal communication, Emotional Intelligence and it’s benefits to your marriage and finally the impact your cultures and genders have on your interpersonal communication. Hopefully, it will be jumping off point for your journey together and base that you come back to often. Relationships in and of themselves are complicated in many ways; they should be…...
Emotional Intelligence and Managment
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The strong correlation between emotional intelligence and managerial skills has instigated speculation as to whether managers must possess proficient emotional intelligence, namely, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills in the areas of self-awareness, self-regulation, self-motivation, empathy and social awareness (Rahim et al. 2002), in order to manage successfully in the workplace. The purpose of this essay is to explore the role emotional intelligence plays in one’s ability to effectively manage a workplace. Managers must possess a high degree of emotional intelligence to…...
Emotional Quotient And Spiritual Intelligence In The Workplace
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As the world progresses and advances towards globalization, the global economy is demanding for the existence of well-managed companies and organizations. Responding to this demand, organizations are trying to find more effective formula that will enhance or improve their outputs. Two of the latest discoveries that attract companies and organizations are the concepts of emotional and spiritual development of their human resources. More and more companies are integrating the said formula in their programs and action plans as they recognize…...
Daniel Goleman Theory of Emotional Intelligence
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Pages • 10
The cognition ability among humans is as varied as their physical abilities. However, one apparent fact is that they all possess some similar characteristics. Psychologists have often tried to understand humans by studying their behavior and explaining it in terms of sense cognition. As such, it has been argued that the way a person perceives and interprets his physical world, described and exhibited in behavior, is determined by intelligence. However, psychologists are not yet agreed on the exact definition of…...
Emotional Intelligence in Leadership
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Pages • 8
Abstract This paper explores the concept of emotional intelligence and the effects on leadership. The articles discussed in the paper analyzed the different array of qualities in emotional intelligence towards leadership. Emotional intelligence is a way of behaving and acting towards situations and people. Leadership styles must adapt to the situations and exhibit empathy at times to support the perception of caring. Through empathy leadership will exhibit thoughtfulness and caring in the eyes of the employee. Empathy is an emotion…...
“Good Will Hunting”: Cognitive Dissonance
Words • 608
Pages • 3
Will Hunting, played by Matt Damon, in the movie "Good Will Hunting" is the epitome of a psychological paradigm. He can be analyzed in so many ways, touching on many of the different fields of psychology. The most interesting thing about Will is the cognitive dissonance he goes through throughout the film. He is torn between these two cognitions, both of which contradict each other. One of these cognitions is the fact that he is an orphan from South Boston,…...
Cultural Differences and Emotional Intelligence
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Pages • 10
During an the assessment of several countries, values of open-mindedness, inclusion, respect and tolerance are more likely to be attained within a prospectus that encourages the increase of Emotional Intelligence (EI). In this research paper, the role of EI in determining leadership effectiveness was reviewed to explain emotional characteristics specific to five countries: Nigeria, Mexico, Russia, Argentina, and China. These countries were included in a study called Project Globe. GLOBE is the acronym for Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior Effectiveness.…...
Becoming an Effective Leader
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Pages • 29
Learner name: Section 1: Understand own ability to fulfil key responsibilities of the leadership role. An evaluation of my own ability to use a range of leadership styles, in different situations and with different types of people, to fulfil the leadership role. There are in essence, four core leadership theory groups [1], which are: Trait theories, Behavioural theories, Contingency theories and Power and influence theories. Look more: define research objectives essay I strongly believe that a leader must be adaptable to…...
Letter of Advice for a Newly Engaged Couple
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Pages • 10
Congratulations Susan and Gerald on your impending marriage. If I might, I would like to contribute some words of advice and suggest some effective communication tools to make your marriage successful and satisfying. Successful communication between couples increase the likeliness for a happy marriage, something every couple strives for. Communication is a process of many aspects that must be continually practiced and perfected. Though there are stumbling blocks in any relationship that may affect communication, following the advice in this…...
Self Awareness Paper
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Pages • 11
My name is Douglas Wasserman. I am a 44 year old Caucasian Male that was born in Brooklyn New York on January 7, 1970. I come from a Jewish family background. My immediate family has never been religious. We do not eat kosher foods and rarely go to Temple to pray. That does not mean we are not a spiritual family. I was taught to believe in God as a loving entity that has a purpose for me in my…...
Emotional Intelligence and Its’ Determination
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The book, Emotional Intelligence 2.0, provides an alternative approach to how a person achieves success. This book does not focus on the conventional determinant of success, such as formal education and training, experience, and intelligence level (IQ). Although all these components contribute greatly to ones achievement of success, these factors are not the only factors to be considered in whether a person will be successful or not. This book focuses on the concept that it refers to as emotional intelligence…...
Cognitive and Emotional Intelligence
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Declaration I declare that this assessment is my own work, based on my own personal research/study . I also declare that this assessment, nor parts of it, has not been previously submitted for any other unit/module or course, and that I have not copied in part or whole or otherwise plagiarised the work of another student and/or persons. I have read the ACAP Student Plagiarism and Academic Misconduct Policy and understand its implications. I also declare, if this is a…...
The Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence And Conflict Management Style
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Pages • 16
1. Introduction Conflict is not something new to us. Every single day we might involve in the conflict. Conflict has occurred since the existence of human beings. Conflict occurred either in person or between other individuals. Conflict can happen when we faced negative situation with family, colleagues, supervisor, customers and others. The early approach of conflict assumed all conflict was negative and to be avoided. Conflict involves a situation where the community cares about their rights and partly felt it…...
Emotional Intelligence
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Pages • 7
The ability to express and control our own emotions is important, but so is our ability to understand, interpret, and respond to the emotions of others. Imagine a world where you couldn't understand when a friend was feeling sad or when a co-worker was angry. Psychologists refer to this ability as emotional intelligence, and some experts even suggest that it can be more important than IQ. Learn more about exactly what emotional intelligence is, how it works, and how it…...
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