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Emotion Essay Examples

Essay on Emotion

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Beach Burial by Kenneth Slessor

...By using a somber tone Slessor has created a sympathetic feeling to arouse the audience. As the poem continues we build up pity causing us to think and even shed a tear. Slessor has used a powerful feel to create strong imagery in our minds. The mood expressed by Slessor has alluded to the memory of the men who have been buried unknowingly who they are and what they have done. The missing identity that Slessor has suggested is located in the quote"unknown seamen- the ghostly pencil wavers and fa...

The Bustle in a House

...Dickinson also has heavy use of symbolism to show that man must accept deaths as they come and not mourn over the loss. The only way for humans to overcome the loss is to put aside the emotions and the love that they once had Until Eternity. Eternity is a symbol for the next world, since death is not the end but the beginning of a second life. She uses a metaphor to show that emotions and love that one previously had for the individual must be [Swept] up and [put] away because life goes on; the ...

Cultural Influences On Emotional Expression and Perception

...Summing up, this paper talked about the different expressions the people in different cultures gave. Everyone is brought up differently and taught differently. Therefore, we express our emotion differently because of the surroundings we grew up in, and the people that influenced us. Although people in certain parts of the world are different in terms of the background, tradition, and norm and so on, all of us are crossing that barrier on having friends by effective communication. We shouldn't p...

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Express Yourself Through Music

...Your feelings and expressions are closely associated with music. I personally don't know of anything else (outside of first hand interaction with other human beings) that can affect me the way music does. You can either express the way you feel and get out of that trap, or you can just drown in your problems by playing the sorry blues. All my life I've been involved with music and I also realize that music is a difficult, but beautiful thing that people should take more time to appreciate. It is...

The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

...Gregor's incapacity to recognize true kindness but ability to perceive anger develops the idea of hopelessness because it suggests that he can never be integrated into human society. Humanity is founded upon emotions, and benevolence and fury are the extremes of human emotions. Gregor's inability to understand one of these keystones, kindness, indicates that he is lost from humanity, creating the hopelessness that he can never be included in society. His ability to understand the other keystone,...

Speech: Emotion and True Happiness

...But human beings are not just physical beings, we are mental and spiritual beings. While we wallow in the quicksand of materialistic ambitions, we fail to realize that the only way to achieve happiness is to fell it from within us. True happiness, according to Mahatma Gandhi brings more richness than all the money in the world. Finally, for all my opponents who still believe that money buys happiness, this final information should prove them wrong. Research states that an average American billio...

Critical Analysis of Loneliness

...Mansfield exceptional usage of elements throughout her short story 'Miss Brill', allows her audience to pull apart the story piece by piece, and analyze the concept of the effects of an altered-reality contributed from loneliness. Miss Brill's imagination over-shadowed her cruel reality, making readers think, if she dedicated herself to making considerable connections with others, as much as she dedicated her time to her imagination, her story would have ended much differently. One can only imag...

"The Red Room" by H.G. Wells

...Another way in which the author creates tension and suspense is by withholding information. Immediately, we can see that the story begins mid-scene which creates suspense as it ambiguous and leaves the reader wanting to find out more; "I can assure you,". We can also see this in the ending of the story. The ending of this story is an anticlimax as it does not provide all of the answers that are put in the readers mind throughout the story, which leaves the ending of the story open to speculation...

Appreciating Rain on a Grave by Thomas Hardy

...Hardy uses several imagery techniques throughout the poem Green blades from her mound, which allows readers to visualize the grass on her grave, Clouds spout upon her which helps readers envisage the image of rain spouting on the grave giving a melancholy effect. Other techniques used are metaphors so coldly, so straightly such arrows of rain: giving the striking effect of rain and the cold, reality is brings like stars on the ground, - Till she form part of them- gives the uplifting mood and th...

Darden case study

...The Psychographic segmentation is shown by how people want to feel positive emotions when they go out to restaurants such as the concept of a happy family and namely the mythical Italian family. Customers want to feel emotionally satisfied as much as they want to be physically satisfied by the food. Creating an authentic menu hits close to home because people get that warm and happy feeling when they see the authenticity. Even Olive Garden’s commercial “When you’re here, you’re family”...

Gary Soto Guilt Essay

...By emphasizing the effects of paranoia, religion, and feelings of shame, Gary Soto is able to revive and recreate his traumatic childhood experience. His paranoia caused his intense insecurity and anxiety about everyone and everything around him, whereas the ideas of religion emphasized morally in ethical values of the sin he has committed. The shame Gary Soto felt led to regret in the bad deed he has committed and awakened his moral conscience that he has done something wrong and enjoyed it. Be...

Human Condition - Away by Michael Gow

...Similarly, Gwen goes down the path of restoration, as she is initially encapsulated within a shell formulated from her materialistic mentality, "We've got a brand new caravan. Everything you could want." Her change in attitude is triggered by the storm which Gow uses as symbol for cleansing, bringing in elements of magic - "The FAIRIES return and stage a spectacular storm". The emotional breakdown of Gwen as she receives news of Tom's illness also expresses her change and she seeks forgiveness f...

"My Grandmother Would Rock Quietly and Hum" by Leonard Adame

...To Adame his grandmother does not only bring a soothing sensation. She was his role model, the one he looks up to. He remembered always her eyes/ were clear/ and she could see/ as I cannot yet see- as she is wise and knowledgeable. Adame wants to have those clear eyes, to know what she knows, to feel what she feels. His grandmother would give all herself, to tell him about her past in Mexico, about things he never knew. She tells him about his native country, about his grand grandfather, about ...

Journal on "The Story of an Hour" by Kate Chopin

..."The turning point is when Louise saw her husband opening the door coming back alive. Chopin's satirical plot leaves an open understanding of Mrs. Mallard's death. It is irony that in the beginning of the story she was said to have a heart trouble, her relative tried to use the gentlest way to inform her of Brently Mallard's death. The reality is she feels glad about her husband being forever absent from her life, and as she is willing to enjoy the world again, her husband comes back. Louise fi...

Margaret Atwood; Cat's Eye Analysis- Refraction and Self

...It is therefore the reader's choice on weather to comprehend the notions Atwood is proffering. Atwood uses varied techniques and narrative elements such as imagery, symbolism, and the narrative point of view to allude her beliefs. Through the particular employment of these techniques Atwood strengthens her case to the reader and positions them to support her indited criticisms of a knowable identity, and a fixed reality and truth. Cats Eye challenges the measurable, and the way we qualify thing...

"The Persuaders" Report on documentary for marketing class

...The future of marketing depends on one's ability to segment the market appropriately and find your target market. Once you have your target market, you must reach them with a message that evokes an emotional response, which creates meaning, resulting in a greater likelihood of making a purchase decision. These messages cannot be placed anywhere, they be must be absorbed by the consumer. Therefore, Tivo and other DVR devices make T.V. an obsolete medium. The future lies in personalized advertisin...

Film Techniques against the Theme of "Change"

...In conclusion, the filmmaker Gary Ross conveys his attitude towards change through David and Jennifer and the effect of their presence on the town. He stresses that change is essential to understanding the world, but most of all, understanding and accepting ourselves. Ross uses various allusions to show the control the citizens of Pleasantville were once under, and then to show that they have broken free, and that in the end, everyone is inevitably affected by change. He employs satire to compel...

The Quality Of Life Essay

...Psychological, social, and personal aspects are the main components to look at when looking at the quality of ones life. Personality plays a large role in the how one interacts and feels around other people. Being socially active and having many friends and good relationships causes positive outcomes and increases self confidence. Your own personal shape and materials in your life show whether you have a positive or negative outlook on life. If you live your life with a good personality, great b...

Refer to Poem 327 "Before I got my eye put out"

...The isolation and repetition of 'mine' in the third and fourth stanzas illustrates the tension and selfish nature of the narrator. The poem climaxes in terms of intensity in the fourth stanza and Dickinson then brings the intensity down to safer levels, which is highlighted by her use of the word 'safer' in the first line of the final stanza. The repetition of 'other Creatures' provides balance to the poem. The symmetry is strengthened as a result of the similar emotional tones in the first and ...

Marriage and Happiness

...These conclusions have significant applications on Gilbert’s idea of a couple being satisfied without kids, as well as Crittenden’s point of considering someone to love and be open to. Humans are able and willing to find their own personal happiness. To love and be loved is one of life’s greatest aspects to being able to complete an individual. Works Cited Crittenden, Danielle. "About Love. " What Our Mothers Didn't Tell Us: Why Happiness Eludes the Modern Woman. New York: Simon & Schu...

Victor Frankenstein Is To Blame Mary Shelly Frankenstein

...In conclusion, it has been proven that although it was the creature that committed the violent acts, killing innocent people, the ultimate responsibility for these deaths lies with Victor Frankenstein. He was the creator who abandoned a living being, without regard to the monster's feelings and any source of protection from emotional pain. This was the cause of the monsters actions, which in turn resulted in the deaths of Frankenstein's loved ones, the withdrawal of the creature from society, an...

Understanding the Movie Black Orpheus

...On the other hand, the fire and dark smoke from the top of the hill where Mira and other Black women are coming from portrays the harsh feeling of a woman who has been deceived and the thematic angry emotion of the film. In the end, as for the editing experience, every frame and each interpretation of camera shots are all incorporated together in such a critical treatment and detailed approach to illustrate well the theme of love and betrayal of the movie. Work Cited Black Orpheus (1958). IGN En...

"Death Stars" by Paz Marquez

...What he felt for Julia was long gone that it never exist in the first place just like a pattern of his imagination gone wild. So all these years he had been seeing the light of dead stars, long extinguished, yet seemingly still in their appointed. In the story, dead stars symbolize a dream for something that is nonexistent, a thing that is only a distant memory even though the person he vastly desired love from before which the person is right next to him standing suddenly feel like it never occ...

Destroying Avalon


Mark Rydell's "On Golden Pond"

...To go back to the quote from before "Women's relationship's with their fathers are important to them all their life…" This quote ties my paper together perfectly. As much as it is a quote more to Chelsea than Norman it strongly shows how a daughter can be so affected without a father's love and support. This movie is not only based off of Norman's aging and one of his last summer's but it is about the growth of a daughter and father's nonexistent relationship. Throughout the movie Norman shows...

Of Mice And Men Pee On Crooks

...A: Use of hyperbole, 'nuts' stresses Crooks abhorrence of his seclusion and that being socially excluded has made him change negatively, by being 'sick'. The adverbial quantifier intensifier points out that his need for social interaction is literally killing him. Through the use of the words, 'nuts…lonely…sick', creates a semantic field of dehumanisation, as Crooks has no typical lifestyle or feelings in association to the other workers in the ranch. A lexical field of knowledge is made due...

Physical and Emotional Burdens

...Even though he no longer physically carries these things, he still emotionally carries them throughout the book because he can never get them out of his mind. Kiowa is another example of one of the soldiers who carries an emotional burden with the tremendous weight of "his grandmother's distrust for the white man" (3). This could propose a difficulty to trust his fellow soldiers. All the men carry with them the memories of their fallen friends and fellow soldiers. They find different ways to gri...

The Power of One Film Techniques

...The third part of the film is when PK is around about the age of eighteen attending a school in Johannesburg and 'changing the world'. Sound is another technique used widely throughout the film. Sound helps change the mood of the audience who are watching. For example when PK is running through the streets of Alexandra to meet Gideon Dumar, there is an upbeat and joyful song playing as the little kids were following. This shows that everything was all right and nothing bad was going to happen....

Case Management Overview

...When working as a case worker there are many roles and responsibilities that are taken on as part of a case workers job. Having a good idea how to support their needs and help to figure out how to help is important and to make sure that as a case worker you understand them as a person is also needed. As a case worker there will be many different types of people that you woke with Special Population being one of the group, and may be one of the most challenging. But, remembering that as a case wo...

Conflict Resolution

...There are many strategies to deal with conflict; avoidance is one. Some types of conflict if left alone, will work themselves out. However; because of the potential devastating nature of conflict; it should confronted; confront the situation and not the person. One should listen with empathy and the goal to understand the other person’s point of view and negotiate to a win-win or at the very least a win-lose solution. Even if one side has to lose, position the lost as something positive that c...

School Annual Day Vote Of Thanks

...I am also very thankful to all our ............. heads for their remarkable presence and constant motivation. I would indeed be failing in my duty if I do not express our gratitude to all the heads and office bearers for their whole-hearted support to make this programme a successful one. We are also thankful to .............................................. for their sincere assistance. An event like this cannot take place overnight. The wheels start rolling weeks ago. We have been fortunate en...

Personal Professional Development

...An example of my continual self-development in achieving organisational objectives is to continually ensure I am current and up to date with my knowledge of funding eligibility, which is governed by the Skills funding Agency (SFA). If I do not develop my understanding of new legislation set by the SFA the company can become at risk of not meeting the set contractual requirements. This can have a detrimental effect on the company which could lead to loss of revenue or loss of contracts which in ...

A day of sorrow is longer than a month of joy

...It is said that unhappiness is a completely rational response to certain losses so when we lose our self- confidence, or our health, our family ties, our friends or even when we do things which are unpleasant for us, we end up by feeling bad and time seems to freeze. But, when we feel fulfilled or when we do things that we like, we feel good and time seems to fly. The problem is that most of us tend to stay with what we know rather than choose any form of change. As a result, we continue to be u...

Evaluation Essay of “In Too Deep”

...The handsome guide criticized them in public first, however, he showed his admiration in private, which satisfied Tom’s self-pride to a great extent. Comparing the different attitudes between the beginning and the end, we can explore that the writer changed his mind. He challenged himself to explore the cave, and after this adventure, he felt better about himself and became more confident. He thought he was also a cool and brave man in front of his wife, which is very important to him. The wri...

Language and communication difficulties

...In adulthood in particular, sustaining relationships can be a very stressful situation. A lack of understanding between two people can lead to a distance in thought processes. The worry and anxiety levels of adults with SLCN can often be extremely high, and instead of “failing,” they may be reluctant to even try. Adults can often argue, which again would be a difficult task to overcome for someone with language and communication barriers. Many adults may not realise, or fully understand, wha...

Dream journal activity

...I will continue to seek this out when I have the opportunity. I noticed that I was better able to articulate my problems on day three because my body was more rested than I could on the first day. I realized that emotions of uncertainty and confusing really weigh me down. By sleeping well, eating well, and meditating, I can stave off these feelings. When they do creep up, I need to address them other than escaping from them. Short term escapes only compound my emotional concerns and ultimately m...

In Broad Daylight: Message and Moral

...One does not mind defying customs and systems and wants absolute rights as a human being. Mu Ying, principal character of Ha Jin’s story and a lady past her prime, indulges in prostitution as she has been dissatisfied with the physical aspects of her relationship with her husband Meng Su (Jin 84). She pleads with other woman to consider her case on human basis (Jin 84). Physical gratification is a matter of personal choice but it comes into conflict with regulatory aspect of society which to p...

Meditation reflection

...I believe that if I am able to control unwanted stray thought process of my mind I will develop the capability to counter any impediment of life. Thus, positive benefits associated to meditation have made me enthusiastic about it. Besides, one of the major benefits of meditation is that it is an effective stress management tool. Meditation enables any individual to know about controlled breathing techniques and in turn lowers blood pressure and emotional stress. For people of present modern worl...

The Lesson: Sylvia's Realization

...This is an interesting analogy as Bambara is indicating that the aura of the Catholic Church is akin to that one finds in a department store; this indicates that the nature of consumer culture has begun to occupy the place that religion previously occupied within social existence. While in great part Sylvia functions as a narrator in the later section it’s clear that the general thrust of her mental and emotional change is encapsulated in the reactions of her friends who have attempted to come...

The Lonely, Good Company of Books

...Yes, that is all true but those basics must be mastered and not every student has the ability to comprehend all of that. Students can repeat words on a page all day long but if they don’t have the necessary comprehension skills they will not be able to make predictions about what will happen next, identify the plot, recognize the important characters, clarify confusing parts, decode the meaning/ lesson of the overall text, and most importantly connect what they are reading to their own experie...

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