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Emotion Essay Examples

Essay on Emotion

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Pet Peeve

...Day to day obstacles will prove too problematic to stomach sooner or later. Seems as if everyone and everything wants this unappreciated association to come to an end just as much as I do. Temptations are the work of the devil himself and never fail to win the eyes of an interested morsel of a man. For the saying goes, “You always want what you want until you have it.” Or perhaps I’ve said it myself. His wondering eyes will have me on the verge of insanity with rambunctious assumptions and...

Overcome Shyness

...But you don't need to know what everyone struggles with to come at them assuming they need your compassion. If compassion—the caring about another's happiness as if it were your own—becomes the predominant emotion you feel in approaching strangers (or, at the very least, interest in them does), I'd like to suggest shyness will become for you a thing of the past, or at least far less of a problem in the future. The trick to treating shyness, in other words, isn't in developing greater self-co...

Saving Private Ryan Critique

...Spielberg’s idea of risking lives of eight men for one man has overturned the idea of social Darwinism. As social Darwinism promotes the idea of “survival of the fittest” that same idea is applied here as, Private Ryan’s survival in the war should be dependent on his fitness but instead the fitness of eight men are put on the line for his survival. However, putting our superficial analytical approach beside and using our holistic approach, its quite evident that Spielberg tries to make t...

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Dehumanization in All Quiet on the Western Front

...Living life dehumanized, in the end, is not worth it. They feel disconnected from home, lose all emotions and some even begin to think of death as the only option. By the end of the novel, Paul simply describes the life of a dehumanized soldier as, “Shells, gas clouds, and flotillas of tanks – shattering, corroding, death. Dysentery, influenza, typhus – scalding, choking, death. Trenches, hospitals, the common grave – there are no other possibilities” (283). Taking all these things int...

Can we trust our emotions in the pursuit of knowledge

...In the language arts… Although one can trust emotions in the pursuit of knowledge one mustn’t trust emotion to validate knowledge. People have their own truths. Truth changes, but knowledge doesn’t. Truth changes because of a different perception that each person has. Truth is what we all believe to be valid. Knowledge is different in every person. The pursuit of knowledge is a journey. When the destination is met one can’t trust emotions to thread through the truths and falsifications, ...

Acquainted with the Night by Robert Frost

...Overall, Frost’s poem “Acquainted with the Night” is a poem that can be taken just literally, or symbolically. It depends on the kind of outlook on life each person that reads the poem has. Some might not see the symbolism of the feelings of darkness, isolation and grief, while others see it right away. But either way, the reader can still feel the dark tone of the poem whether it is the first time reading it, or the hundredth, just from the beginning and ending lines, “I have been one a...

Compare and Contrast Suffering Shown in Six Poems

...So as you can see these six different poets have expressed their feelings on suffering in lots different ways in their poems. Suffering can come in many forms. The ones used in this poem are just a few of the many aspects of suffering. It can come in the form of death and war which was what was used in most of the poems and you can say this is the most extreme form but as I have proved suffering can also come in the form of loneliness and helplessness which is not what you would first expect whe...

Lars and the Real Girls

...In the film Lars and the real girl by Craig Gillespie, costume, setting and dialogue help to develop the protagonist Lars. We originally see Lars is introverted, withdrawn and a social recluse, but through the unconditional love and lack of criticism provided by Bianca, a life sized ‘real’ doll, we see him grow into a mature man who has found his place in society. The support the community shows, offers Lars the encouragement needed to develop healthier relationships with real people. Gilles...

Automobile and Rational Shopping

...Firstly, we can do rational shopping in different ways. In this way, it what we will buy can be long lasting. Rational shopping has got a lot of advantages. For example we can buy inexpensive car but we make to evaluate with regard to economical, for example we can buy a small car. Another example when we want to buy a car, we must think it is dependability and convenience. Even we must ask to charged with cars “ Does it have lifetime guarantees? “ , because this is very important. We contro...

Core Conditions

...As a counselling skills user, reflecting on my practice I find applying the core condition of empathy can be quite challenging concept to grasp. This is due to the fact that it takes a counsellor to be extremely self aware to lay aside their own thoughts and feelings to tap into the emotions of their clients. Because empathy stems from an understanding of what the client is going through, it may be difficult in some situations for the counsellor to really be on the receiving frequency that the c...

Activities Relieve Stress

...In other words, writing journals is necessary for us to relieve stress. Stress dangerously affects our health and life in variable ways now. Indeed, facing to the stress and resolving it are challenges that everyone has to overcome in daily life. However, there are many optional manners that are suitable for different people to relieve their stress from work, school, and children and so on. Especially, there are three easy and quick activities that everybody can apply to their life in order to r...

Explain the Importance of Resilience in Children and Young People

...Young people who are able to recognise benefits, as well as negative effects, from severe adversity are likely to be resilient. Insight helps people to take appropriate actions and make appropriate choices. It is therefore linked to self-efficacy and to initiative. Humour is the final building block of resilience. It can help young people to distance themselves from, and therefore reduce, emotional pain and it can also help them make and sustain relationships — humorous people are usually popu...

On Face Work

...As if you blurt out of words during conversation, your action and how you express your face after that would affect your friends to whether forgive or not. The emotion present in your face would reflect the way people judge you. After reading the article “On Face Work,” I learned many ways to prevent an incident in which lead your relationship downhill. I believe people can understand each other through by looking at others’ emotion and guess their thinking without any word. I think there ...

Effect of Baby Dumping

...Their high possibility could not produce baby more after this because defect occurs in womb. At the same time, due to baby dumping too, occurrence of collapse of family institution. When institution of the family collapse, harmony in family also affected the sprinkle. This case due to, parents feel ashamed of having child that like that the behaviour appearance. They consider child like this has giving a bad name to oneself they. What they worried is surrounding neighbourhood those who definitel...

Emotional Quotient And Spiritual Intelligence In The Workplace

...Companies of the modern economy is already recognizing the fact the business is not all about making money, rather it encompasses the building of organization members with multiple intelligence. An organization with personnel, especially leaders, who have well developed cognitive, emotional and spiritual intelligence, is a happy and enthusiastic working environment. Developing the emotional and spiritual intelligence is the answer to the intangible needs of the organization: healthy working rela...


...Since emotions are typically directed towards objects and states of affairs, the empathizer, of course may first require some idea of what that object might be (where object can include imaginary objects, concepts, other people, or even the empathizer). Alternatively, the recognition of the feeling may precede the recognition of the object of that emotion, or even aid the empathiser in discovering the object of the other's emotion. The empathizer may need to determine how the emotional state aff...

“Thank You M’am” by Langston Hughes

...She tries to say that Roger’s face is dirty and his face is will get washed in her house. She takes him to her house to give him a lesson of his life. Furthermore, the boy asks that is she going to take him to jail, but the woman answers no. It shows that Mrs. Jones forgives him, because she was a young once and she can understand of teenage problems. Also she makes cocoa and cuts him a cake. As it is obvious from her actions, Mrs. Jones is amiable to Roger, even though he...

Abnormal Behavior Is Defined as Behavior That Is Not Normal

...Abnormal behavior is a normal part of human development, not that everyone experiences abnormal behavior but most of us experience some. Abnormal behavior such as depression, fright, and obsession are all common to the majority. When the abnormal behavior begins to affect our daily lives is when problems start to happen. The field of psychology has been studying abnormal behavior since the beginning of psychology, although huge strides have been taken to diagnose and help abnormal behavior, mank...

We See and Understand Things Not as They Are but as We Are

...When a balance between views and opinions are found then an objective view can be determined. This will lead us to see things the way they are. The claim ”We see and understand things not as they are but as we are. ”, can through the analysis of this essay, be concluded as being valid. By tying together ways of knowing such as sense perception, emotion and reason with the everyday examples regarding the natural sciences and religion one can come to the notion that all knowledge gained from t...

Dover Bitch vs Dover Beach

...The overall attitudes towards life reflect how they embrace and except love. Leaving us with a hopeless romantic and a cynic. Although there are a lot of differences between “Dover Beach” and “Dover Bitch” they do in fact have some similarities. Both of these poems reflect the viewpoints their author has on life and love. They both encapsulate the time periods in which they were written and show how love was represented in society. The tone of the two poems also plays a key role in decip...

Ben Jonson Song to Celia

...By describing the wreath as “withered” in line twelve, it is implied that something that once existed has now died. The difference between the hopeful, longing, intoxicated feeling of the first half of the poem with the defeat in the second half is what makes this poem profound in its telling of rejection. The use of metaphors and debatable language appeal to the readers’ emotions and provoke their thoughts add to the confusion and passion of one-sided love, thus making Ben Jonson’s “S...

Rhetorical Analyzis Hazlitt

...Hazlitt also uses appeals to pathos, logos and ethos as a method to assist in his argument that money is an essential part of a happy man’s life. He makes the reader believe that he is and honorable and well educated man since the beginning. His appeal to ethos is evident in the first three words of the passage, he says “Literally and truly”. Using this as the introduction to his essay Hazlitt creates the illusion that he is an honest man and the reader gets the feeling that he is well edu...

Thought paper

...My aunt, in her turn, seemed to have been imbued with the excitement of the audience and later began to criticize my cousin in order to prevent her form “the wrong moral”. My aunt also began to control my cousin’s consumption, as she didn’t want the girl to become similar to the characters of the program. My aunt’s attitude, however, had a very strong emotional component, and in several weeks after the happening she grew cool towards the perceived necessity to control her daughter – ...

Emotions In The Things They Carried

...When, in reality, they share as much emotion as any normal human being would. They fear the blood shed around them. Some display their feelings and confess their love and fears, while others decide to hide themselves by displaying a merciless attitude. Every experience is hard for them. Every new day is a bigger challenge. If the cards are not played right, there is a loss, sometimes many losses. The story is an important reminder about the horrors and brutalities of war. It tells us how war cha...

The Difference between ‘The Wife of Bath Prologue’ and ‘The Wife of Bath Tale’

...In the Prologue, the discussion concerns the role of women and men in marriage and dominance of men upon women while the Tale illustrates the themes questioned in the Prologue: “That wol nat be governed by hir wyves” (line 1262). The Wife opposes strongly to any tension on her personality trying to keep and preserve her values and ideals. Her actions do not correlate to the women of her time because religion limited sexual desires of the women, in spite of the fact that church and Christiani...

Road Rage Definition

... We tend to find road rage everywhere because of the unforgiving attitude we have for each other for making mistakes. Emotionally intelligent thinking will allow the driver to look at the situation and think more objectively. Drivers do make mistakes and bad moves not because they are stupid or careless or incompetent but because for the moment they were confused, scared or overwhelmed. The fact is that most drivers will appear incompetent under certain circumstances. When they are unfamiliar w...

The Relationship between Happiness and Individuality

...  Most probably they would also hurt themselves.  Thus, the necessary relationship between happiness and individuality demands a balance and a respect.  The individualist must take a balanced approach to pursuing his or her interests and goals to maximize happiness – bearing in mind that his or her pursuit of happiness should not turn into pain for anybody.  Respect of society is crucial for individualism to bear its fruit.  Hence, the essential relationship between happiness and individu...

Daystar` by Rita Dove

...In sum, the stylistic devices are employed by the author to enliven the narration, make it more vivid and palpable. Dove creates a powerful and true-to-life story about real experience of mothers exhausted by daily tasks. The unique combination of stylistic devices can be regarded as Dove’s style of writing which helps her to create powerful images of the woman and her daily life. Dove’s use of imagery and tone is a profoundly significant part of her style. Though Dove main¬tains, both dire...

James Blunt

...Blount is criticized by some for being overly depressing as there is such an emotional longing and hopelessness in his work. His lyrics talk about lost love, war, addiction and sorrow. The songs are sad and emotional. Yet he tackles these subject with sensitivity and honestly. He is a poet first. The music he pairs with the lyrics is similarly gently and delicate and moving, and haunting. Blunt has been quoted as saying that he writes for himself, to express feeling. He indicates that he has no ...

Bartleby, the Scrivener

...In describing Bartleby, the lawyer is actually revealing more of himself. He is revealing his biases and prejudices. He is revealing his materialism, pride and compassion. He reveals different aspects of his personality while Bartleby displays nothing at all. Some writers describe “Bartleby, the Scrivener” as a story wracked with Christian symbols and yet it falls short of Messianic value. Indeed, Melville's story would seem to be a parody of the parable, as we see a self-professed "saved" C...

`In Another Country` By E. Hemingway

...Through the settings and objects unveils Hemingway the issue of moral health of the soldiers and evolution of personality. He depicts that in spite of all the negative life lessons soldiers understand what it is to be an individual. Hemingway shows that the inner state of the soldiers has changed. On the other hand, war causes people to become insensitive. The settings of the hospital and the town are powerful reflecting inner state of the men and giving some hints to readers to imagine their fe...

Cognitive component

...Diener and Emmons (1984) found that unpleasant and pleasant affect become increasingly separate as the time frame is increased (Diener et al. , 1999). In the case of the institutionalized elderly, the study examined the affective component in general, mainly how they felt generally about their lives that helped them experiencing a sense of well-being in their lives. As indicated by Christopher (1999), it is this second aspect of SWB that corresponds to what we generally understand as happiness a...

Two-Factor Theory of Emotion

...Schachter’s theory states that because our physical states are difficult to label on their own,we use information in the situation to help us make an attribution about why we feel aroused. My sister thought that she had a big crush on the guy as an explanation for the physiological arousal she experienced. According to the theory, her interpretation to the emotional experience she went through was wrong; she was actually running to a class she’s late for and afraid of missing the quiz. She w...

Content: Advantages and Disadvantages of IQ and EQ


Honesty Definition

...5. "The Lord demands accurate scales and balances; he sets the standards for fairness.” 6. "The very essence of your words is truth; all your just regulations will stand forever.” 7. "Because of the privilege and authority God has given me, I give each of you this warning: Don’t think you are better than you really are. Be honest in your evaluation of yourselves, measuring yourselves by the faith God has given us." 8. Success is the state of accomplishment or achievement resulting from an ...

Nathaniel Hawthorns use of symbolism in The Hollow of Three Hills

...The use of the sound and colour in the story create a vivid layout and deeply emotionally stirring images in one’s mind that remain in the sub conscious for further thought, this impact could not have been achieved without such extensive use of these devices. The symbolism added understanding to this emotionally stirring story, and created an undertone of resentment for the adulteress, as one was able to realise the crimes that she had committed in relation to religion. Overall, the use of bla...

Elizabethan society

...While it is Bubbleboy's out of the ordinary actions that enable him to be accepted into society. Also, Bubbleboy is portrayed to be a victim of the imposing views of society, as he is a lonely and lost character, but on the other hand Othello victimizes society itself when he undergoes the actions that make him an outsider. Evidently, the three texts; "Othello", "Perfume" and "The Story of Bubbleboy" have all increased my understanding of the outsider as they illustrate a vast use of techniques ...

Media studies – Life on Mars

...Throughout the episode, Sam hears hospital noises and doctor voices and at one point sees a person on late night TV talking like a doctor describing Sam being in a coma. Sam becomes increasingly convinced that he truly is in a coma, and that none of this world is real. he believes it is all part of his imagination. These are some of the ways in which Sam portrays his feelings to the audience during this sequence. Which allows the audience to get to know Sam and begin to have a feel for his chara...

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