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"Emotion is stronger than reason."To what extent is this true in Human Science

Paper type: Essay
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Individuals will make lots of choices in their life, a few of the choices are emotional, and some are intellectual. From my viewpoint, I think emotion and factor are all crucial, and it’s depends upon a specific situation and specific person to choose if it’s more powerful or not.So my position is neutral. If an individual is really intellectual, the majority of his decision will be reasonable, but if he is an extremely emotional person, the majority of his decision would be psychological.

For example, smoking cigarettes, which is an extremely psychological choice, since everyone understands cigarette is bad for our health, however some people still can not give up cigarette smoking.

The reason of this is when they smoke, cigarette will bring them pleasant experience, and those smokers will desire more cigarette, in their mind, feeling is more powerful than reason.However, on the other hand, there also have some people who gave up cigarette smoking effectively or don’t begin cigarette smoking in the very first place.

From their viewpoint, factor is more powerful than emotion.

Another example, Apple, a very large company in the world, the founder of it is Steve Jobs,who is also a emotional person, because his objective is to make better electronic devices for customs and have more creative ideas to make people’s life better.that might cause company run out if money , because better quality design will cause more money to produce it .But, Apple’s shareholders don’t think that way, they want to make more money, increase the profit ,lower the input and keep this company running , did not think of if the product is creative, they think more about the future of Apple , so that’s reasonable and intellectual.

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