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Emotion is not very strong Essay

In this research, the correlation coefficient is +0.0563 and this number is closer to +1. It means these two variables do have positive correlation but just a slight positive correlation. In other words, if one variable is large the other one will tend to be large. However, +0.0563 is not very close to +1 and it does not reach half of 1, so it does not mean the more chocolate people have, the happier they will be. The +correlation can prove chocolate can have a slight positive effect on emotion and when people are happy they would like to eat chocolate to share the happiness.

The data in the first three questions proved that most people like chocolate because of its taste, and eat it very often. However there is still 20% of people do not like it and do not eat it very often. By considering the fourth question, half of people think that chocolate could make them feel better when they are sad. It means chocolate does affect emotions, and help people escape bad mood. For the last question, 8 out of 10 agreed that eating chocolate is useful to reduce the stress and make people feel free.

There is a research which was done by Gordon Parkey, (School of psychiatry, University of New South Wales), and they wrote the following result: ‘ Chocolate can provide its own hedonistic reward by satisfying cravings, but when consumed as a comfort eating or emotional eating strategy, is more likely to be associated with prolongation rather than cessation of a dysphonic mood. Any mood benefits of chocolate consumption are ephemeral.’ So it could be a kind of evidence that chocolate could affect emotion. And it indicates that chocolate has a short-time effect on emotion, but it could not last too long.

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Summary of analysis: To sum up, the correlation between chocolate and emotion is positive, but it is not very high. By analyzing the data, chocolate could affect emotion and it may useful to help people to reduce stress and feel free. So the two hypothesizes are correct. However, it has to be admitted that the correlation coefficient is low. So the function of chocolate may be not very efficient for emotion.


In conclusion, this report uses the survey studies to investigate the correlation between chocolate and emotion.10 questions were made for 10 participants. The correlation coefficient is not very high, and it means although chocolate can affect emotion, it just would be a slight effect. The data indicates that chocolate can help people to be relax and happy. However, in this research, the correlation between chocolate and emotion is not very strong.

The reasons for the low correlation coefficient are various. Firstly, the number of participants is not enough. It is too small to get the general conclusion. Second reason is most of participants are Chinese. Compared with people in western countries, Chinese are not very fond of eating sweets. It is the cultural difference. The third reason is the design of this questionnaire is a little simple, and questions are not enough to investigate such a huge item.

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