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Does Technology Promote Loneliness
Words • 726
Pages • 3
Nowadays technology is the driving force of the society. People cannot live a life of comfort without technology. With the invention of smartphones, the society has changed dramatically. Smartphones can do anything within seconds in our fingertips. The value of physical quantity has been decreased as everything is represented in terms of digital. Social networking sites and other massaging apps promotes physical loneliness from the society. People assume that social networking sites such as Facebook brings more people together and…...
The Psychological Benefits of Being Alone
Words • 522
Pages • 2
Friends are one of the pleasures of life and spending time with them can make the person happy. Yet, no one can spend all of their time with their friends because they have work and responsibilities. Even in their free time, many people find it tiresome to spend a lot of time with their friends. There are types of people, however, who cannot spend a minute alone and they should always be with someone, especially friends. Personally, I find solitude…...
Emotional Wellbeing and Selfesteem
Words • 1062
Pages • 4
The well-being theme is about children being confident, happy, and healthy as such focuses on developing as a person. It has two main elements the psychological well-being (including feeling and thinking) and physical well-being. Their relationships and interactions with their families and communities contribute significantly to their sense of well-being. They need to feel valued, respected, empowered, cared for, and included. Also, they need to respect themselves, others, and their environment. Physical well-being is important too, for learning and development…...
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The Quick Emotional Intelligence Self-Assessment
Words • 732
Pages • 3
I found taking this self-assessment as motivational, inspiring, engaging, and useful because it helped me to understand my weaknesses and strengths by selecting statements honestly and accurately. I examined each option and decided on which answer is most appropriate along with what is best suited to me. I agreed with the ranks that I received for all four quadrants, as they each reflect on how capable I am at handling my emotions. My least ranked quadrant with a score of…...
The Language Of Emotions
Words • 539
Pages • 2
There are many ways to express emotions, but the most powerful and effective way is using the language. Language is a method of human communication, but it is also used to convey emotions. According to Ambrose Bierce: “ Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret.” This quote shows how people's speech effect by emotions, especially when it contains toxic emotions such as anger and rage. People usually regret what they speak…...
Overcoming Emotional Barriers To Communication
Words • 552
Pages • 3
Emotions and taboo topics are a barrier of communication because emotions such as anger cause people to talk in a way that is less logical. Taboo topics create a communication barrier because people must be cautious of what they say in case of causing offence, which causes limitations to what is said in discussions. Emotions and taboo topics are overcome by removing oneself from the discussion until the emotions have subsided. Taboo topics are overcome by establishing beforehand what is…...
The Influence of Emotion on Decision Making
Words • 840
Pages • 4
This paper uncovers that emotions are present in the decision-making of jurors and judges. Some researchers suggest that if emotions are utilized professionally, they may pose a benefit to the final verdict. Hamer (2012) demonstrates how emotions are an essential piece of rational decision making, rather than a distraction. The article discusses why emotions are not acceptable in the court of law. First, it is believed that emotions bias our decision making. We attach emotional value to things that are…...
The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership
Words • 711
Pages • 3
Emotions, we all have them and there are powerful forces in our lives. In 1994 after extensive research with brain damage patients, Antonio Damasio published his breakthrough findings that rational decision making is impossible when devoid of emotion. He found that brains are hardwired to engage a predetermined emotional response for every reaction we experience, thoughts we have, and the decisions we make. In short, emotions are at the very epicenter of what distinctly makes us human. The good news…...
“The Hate U Give” Explores Issues of Racism and Social Injustice
Words • 950
Pages • 4
Racial injustice has been an issue over the past decades. So, when choosing books to read, I focus on pieces that address these issues. For instance, I particularly enjoyed The Hate U Give a fiction novel portraying the racial and systematic injustices African Americans face in America today. The main character of the book, Starr Carter is a young African American teenage girl who witnessed the police shooting of her childhood friend, Khalil, when the officer mistakenly confused his hairbrush…...
Managing Emotions in the Workplace
Words • 1558
Pages • 6
Introduction The workplace offers opportunities to experience a wide range of emotions. Most of the emotions are rarely, if ever, openly discussed in organizational behavior (Muchinsky, 2000). The culture of the workplace is changing. Not only is the workplace becoming more diverse, but the way business is also conducted is changing as well. Some companies are not adapting to the new ways of handling emotions as they are with new practices. The protocol of the work world kept a discouragement…...
The Inspirational Story of JK Rowling
Words • 444
Pages • 2
J.K Rowling is one of the most inspirational success stories of our time. Many people simply know her as the woman who created Harry Potter. But, what most people don’t know is what she went through earlier before reaching popularity. Rowling’s life was not peaches and cream. She struggled tremendously. In 1990, Rowling first had the idea for Harry Potter. “the idea came fully formed into my mind.“, she stated. One day while she was on a train from Manchester…...
Moral Issues, Loneliness and Friendship in Of Mice and Men
Words • 433
Pages • 2
In the novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck friendship is portrayed by two different main characters. George is intelligent and a very hardworking man. Lennie is a very hardworking man, but unlike George, he’s always causing trouble. However, the bond that they have leads them to have a very strong friendship. Their relationship shows how they benefit from their companionship. At the beginning of the story, George and Lennie are at the pond and Lennie starts to drink…...
Winning Isn’t Everything – It’s The Only Thing
Words • 866
Pages • 4
I strongly do not agree with this statement because, Yes, it’s a happy feeling once a person wins, but there is much more to life than winning. I think without teamwork and good sportsmanship and putting your best foot forward would not be good winning. “Winning isn’t everything; it’s the only thing.’’ It is like saying Chris Gale is the most important person on West Indies team. “Winning isn’t everything but making the effort to win is” (Maraniss,2000). This phrase…...
Relationship Between Internet Addiction and Emotional Maturity
Words • 2179
Pages • 8
Abstract Social networks provide an environment for virtual communication and play a key role in the quality of mental health. A Pew Research revealed that adolescents aged 10 to 18 years spent an average of 11 hours a day using electronic media. The effect of all this screen time on the emotional maturity of the adolescents is currently a topic of intense research. The present study focused on determining the degree of internet addiction of high school adolescents and examining…...
The Themes of Isolation and Loneliness in “Of Mice and Men”
Words • 1162
Pages • 5
Undoubtedly, the themes of isolation and loneliness indeed dominate the novella and can be seen by observing and comparing all other characters in the novella to George and Lennie. John Steinbeck wrote the novella “of mice and men” in 1937, set, during the time of the American Great Depression, in Salinas, California. During the time of the Great Depression, the economic positions exploited many ranch workers, like our two protagonists in the novella; George and Lennie, whose dream for a…...
Of Mice and Men: How to Deal with Loneliness and Problems
Words • 1466
Pages • 6
The classic 1937 novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck is about two migrant workers who journey across Southern California to find new jobs to make money. However, the setting takes place during the Great Depression and things start to take a turn for the men which make the story amazing. Over many years, Of Mice and Men has been unfortunately banned many times. This novel has been worshipped for the realism it provides and listed as one the…...
Of Mice and Men: Struggle With Loneliness and American Dream
Words • 785
Pages • 3
‘Of Mice and Men exposes the harsh realities of a cruel world’ Throughout the novella of ‘Of Mice and Men’ the audience is made to desire Lennie and George to live their ‘American dream’. This idea however is turned on its head when Steinbeck reveals the harsh realities of life in the 1930’s. Almost all the characters are yearning for someone to talk to and live a happy life with, and all of them remain lonely by the end of…...
Loneliness and Discrimination in “Of Mice and Men”
Words • 1258
Pages • 5
Many characters in the novella Of Mice and Men are marginalised and are deemed outcasts. One of the many ways marginalisation is presented in ‘Of Mice and Men’ is sexism. This is clearly represented in this novella through the character Curley’s wife and also about the way the men talk about women. Curley’s wife isn’t even named by John Steinbeck, so her identity is linked with her husband Curly. She is heavily discriminated and is treated as if she isn’t…...
The Christmas Hope
Words • 571
Pages • 3
It was December, the snow was as white as a snowshoe hare, the air crisp and filled with dancing flakes. On the last day of class, a small boy sat, staring intensely at the minister. He was to visit each class and ask the kids what they wanted for Christmas. Each wrote their response on a piece of paper that the minister took and would read next Sunday, and the Sunday after. The boy put his in the small box…...
The Effect of Hope Therapy in Hope of Diabetic Patients
Words • 615
Pages • 3
Hope therapy increases the motivation and behavioral changes in diabetic patients. Hope increases the mental efficacy and patient able to better understand in taking decision. LITERATURE SEARCH Most of the study shows that 80% patients are highly affected from diabetes due to lack of hope therapy. 45% are not participating in self care behaviors with diabetes which are not predicting good outcomes. Results revealed that 50% are in psychosis not have good healthy eating, physically energetic, monitoring of blood sugar,…...
Hope – Essential to Succeeding Happily in Life
Words • 674
Pages • 3
I believe there are several possible areas of focus for Hope. From how Hope has described why she has chosen to pursue counseling, I think the most important area to her would be to address her feelings of loneliness. In addition to loneliness, we could focus on her possible anxiety (“freaking out”) related to not finding a job, her apparent conflict with her step-mom (“don’t get me started on her”), and her thought of “being stuck with my parents forever”.…...
The Hope in “The Shawshank Redemption”
Words • 1240
Pages • 5
Hope is an important quality in our life because it is a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen, hope is not just a feel-good emotion, but a dynamic cognitive motivational system. Hope allows people to approach any obstacle that may come on their way on achieving what they desire or what they want in life with a mindset and strategy set suitable to success, that leads to their learning goals, which is conducive to growth…...
Hope and Alderian’s Theory
Words • 2195
Pages • 8
It allows one to a look into the future with the ability to be encouraged (Barclay, 2016). Hope is an indispensable factor in psychoanalysis. It\'s tenure rather by client or psychotherapist alike is essential for encouraging ambition in therapy. Within this paper the research surrounding hope will be enlightened. The meaning of hope will be described, defined and examined. A brief discussion of hope; its major tenets and process of change and its aspect within Adlerian theory will be deliberated.…...
Emotional Intelligence: A Closer Look
Words • 1277
Pages • 5
Emotional Intelligence is a concept commonly underestimated. Taking the proper amount of time out to get to know oneself is a valuable skill not too many are aware exist. I intend to put the concept of emotional intelligence under the microscope. What IS emotional intelligence (EIQ)? Does it have a place in psychological and/or scientific history? To what extent are the components of emotional IQ rooted in our ontogeny, and which structures in the brain contribute to emotional awareness? How…...
The Poem My Only Hope Of Survival English Literature Essay
Words • 1057
Pages • 4
Poetry is one of the literacy art which has a difference between other literacy work. Unlike other work, it 's signifier is written independently, as distinct verse forms, or may happen in concurrence with other humanistic disciplines, as in poetic play, anthem, wordss, or prose poesy. Subject is ever be the chief and the most purpose of composing literacy, so it brings moral, and lesson to the reader, when reading the verse form, the reader normally have to believe profoundly…...
The Impact of Guilt
Words • 344
Pages • 2
The impact of guilt always leads the person with deep scars. Guilt is “a feeling of worry or unhappiness that you have because you have done something wrong, such as causing harm to another person” (Cambridge Dictionaries Online). Everyone feels guilty of something so as Dunny and Hamlet. They were guilty of their inactions. They both lost someone they love and they were guilty of doing nothing about that. Their guilt mentally disturbed them and left them alone. Guilt can…...
The story of The Metamorphosis is one of loneliness and horror
Words • 763
Pages • 3
The story of The Metamorphosis is one of loneliness and horror. Kafka wrote in a fashion that allows a reader to interpret the story in a way that may be different each time it is read. Gregor Samsa, a young, hard working man, is transformed overnight into an insect and his entire world, has been turned up side down. The purpose of his existence is only to serve his family, but he never really gets the respect he deserves. The…...
My Sky Rains Inspiration
Words • 1502
Pages • 6
I’m cuddling close to my blankets and sheets as a chill passes over me. My toes and fingers are cold as ice, and even in my blurry frame of mind, I can tell that it’s about six in the morning. My biological alarm clock is cruel and hardly ever lets me sleep past 7:30. I groan and rub the sleep from my eyes as I realize that I’m fully awake and there’s no going back to sleep after this. Though…...
How does Shakespeare bring out the themes of love and hate through the language and actions of the characters in Act 1 Scene 5?
Words • 1362
Pages • 5
How does Shakespeare bring out the themes of love and hate through the language and actions of the characters in Act 1 Scene 5? How do the events of the scene prepare the action of the rest of the play? The prologue to "The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet" makes clear that the themes of "love and hate" will be central to this play. The Montagues and Capulets were two or Verona's most important families but there was an "ancient…...
Sanaa Goddess Of Troubled Times English Literature Essay
Words • 1392
Pages • 6
Thousands of old ages ago, when world was in the early phases of consciousness, they were able to pull to themselves whatever they needed and wanted without attempt or forfeit. In those times people were thankful for what the Gods provided, so in return for their gratitude, the Gods made certain the people had whatever they needed.A However, someplace along the manner an incident occurred that caused world to endure, digesting hurting and battle in order to acquire their demands…...
Distinctions Between True And False
Words • 912
Pages • 4
There are no absolute distinctions between what is true and what is false," Discuss this claim. Introduction: I agree with this statement. There is no way for us to determine the difference between truth and false. Truth and false can also be different in areas of knowledge, for example Mathematics and natural science.  Ways of knowing can also affect the way we think what is true and false, for example perception and emotion.  Different Areas of knowledge (AOK)  Mathematics, Natural…...
Organizational Behavior Essay Course Hero
Words • 789
Pages • 3
It is indeed clear to anyone leading an organization that individuals making up the organization have a great contribution to how far the organization is going to progress with regards to its existence in the global market. Certainly, this is a key that identifies individual employees as one of the important factors of ‘blood vessels” of any business organization aside form the company consumers themselves. This is the reason why business organization leaders intent to create several ways by which…...
Crooks Loneliness
Words • 1141
Pages • 5
The setting of the novel in the great depression (1929 - 1939) contributes to Crooks's situation as it is 70 years after the abolishment of slavery but at this time the Negroes were still treated like dirt in California, and the attitudes of the workers reflect the attitudes of the majority of people in America at this time. Like women were treated as possessions so were black people In a way the situations of Curley's wife and Crooks are similar,…...
Pip and His Guilt in Novel
Words • 1009
Pages • 4
Guilt is an on running theme throughout the novel. Pip's guilty conscience is apparent in the second chapter when Pip plans to steal from Mr and Mrs Joe. 'Conscience is a dreadful thing when it accuses man or boy'. This way Dickens uses the word 'accuses' suggests that guilt is something that is thrust upon a person and it cannot be controlled. The way Dickens chooses to comment so closely on Pips guilt shows it was a major part of…...
Too Much Punch for Judy Play Analysis
Words • 1006
Pages • 4
The play 'Too much punch for Judy' involves two sisters, Jo and Judy also their mum-Vi and younger brother Johnnie. Jo and Judy are very close but one night after they had both been drinking, they had a terrible accident in which Jo died, leaving Judy who was driving to pick up the pieces which she doesn't do very well. For our first task we were asked to use still image to introduce the family, in the first picture set…...
Moment of Anger – Alfieri’s Opening Speech
Words • 1462
Pages • 6
Eddie leaves Catherine and Rodolpho, and goes on to see Alfieri. From Alfieri's opening speech we see Alfieri to feel "powerless" and from the repeated encounters of Eddie and Alferie, we realise all Alferie can do is lend an ear to Eddie and let the situation "run it's bloody course. " All Alfieri can do is warn Eddie of the consequences if he takes drastic actions. The dramatic effects are less powerful on the video in my opinion because in the…...
Managing Emotions
Words • 899
Pages • 4
It is necessary that an individual must openly talk about the things he or she perceives as withholding emotions also leads to stress and this can create problems everywhere from family to the organization where an individual is working and this in turn affects his performance at his workplace. Not just this, but keeping thoughts in the mind makes a person angry, sad or fearful depending on the situation he is in. moreover, this can also lead to that person…...
Love and Hate in “Romeo and Juliet”
Words • 609
Pages • 3
An exploration of the themes of love and hate in Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" "Romeo and Juliet" Love and Hate In Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare wrote the story of two lover's Romeo and Juliet. The love of Romeo and Juliet was a great and unforgettable love. The two cross star lovers had shared their love and hate to each other. The families had to have love and hate or story would have been so good. The fight of Merutio and…...
Looking for Alibrandi: Discuss how music and color is used to reveal the emotions
Words • 670
Pages • 3
Contention: Music and color are important elements of film. In Looking for Alibrandi, music and color are used to reveal the emotions, storyline and development of characters. In the olden days, movies were created in black and white and often had little or no sound. As technology pushed on, revolutions in the film industry occurred which allowed for the integration of both production elements and many others and although at first it was very expensive to adopt these, as time…...
Loneliness Analyzed in Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Pinter’s The Caretaker
Words • 1859
Pages • 7
Hamlet is a medieval drama, and has a plot similar to the plots of the modern dramas today. The basis of my Hamlet is from the movie “Hamlet,” starring Mel Gibson, so that a comparison of the dramas on how they’re shown in films will be analyzed. The plot in Hamlet is complex, and a lot of issues were there to create more dilemmas to the main character. First, a summary of Hamlet and later, another drama called The Caretaker,…...
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Of Mice and Men: How to Deal with Loneliness and Problems

...All through the book Candy minds his own business, far from others, since he\'s rejected by them. Many individuals all through the novel get injured physically and rationally. In conclusion, Of Mice and Men is an absolute, must read for anyone who ha...

How does Shakespeare bring out the themes of love and hate through the language and actions of the characters in Act 1 Scene 5?

...Romeo feels trapped by their situation and in the next act Juliet too feels trapped, with her parents insisting that she marries Paris. She knows that they could only marry if Romeo were dead. She goes to the Friar and he tells her to make it look as...

Looking for Alibrandi: Discuss how music and color is used to reveal the emotions

...The director used these colors so that the audience could feel the shift from the cool privilege of the eastern suburbs and the warmth of the western suburbs. Although Looking for Alibrandi was not a box office hit, it is a successful Australian movi...