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Essays on Emily Dickinson

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All Good Things Must Come to an End

The amazing thing about literature is that it can be interrupted differently by each person who reads it. Which means that while one piece of writing is amazing, creative, and witty to one person to another person it could be the most boring, uninteresting, and redundant piece of literature they have ever read. In this semester of Literature 221, I was given the opportunity to read works from many different genres, time periods, and styles of writing. Some of which,…...

Emily Dickinson's "A Certain Slant of Light" Analysis Essay

In her poem, There’s a certain Slant of light, Emily Dickinson uses metaphors and imagery to convey the feeling of solemnity and despair at winter’s twilight. The slanted light that she sees, is a metaphor for her battle with depression. Anyone who is familiar with Dickinson’s background will have a better understanding of what she is trying to say in this poem. Dickinson was known as a recluse and spent most of her life isolated from the outside world. The…...

Emily Dickinson

Religion and spirituality can affect different people’s lifestyles in different ways. In the case of Emily Dickinson, her religion affected her writing. Emily Dickinson seemed to have written her poems based by religious influence; the poems “Some Keep the Sabbath going to Church” and “Because I could not stop for Death” are both examples of how religion influenced her poetry. Emily Dickinson did not at all have a sort of a rough upbringing or childhood, as it was in fact,…...

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Whitman vs Dickenson on Locomotives

Walt Whitman's poem "To a Locomotive in Winter" and Emily Dickinson's poem "I Like to See it Lap Miles" are both based on what had been upcoming in their era: locomotives. Whitman used Old English to protray his admiration with the train, especially it's physique and 'will', while Dickinson uses modern language to observe what the train does and how it acts. It almost seems as though Whitman is sexually describing the train, as if it's a romantic poem of…...

The Analysis of The Poem #280 by Emily Dickinson

Adroit (noun) – clever or skillful in using hands or mind. In her poem #280, Emily Dickinson describes her insanity caused by her isolation from the outside world. The first time the poem is read, it may seem like she is recalling a moment from her past, which included a funeral of someone she knew – maybe even her parents. If the poem is read closely, it becomes clear that the speaker is not sane. The most obvious part is…...

"Success is counted sweetest" by Emily Dickinson

"Success Is Counted Sweetest" by Emily Dickinson basically sends the message that success, like any other possession tangible or intangible, is only appreciated by those whom it is not always readily available. Dickinson both clearly states this message and implies it throughout the poem, and uses rhyme, imagery, and irony to incorporate the theme that the one who holds success dearest to them is the one who never succeeds. The rhythmic pattern makes the poem flow together, using the rhyme…...

Walt Whitman in contrast to Emily Dickinson

Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson were both fantastic American poets of the 19th century. Aside from this, however, the two had extremely few in common. Without even going into their nearly polar opposite individual lives, and concentrating entirely upon their works, one can still see the unbelievable diversity of American culture. Their views were various. Their beliefs were different. Their composing designs were various. But they both wrote a few of the very best poetry this nation had actually ever…...

Use Of Literary Devices In Emily Dickinson Poems

In everyday life, there is a constant struggle to create a sense of self within the mind of every person in this world. There is always a conflict present between the importance of self and the influence that others pose on this sense. When this sense is reached in life, there is still constant influence from others to alter this frame of mind. In many works of literature, this struggle can be seen within the characters of the story. A…...

Emily Dickinson's Poetry Analysis

In the poem We Grow Accustomed to the Dark, by Emily Dickinson, a loss is described in detail using a metaphor of darkness and light. Dickinson uses metaphors, strong imagery, and the way the poem is written in order to describe the loss of a loved one in her life. The poem is written in a first person, and Dickinson uses the words "we" in the first line and the title in order to show that the poem is meant…...

The Bustle in a House

Emily Dickinson wrote The Bustle in a House in 1866. It is a ballad with two stanzas of four lines each, or two quatrains. There is no set rhyme scheme, because each of the lines is enjambled. The meter of the poem is trimeter, with every third line of each stanza being tetrameter. The theme of The Bustle In the House is about how losing a loved one, while it is depressing in many ways, must not affect how we…...

The Soul selects her own Society

Emily Dickinson wrote "The Soul selects her own Society" in 1862. It is a ballad with three stanzas of four lines each, or three quatrains. Dickinson uses slant rhyme, with each stanza rhyming ABAB. The theme of The Soul selects her own Society is that individuals in society often live in seclusion, only maintaining communication with a select few and how their decisions are generally incontrovertible. Throughout the poem, Dickinson uses an extended metaphor, stating that the soul physically "shuts…...

"I had been hungry all the years" by Emily Dickinson

The poem "I had actually been starving all the years" by Emily Dickinson checks out the persona's modification of attitude towards food. This poem can be taken literally or metaphorically and I have actually chosen to understand it actually. From the beginning of the poem, the personality informs us that she (presuming the personality is a woman) has actually not consumed completely for a long time: "all the years". However, now it is time for her to eat - at…...

'I'm ceded – I've stopped being Theirs-'(Emily Dickinson)

The theme of Poem 508 Im ceded Ive stopped being Theirs- is the exploration of the narrators growth from childhood to adulthood, through the development of spiritual consciousness. The reader is immediately made aware that the narrator has undergone a dramatic change. With the use of the word ceded, there is the sense that something has been given away. It is usually territory that is the object of this verb and so its unusual application to a person captures the…...

Was Emily Dickinson leading an isolated life?

Emily Dickinson was acclaimed as one of the greatest poets of the nineteenth century. She got popularity only after her death when her sister found her poems and got them printed. In the later part of her life, people began to call her a mythical figure as she became the most isolated person and used to stay most of the time in the confines of her home. But was she really a recluse as was made out to be? I…...

Poetry Analysis

Poems are written by many different people, in many different forms. People have written poems about almost everything you could imagine. There is poetry written about everyday experiences, and the most exaggerated imaginations. Death is a form of poetry that I find very intriguing. Mostly because of the little we know about what happens after death. There is no answer to this question only speculation on what each individual believes happens beyond life. This is where poets use their imaginations…...

Literature Comparison Between a Short Story and a Poem

Literature? This kind of entertainment had actually been around for ages, whether be in a kind of a Poetry, a Drama or a Short Story. This Type of literature had actually been utilized by Poets and Authors to communicate their deepest desires, feelings, Concepts, incredible creativities that makes us, whoever we desire and an escape to day-to-day normal life and with this making it funny and dynamic. Everybody certainly have been exposed to a category of literature in their life…...

There Is No Frigate Like a Book

Emily Dickinson foregrounds the simple pleasure of reading an enjoyable book by four striking metaphors: 1. A book is compared to a "frigate" - a light sailing vessel capable of travelling at high speeds. 2. light verse is compared to a "courser" - a very swift horse. 3. The escapist pleasure which an enjoyable read provides is compared to a toll free highway which even the poorest of the poor can afford. 4. The human body is compared to the…...

Hope by Emily Dickinson

Can you imagine life with out hope? I think Emily Dickinson may have used hope a lot in her life and that’s why she wrote this wonderful poem, to inspire those without hope to give them a perspective from a beautiful bird that hope can change your life in any way you dream it. I choose to analyze the famous poem “hope” by Emily Dickinson, Such an interesting and mysterious poet she lived her entire life in Amherst, Massachusetts, only…...

Emily Dickinson's Success is Counted Sweetest

Emily Dickinson's "Success is Counted Sweetest" has been penned in iambic trimeter with the exception of the first two lines of the second stanza. The poem highlights aphoristic truths that are universal. In the first stanza, Emily Dickinson endeavors to define the true essence of success. The general impression is that success can be 'counted' by only those who have experienced it numerous times. Nevertheless, it is more precisely evaluated or counted by those who have never succeeded as they…...

“My Life had stood – a Loaded Gun – ” Feminist Analysis

This poem was written by the American poet Emily Dickinson around the year 1863. It is probably one of the most complex of all Dickinson’s poems because it does not have a single coherent and satisfactory interpretation. This is due to the fact that it exemplifies her technique of the ‘omitted centre’, a device by which the author omits information that is crucial to the understanding of the poem. Nevertheless, the aim of the present paper is not to discuss…...

Emily Dickinson and Bible

American poet, Emily Dickinson, is a great example of the transition from the wordy Romantic style of writing to literary transcendentalism. Dickinson’s elliptical style and compact phrases are heavily exemplified in her poem 1577(1545), “The Bible is an antique Volume. ” This piece is full of satire as the speaker questions society’s blind obedience to Christianity and ultimately suggests the embracing of a new religion. The speaker gracefully degrades the Bible’s right as the solitary means to interpret humanity and…...

Differences Between Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson

Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson's works have numerous differences. Compared to Dickinson's short and seemingly simple poems, Whitman's are long and often complex. Both pioneered their own unique style of writing. Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson both have been hailed as original and unique artists. They each have distinctive voices that many have attempted to replicate and have been unable to do so. Whitman wrote in epic like proportions; he developed his own rhythmic structure, creating complex lines and stanzas.…...

Emily Dickinson Comparative Poems

Emily Dickinson was a religious person, but she always questioned faith and religion in her poetry. She seems to not take a solid stance in the debate between science and faith. However, Dickinson seemed to particularly struggle with the idea of “faith” and what it really meant. This is evident in most of her poetry, but two poems that indicative of this are “Faith is a fine invention” and “I heard a Fly buzz--When I Died”. "Faith is a fine…...

My Life had stood - a Loaded Gun

Emily Dickinson's "My Life had actually stood - a Crammed Weapon" is a powerful poem that takes into consideration various thematic expressions. Its comprehensiveness in brevity is another necessary feature of this poem. It represents power and unconventional feminist urges on the art of the poetess. In this poem, Emily Dickinson discovers an instrument appropriate enough to render her requirement for fulfillment through absolute commitment to love's service. The poem begins with a dazzling conceit. Merged from the uncertain abstraction…...

Emily Dickinson’s Because I Could Not Stop For Death

The poem is generally about death and the thoughts going on in the mind of the person nearing it. In simple and short phrases, the persona of the poem is expressing his feelings towards the end of his life on earth and the beginning of his immortality in eternity. The poem basically treats death not a negative thing but something that cannot be avoided and everyone shall face in the future. Although the persona in the poem is sad because…...

Emily dickinsons nature poems

Emily Dickinson's use of nature imagery in her poetry incorporates elements of both romanticism and realism. These usually contrasting visions allow Dickinson to express a duplicity of perception, a duplicity which can be considered as a part of nature itself, as expressed through human consciousness. Although the overall impact of Dickinson's nature imagery is romantic and reveals perception of nature as a mode of transcendence, the imagery and diction of Dickinson's poems also establish a convincing realist tone, which separates…...

"I Felt a Funeral in My Brain" by Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson is one of the most famed poems of all time. Throughout her lifetime she wrote about 1800 poems though only a small number of of them were published. After her death her friend staggered onto to her poetry diaries and then later on he published three volumes of this poetry. Many of Dickinson’s poems dealt with death. Through her poems she depicts death in many ways. For instance in one of her poems she shows death as a…...

My Plays Last Scene

Death is a key theme in a number of John Donne’s poems, including ‘Death Be Not Proud’ and ‘This Is My Play’s Last Scene’. I have decided to compare these two poems with Emily Dickenson’s ‘Because I Could Not Stop For Death’. From the two Donne poems he releases a mixture of feelings including terror and fear however Donne introduces quite a quantity of Christian images to present death. This could have a lot to do with the multiple times…...

The beauty of nature is so intense it can be overwhelming

In comparing and contrasting “How the old Mountains drip with Sunset” with at least one other poem, compare and contrast how the awesome aspect of nature is depicted in your collection. The poems “How the old Mountains drip with Sunset” by Emily Dickinson and “Beeny Cliff” by Thomas Hardy both present nature as intensely beautiful with the critic Blackmur claiming that: “those poems where [Emily Dickinson] describes the effect of nature upon a sensitive observer are ... most effective… truly…...

Emily Dickinson and Her Social Seclusion

Dickinson’s I Dwell in Possibility is one great example of how the poet transforms finite to infinite through the imaginative world of poetry. Through the use of metaphors, Dickinson has shown how domestic images such as house, chambers, roof, doors and windows can be extended to infinite imaginations in the poetic world. The “fairer House” (line 2) serves as a metaphor for poetry and the “Visitors” (line 9) who are the fairest may be a metaphor for the readers of…...

Dickinson’s Poetry Is Startling and Eccentric

Perhaps one of the aspects that draw us to the poetry of Dickinson is its eccentricity and startling nature. In her poetry, Emily Dickinson explores a number of different themes including death, hope, nature, pain and love. The trademark signs of a Dickinson poem are her hallmark dashes she uses. Her dashes suggest that there is more to the story than she is writing down. Another characteristic of Dickinson’s poetry is the capitalization of random words throughout her poems. This…...

William Blake VS Emily Dickinson

William Blake and Emily Dickerson Both discuss love in their poems, but the kind of love their expressing are different. The way they approach and leave their poems are also both different. William Blake's poem A Sick Rose and Emily Dickerson's poem I died for Beauty”but was scarce are both about love but it's very clear that these poems are very different but very similar in different ways. They both are expressing what they feel love is for the time…...

Emily Dickinson Poetry analysis

Emily Dickinson was born in Amherst at Dec ten, 1830. She wrote virtually 1800 poems and additionally letters. She was recognized when her time period. Her childhood as well as schooling, reading, nature, religion, deep friendships, and several other main encounters with poetry. Her writing years took the years of her late 20s and early 30s; throughout that point, she wrote virtually 1100 poems. The poems she wrote were distinctive at the age wherever she wrote with short lines, most…...

Emily Dickinson's work

Emily Dickinson's work was, to put it shortly, an act of defiance in and of itself and a reflection on her person. It is very easy to see her as pessimistic in her poetic style, however throughout this essay, we will explore the ways she challenged the conventions of her time through the analysis of her work and poetic style. Dickinson's life was faced with constant issues as the Emily Dickinson Museum retells by mentioning the deaths of her friends…...

A Word is Dead

A word is dead/ When it is said/ Some say/ I say it just/ Begins to live/ That day. (Dickinson, A Word is Dead) The poet who penned these words could not have described the impact her works had more accurately. As with other American writers of this century, Emily Dickinson's literary works differ from her English counterparts in being less about society and more about the individual's attempt to find their way in the physical or metaphysical environment. Dickinson's…...

Literature is History

The power that literature holds is within its truth as it records the human experience from the unedited perspective of an individual.  The works of art that are created during the course of human history gives the audience a more personal connection and understanding of the experiences the world was enduring at that time. Throughout the evolution of literature, one can observe the change stylistic behaviors of authors during specific time periods. Literary movements are defined by a group of…...

Emily Dickinson and her Vision of Death

A discussion of the poet Emily Dickinson and her use of the theme of death in her poetry. Emily Dickenson, an unconventional 19th century poet, used death as the theme for many of her poems. Dickenson's poems offer a creative and refreshingly different perspective on death and its effects on others. In Dickenson's poems, death is often personified, and is also assigned to personalities far different from the traditional "horror movie" roles. Dickenson also combines imaginative diction with vivid imagery…...

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