Emigrants to the Cities of the Military Industry

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World war II was a tough period for diffreent mtinorities growps, due to the incresase of labor and men, fludility and mobility multiple monirtiy grops such as african americans, japanes, mexicans, and native americans struglled o live and survive. Teh majority of Africa ameriericas migarted from the soth to war industry cities because it as economically eeficia for them but that exepeiced hardship, for exampel they aced racial discrmination. Philip Randolph was an advocate for the African American commuity and was the president of the brotherhood of sleeping car porters union for african american.

He was a vigrous adocate and demanded that the gverment requires all companies that reecive defense contracts to make their workforces inclusive and acepting for African americans. He formed a movement which forced rooselvelt to create an organiation called “fari employemet practices commission,” which examined teh isssue of racial discrmination within war industries. Due to radoplhs sigificant involvement in fighting aagsint racial discrmination, he helped organize sit-in as wella steh gree riders mvemet which was formed to eleimiate sgreagation in buuses and terminalsArmed forces were heavly segrates and restricieted african american from trainig camps, marie crps and army air force.

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Howveer armed forces desgrated their trainig camps and allowed african amerians to serve ships.

World war ii had a imaoct on on native amaerican as they were able to speak their language and work closly with whilte millitary soldiers which allowed them to learn about the aerican culture. Nativeamerican either chosse to stay in resevations or in the non indian world and assimilate.

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World war ii impacted thos the native americans tat choose to stay on the resevatins as majority of them left teh resevation to ji the military. During world war iithe indian reorganization act was passed to assimilate natve american and due to teh pressure of abolshing the reservation sytem the leader of the bureau indian affairs, john collier resiged.

Mexican arrived into teh united states due to the fact that there was wartime labor shortages on the pacific coast and in teh southwest coast. The american goveemnt allowed mexican laborers into teh united states for a sort period of time. The mexican communit multipied in th united tates during world war 2, however the rapid expansion of mexicans caused conflct. Mexicans had a unique style and was noticed because of it. They wore baggy pants that were tied on teh ankles and shouldered paded blazers this styles of dressing was called “zoot-suiters.the zootuiters riots straeed due to discrmination aaisnt mexican american and the riot laseted four days. Anglo amerian attacked mexican americans and zoosuiters. The zoo suiters riote led to th police arresting mexican amerians and passed a law banning zoo suiters.

During world war two japense community exepeince prjudice and hatered. Due to the attack taht occured on eral habor japense that made teh japense have a bad reputation and this caused racial tension between the japanese and americans. Compared to otehr minority groups during teh seond world war there were only a few japanses americans in the united states. Anglo anglo americans believ that japanse americans were planning plot agaisnt thme due to teh fac tha jaanse american kwpt to thesleves and acrried on their traditions. Teh president of teh war department created an army to attac japnese american forcng them to leave their property and were taken to relocation centers, which were described as prison cells. The majoriy of japenes american who were innocent were forced to stay in relocation centers for two to three years,withot emplyment and only recived basic medical healthcare, children were deprrived from attending school. By the year of 1944 japnses american were realsed from teh relocation caenters congress granted jpanes americans compensation during teh 1980s.

During teh second word war congress impsed the chinses exclusin act which prevet chinse immigarnst from entering the united states and becomig citizens. Although chnses immigarnst were banned rom enterin the united states, chinses wmen found another wy if arrivign in the united statesand they were able to becme american citizens.

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