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Emerson College

Short Answer A: My intended major at Emerson College is marketing and communication. I have been interested in marketing since I was very young. My parents started their own business when I was a kid, and I was often exposed to business related things (like dinners with clients, factory tours, etc. ). I enjoyed being a part of this experience, and found it very fascinating and helpful. These experiences led me to a handful of part time jobs that related to marketing, which only whetted my interest more.

These jobs include being a salesperson, being part of a design team, and being an intern in a manufacturing company. A person who is good at marketing does not only have experience in the field, but also a strong personality. I enjoy persuading people to think in new ways or to build on ideas from other peoples’ comments, two skills that are key in marketing. I also enjoy marketing because it has a creative edge. And finally, I really enjoy being a leader, which will serve me well in working with different teams of people.

As an adult, my interest in marketing led me to study economics in GCSE. I also studied business and management in my international baccalaureate diploma. These studies really solidified my interest in marketing, and have led me to your college. I am interested in Emerson College because of the vast opportunities you provide, including internships, which I hope to participate in during my college career.

Short Answer B: I would title my life “A Series of Fortunate Events. I have been very lucky to experience all that I have in the way of marketing so far. My parents having their own business meant that I was involved in business and marketing from a very young age. My part time jobs and internships added even more to my experiences. My leadership and creative qualities also furthered my abilities by helping me to get a lot out of the experiences that I had. I am excited to attend Emerson College to learn and experience even more.

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