Educational Institutions have been considered as one of the valuable aspect of learning and development, utilizing new processes, for the better of everybody within the organization. FEATI University is among the Institution who have utilized some emerging technologies, which lead them to paradigm shift to its clients (students), employees and partners in a standardized manner, by means of their implementing of a facial recognition system with a fingerprint biometrics, to name a few, Which helps monitor the pass control of the students and employees who have entered and log-out in the University premises.

The said system includes an SMS feature which sends information to the parents of the students in terms of the arrival time and departure time. The same feature of an SMS information, will be sent to the faculty, program heads, deans, and management, about the presence of each employee or faculty on the campus. The ultimate challenge is that they have been able to reinforce the technological changes that allow people to obey or adopt the new policy and new processes.

Innovation and Risk management

On the other hand, the employees attendance has been monitored upon login at the entrance of the FEATI campus, because it is automatically connected to the payroll system. Then, few human checkers with a handheld tablet and biometrics, will pass by to every classroom, to monitor the faculty in their classes. However, the challenges that I have encountered in this regard, were the (1) brownout; but luckily FEATI University has provided an alternative way, ensuring that there are no class and work suspensions because of it, (2) the system alone could not really determine the phenomenon, like an earthquake, and brownout due to a bad weather condition or due to an electrical problem, but with the risk management, every problem had a corresponding action plan already, the moment it will happen.

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Of course, the ultimate challenge for any organization is to figure out how to position yourself at the forefront of technology without falling on the risks. Using technology too quickly or heading in the wrong direction can increase the risk. On the other side, moving too slowly can pose much greater risks including, at some point, covering behind rivals and extinction.

Support and Protect

Moreover, given the many challenges that come with the introduction of new technology within an outside of FEATI University, the options were given to this institution / organization and its people to lead and follow the way they serve their customers.

For example, the CEO can easily monitor the tardiness, absences and the good performance of an employee. Furthermore, there is also a customized system in the University which is an integrated approach for procurement of materials per department, payroll system, instructional guidelines, grade book update, student and faculty schedules, calendar of activities, and other significant subsystems linked to other offices or department. Moreover, the classroom monitoring was also implemented, wherein there is a CCTIV installed to every classroom. There were high-end simulation machines for the Maritime Education, where the students get to learn easily. Also, Aeronautical department have their own airplane simulation, and the University itself have their own airplane for the ground-round flight of each graduating student in Aeronautical Engineering. In the case of IT depatment, the latest software that was purchased wherein both were useful for simulation of product design and drawing. In this regard, the challenges are often have drawbacks in terms of security, as new technologies move through a development process, disruption and breaches can occur, and so, the new technologies can expose business and organizations to the new security threats. This is why FEATI have invested their own IT company who usully provides the support to whatever new technologies adopted or implemented within the university. Also, when it comes to few manpower, some staff have been lay-off because of the new implemented system, and the multi-functions of some of the employees, since, there is a cost-cutting strategy. Although, the real story is because of the organization have invested more, in the new processes of technology brand, for PACUCOA accreditation purposes and to attract more clients/students.

Partner and Grow

FEATI Unviersity industry partners were continuously increasing, and the challenges herein is to keep them integrated, with faster internet connection is the number one challenge. They have invested on it, but the need to protect their communication, and engagement to each other, must also be addressed. There are on-going technologies also which is planned to be installed within the year or early next year at FEATI University, which is an actual train for the new Rail Way specialization under Civil Engineering program in partnership with Light Rail Manila Corporation(LRMC).

There were also LEGO Robotics software and kits for the college and Senior High School students, that was already incorporatted, as part of the subject in engineering curriculum. It is indeed, the founder of FEATI Universitys’ record based from the history, that FEATI University will soar high, and will continue to provide a competitive technology useful to everybody, specially to its students, which should identify them as “Look up, young man, look up”, in a sense of they are the first University in the Country, who have been pioneered to the first flying school. Don Salvador & Dona Victoria Araneta were the one who have established the first Filipino-owned airline in the Philippines.  This subsequently made the couple put up FEATI Institute of Technology to train and develop aircraft mechanics and engineers for the maintenance and operation of the airline industry. Founded in 1946, as a private educational institution to produce pilots, mechanics and maintenance professionals for the aeronautics industry, FEATI created a curriculum that includes the full spectrum of engineering, maritime, business and arts courses.

Despite few enrollees at FEATI University in terms of BSIT and BSCS program, the strong flagship of the University which is an Aeronautical Engineering and Geodetic Engineering, brings a lot of inspiration to other department and colleges, to sustain and support the need of the University for better improvement, and an open-door for some foreign investors in the aspects of aviation industry

The uniqueness of FEATI lies in its founders’ vision to provide higher education with the resources in technology. This positions the students to be better prepared with industry leading company partnership while allowing each one to enjoy a balanced university life which includes sports that nurtures them to function competently and competitively as individuals and professionals. The challenges though, that they might be facing in this context is the consistent trainings, for the employees and students, so that, the newly implemented technologies will also be sustainable. And the newly hired employees, can easily adopt the new processes and systems.

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