Emerging adulthood Essay

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Emerging adulthood

Emerging adulthood is the phase in between adolescence and actual adulthood. Emerging Adults have reached a step up from childhood but are not ready to fully take on adult responsibilities. This part of the life is open to many new experiences which can be very good for the morality of this upcoming generation of adults. People find themselves changing majors in college or taking different classes to explore their interest an find out where that best fit for their future careers.A lot of times emerging adults take a lower standard of living in order to leave home sooner; allowing that person an independence and self reliability they have not yet experienced. After a taste of the life on their own, most young adults end up moving back home at some time for numerous reasons. From my own experience, I can say that if you have lived on your own, moving back home is one of the most difficult things to try to settle back into. Although, if it is done at the right time, leaving home can help a person grow toward adulthood a substantial amount. People who are not ready for the experience end up ultimately hurting themselves by trying to move their lives forward to quickly.

Moving out before you are ready can cause some people to less further their education, rather than the person who continues to live at home and has many less responsibilities. In my culture there are a few ways, the first way is the age of identity exploration, this is when young people are deciding who they areas people and where they want to work and go to school and deal with the love factor. The age of instability, the years after high school can be marked with repeated moving due to different factors such as college, living with friends or a romantic partner. The age of self-focus, this is when you are freed from parents and school; this is when they will find out who they are before marriage and children. Friends are an important factor in anyone’s life. People need companionship to help them in times of hardship. Women tend to confide more in their same sex friends rather than men who, most of the time, find competitiveness in their friendships rather than telling them things that may show signs of weakness. People who have friends of the opposite sex at this time in their life, usually share some sort of romantic bond. These types of friendships normally come from school or work, but decline after the person is married.

All friendships often decline after marriage because the people involved in the relationship find the closest bonds between themselves and spend most of their time together. During marriage people find friendships with their siblings to be closer than most. The age of feeling in between, this is when they are stuck where they take responsibility for themselves but still don’t feel like an adult. The age of possibilities, this is when you realize anything is possible you just have to make it happen. So what is expected in this culture, we are expected go to college, have a career and then get married and have children. Just because this is the order it is expected it happens out of order more often than not. Cultures can change how people transfer from stage to stage in life. In the Chinese culture most Chinese college students fell they have reached their adult stages in the early twenties. They have culturally specific criteria for adult status. They tend to have behaviors, beliefs, and value that are completely different from ours. The German culture is very different from the culture we live in. In Austrian culture they differ in individualism, family capacities, norm compliance, and role transitions the environment you are raised in and the culture you are taught have a great impact on your life as an adult.

Although the way and order you are expected to transition into adulthood, the goal is the same. The goal is for you to become a successful adult in society.Im middle adulthood you are trying to find you identity. This can be your career identity, the young people are just finishing high school and need to get a job or go to college. Sexual idenity is some thing that some struggle with depending on there culture, some sexual preferences are not excepted in all cultures. Sensory and Brain development can be affected , some people have hearing and vision or both by muddle adulthood. In midlife people develop parts. In the end we can see that culture effect your lifie in so many ways. As we transition into different stages in life we develop new parts of who we are as individuals.

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