Emergency Essay Topics

Prehospital Emergency Care

CHAPTER 1. INTRODUCTION Section 1. Introduction to the Study Prehospital emergency care is the common term used to describe emergency medical services (EMS). It pertains to the emergency care that a person requires due to a sudden and unexpected emergency. Prehospital emergency care covers the period from the time the person in distress requests for… View Article

The Unresponsive Bystander

In the chapter “Where There’s Smoke,” Latane and Darley (1970) narrate the proceedings and outcomes of their experiment employing the use of smoke as treatment which serves to illustrate further the validity of the authors’ contention that the presence of other people actually deters an individual from reacting decisively to a potential emergency. Through the… View Article

Disaster Response As A Profession

There has been so much of training in disaster response as a profession. Though, there has been a lot been put to the issue of an effective disaster response. These are nice ideas, talking about preparedness, where professionals are trained to get prepared incase disaster strikes. Making sure of the communications so as to act…. View Article

Health Problems as a Result of Environmental Crisis

Given that I work in an Emergency Department, the usual encounters we have involves health problems. However, in the past months and last year, people that we encounter are those of with fever and flu. Some diseases were also frequent. Diseases that arouse were usually an effect of a downfall in body’s immune system. This… View Article

Emergency response plan

In most cases the emergency response plans are carried by the organizations and governments as part of their commitment plans in ensuring safety as well as well the being of the citizens, employees among many other persons in the event that disasters take place. This emergency response plan will discuss the most crucial information in… View Article

Emergency preparedness

Emergency preparedness is a fine art, and the individuals responsible for the planning and preparedness of the emergency response procedures have an awesome responsibility to make sure that they have all the necessary equipment to provide for the people of the community that the hospital serves. If I were the Emergency Preparedness Coordinator for a… View Article

Firefighter Paper

In this cynical age, firefighting remains a heroic and noble profession. The images of fire professionals we see on television and in film are often romanticized versions of day-to-day life on the job. What is the life of a firefighter really like? The Job According to a 1993 survey, annual starting salaries for firefighters in… View Article

Artificial Birth Control

Artificial birth control methods have been used for thousands of years. The hieroglyphics of ancient Egyptians show a figure of an Egyptian male wearing a device around the penis to help prevent pregnancy during intercourse. And there are other cultures which use condoms made of linen or animal intestines. Until now, historians and researchers are… View Article

Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Equip

This is to certify that we interviewed Mr. Ruel Lopez of MVERT (Morong Volunteer Emergency Response Team), as our expert for our Science Investigatory Project. November 13, 2012 This is to certify that we interviewed Mr. Jojo Tamayo of Jamta Wireless Solutions, 04 Cmdr Raymundo St., Morong, Rizal, as our expert for our Science Investigatory… View Article

Disaster Recovery Plan

Disasters have become an inevitable part of businesses and organizations as well. They not only have a major effect on business and organizational continuity; they also result to an overhaul in organizational operational mechanisms (Awasthy, 2009). It is for this reason that many organizations and business resort to preparing business continuity plans and disaster recovery… View Article

Edgecombe county

1. Description of selected community based on the assessment. Cultural assessment: Edgecombe County is a very rural community lying in the eastern section of North Carolina. The county has a population of 52,150 with the majority of the population being African American females with the median age group of this population being 38 years old… View Article

Proper Waste Disposal

While elements of disaster preparedness have long been a social adjustment to environmental hazards, both the art and science of disaster preparedness are relatively new courses of study in business, non-profit, government, and academic sectors (Fox, 2006). As with any new course of study, the beginnings of established practice will have inherent weaknesses and areas… View Article

Ensure A Safe Workplace

The legislation and compliance requirements that are relevant to ABC Chemicals’ for all cabling done on the premise must be conducted by a fully certified and qualified tradesman. A normal IT Technician if not qualified cannot alter or create new Ethernet cables or any cable to be used in the workplace. They cannot re-route or… View Article

Community and Population Health

Introduction I currently reside in Denver County, Colorado. I have chosen to assess and analyze this community for this assignment. Denver, Colorado is located east of the Eastern Foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Denver County is centrally located within the city of Denver, Colorado and includes the Denver International Airport located north-east of the city…. View Article

Health & Social Care

An emergency is an unexpected situation that poses immediate risk to health, property or environment. Emergencies require immediate and direct actions in order to prevent or reduce the possible after effects of this emergency. The Civil Contingencies Act 2004 defines emergency as ‘an even or situation which threatens serious damage to human welfare, the environment… View Article

Emergency And Disaster Management

There has been an increase in disasters in the world as exhibited in the recent past. Since time immemorial, disasters have been known to occur causing emergency situations in many parts of the world. As a result of disasters, there is loss of life, destruction of properties worth million of shillings, mass displacement of millions… View Article

Exporting Poisons

1. Does an American Company like Velsicol have any obligation to refrain from selling pesticides that are banned in the United Sates to developing nations where they are not banned? Answer: YES (refer to Risks to Consumers) Dangerous and Risky Products It was mentioned in the case that the US banned the use of chlordane… View Article

Observation Sheets

1. Old fire extinguisher in office area. (Fire regs.) 2. no fire alarm system in office and ware house 3. Heaps of PPE on the ground obstructive entrance to fire extinguishers and moreover fire exit. (Fire regs.) 4. Remove rods of steel being used as doorstops in office area (Tripping hazards). 5. Various tools and… View Article

First Aid Training Proposal

Introduction Providing immediate and effective first aid to workers or others who have been injured or become ill at the workplace may reduce the severity of the injury or illness and promote recovery. In some cases it could mean the difference between life and death. 1.1 The meaning of key terms First aid is the… View Article

Basic Life Support

Is the level of medical care which is used for victims of life-threatening illnesses or injuries until they can be given full medical care at a hospital. It can be provided by trained medical personnel, including emergency medical technicians, paramedics, and by laypersons who have received BLS training. BLS is generally used in the pre-hospital… View Article

Community Health Nursing: New Brunswick

A1. Community Description: The city of New Brunswick is located in Middlesex County, New Jersey. New Brunswick is the county seat of Middlesex, located in the sixth Congressional District, and part of New Jersey’s seventeenth state legislative district. The city is centrally located between New York and Philadelphia. It is approximately 40 minutes southwest of… View Article

Health and Safety

Potential for falling objects – The employer or employee must make sure that all items of equipment, materials and tools that are not in use must be stored/stacked correctly and securely. Otherwise, there is a potential that the item/item may fall and injure a person. .Sharp edges and trailing leads – Sharp edges must be… View Article

In My Own Work Setting

In my own work setting we have health and safety policy, child protection/safe guarding, fire safety,first aid, security ,confidentiality. In the regards of health and safety in my work setting I report any issues to Rachel Hancocks(manager) or Paul Hancocks(deputy manager). All staff have there own responsibilities to health and safety in the workplace as… View Article

Community Emergency Preparedness

Natural disasters are a part of life and emergency situation occur more frequently than most people believe. After a disaster, how well a community can recover will greatly depend on how well they have been prepared in advance. Preemptive organization of resources and the responsiveness to emergencies can mean the difference between a community’s ability… View Article


People’s lives often depend on the quick reaction and competent care of emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and paramedics. EMTs and paramedics provide this vital service as they care for and transport the sick or injured to a medical facility. In an emergency, EMTs and paramedics are typically dispatched by a 911 operator to the scene,… View Article

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency preparedness is vital for the safety and security of the general public. Disasters, according to Powers (2010), are events that cause damage to lives and property during which community resources cannot keep up with the demand. In the unfortunate event of a disaster, having a plan in place as to how a it will… View Article

Risk-Taking Expository Essay

In order for people to be successful in life, they must take risks. Although some risks might be hazardous, they are very important to reach accomplishments. Many people would rather live a safe life, and refrain from taking a risk with an unknown outcome. But, the results of risks can change someone’s future, and even… View Article

Heath and safety

A hazard is something that is a physically there e.g. A box in the middle of the floor. The risk of that is that someone may trip and fall. 3.1. Identify non medical incidents and emergencies that may occur in the work setting Some non-medical emergencies that may occur are, a young person going missing,… View Article

Gain access to the homes of individuals

Be able to identify agreed ways to gain entry to and leave individuals homes Entry and departure to the service users home will have been agreed at the initial risk assessment and if a key safe is installed then the code will have been disclosed. Other ways of entry could be by being let in… View Article

Accident scene

Being a skilled and highly trained emergency health and safety professional my first thoughts upon arrival of this accident would be of the potential gravity of the situation and would be automatic to reflect many years and countless hours of intense hazardous materials response, mitigation, and safety training. Identification is the key to any hazardous… View Article