To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. Ralph Waldo Emerson According to a famous philosopher, Ralph Waldo Emerson : • “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. “ There is a good reason they call these ceremonies commencement exercises. Graduation is not the end; it’s the beginning. A year of hard work has resulted in this moment, so join me in welcoming the candidates for graduation together with their parents, as well as the special guests and teaching staff in their processional march…….

. candidates march with their parents and guests as well as teachers to their respective places) • For us to begin, may I call on our Grade I teacher, Mrs. Annalin Garciano, to lead us in paying tribute to our Holy Father. This will be followed by the singing of the Philippine National anthem with our Grade II teacher, Mrs.

Flora Taneo, conducting…. • Let us get settled down as I give you one of the Grade VI honor pupils, Rosemarie Yunson, to formally welcome you all to this momentous occasion. • Thank you Rosemarie, that is sure to make all our guests feel most welcome.

And now, without further ado, I give you our very own School Head, Mrs. Esther S. Arellano to present this year’s candidates for graduation… Ma’am… • Thank You ma’am. And now we have one of our esteemed guests, the Head Teacher of Nueva Vista Elementary School, Mrs.

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Caroline Magno to confirm this year’s batch of graduates. Ma’am…. • Thank you so much ma’am. After that, we have the distribution of Certificates by Mrs. Caroline Magno, to be assisted by another special guest Mrs. Melodina Cabahug, Head Teacher of R. M. Tan Elementary School and our beloved School Head, Mrs.

Esther S. Arellano.. Calling on the adviser of the prep class to call out the names of prep pupils, to be followed immediately by the Grade Six adviser….. • Congratulations to all the graduates, you have finally received the fruits of your labor. Let us now lend our ears to Mrs. Melodina Cabahug for she will read to us an important message from our Regional Director, Mrs. Sol Matugas. Ma’am…. • Thank you so much ma’am. At this point, I would like to call on our Grade four teacher, Mrs. Mary Jean Adolfo, to introduce to us our guest speaker for this morning’s affair.

Ma’am Jean… • Thank you so much sir. And now guests and friends, we come to the most awaited part of the program, the awarding of medals/ ribbons to graduating honor pupils, outstanding and special awardees as well as teachers… ? All pupils have done their best in class but in every batch there is always somebody who will excel. And this year’s Grade Six Honor pupils are the following: 1st Honors——————-Rhealyn F. Victorio 2nd Honors——————-Rosemarie S. Yunson 3rd Honors——————Edmond R.

Senon 4th Honors——————Daniessa P. Laurente Novamie H. Flores Arwel A. Garciano 5th Honors——————Nurjaico A. Manoza Arwin O. Arribado ? All throughout the school year, some pupils exhibited an attitude and behavior better than most. This yea’rs Grade six outstanding pupils are the following: Responsible pupils: VI- Arian May Joy Petiluna Arwel GarcianoDaniessa Laurente Helpful pupils: VI- Almera Adobas Erlie Dejano Courteous pupils:

VI- Sheila Mae Contridas Arwin Arribado Obedient pupils: VI- Mark Lester Agohob Babie Jane Isagan Industrious pupils: VI- Randy Valencia Aldrin Del Socorro Behaved pupils: VI- Babie Jane Isagan Rachel Parilla Polite pupils: VI- Nurjaico Manoza Ariel Noquilla Honest pupils: VI- Arwin Arribado Nurjaico Manoza Neat and Clean pupils: VI- Glenmar Garciano —- Jesse Morpos—-Nurjaico Manoza———Daniessa Laurente Diligent pupils: VI- Paulo Allosada Jeneville Manago The prep pupils have also exerted effort in their studies, as a result, we have this year’s batch of fast achievers: Eugene Carry M. Anipan Cris John D. Matbagon Ma. Kristine Dimple Pantoliaga ? As reward for their exemplary academic performance and behavior throughout the school year, the following prep pupils are hereby given these awards: BEST IN WRITING BEST IN COUNTING – Antonette Blosoom Abata – Eugene Carry M. Anipan -Daisy Mae B. Wenceslao – Godofredo V. Danghil Jr. -Marjun C. Dejano – Reymond C. Tubujan Cris John Matbagon – Daisy Mae B. Wenceslao BEST IN ART – Antonette Blosoom C. Abata – Cris John D. Matbagan – Ma. Kristine Dimple Pantoliaga – Ma. Kristine Dimple Pantoliaga BEST IN SINGING BEST IN NUMBERS – Ma. Kristine Dimple Pantoliaga – Eugene Carry M. Anipan – Reymond C. TubujanBEST IN ATTENDANCE – Daisy Mae B. Wenceslao- Godofredo V. Danghil Jr. BEST IN SPELLING -Ma. Kristine Dimple Pantoliaga – Eugene Carry M. Anipan Most Punctual———————————————– Godofredo V. Danghil Jr. –

Most Behaved———————————————– Daisy Mae Wenceslao Most Polite——————————————————– Altha May Mabini Most Energetic———————————————– Nino Joseph Suson Most Neat——————————————————– Ma. Kristine Dimple Pantoliaga Most Well-groomed————————————— Cris John D. Matbagon Most Industrious——————————————– Alpha Xhiela Manago Most Helpful————————————————– Antonette Blosom Abata

Most Creative—————————————————- Marjun Dejano Most Diligent————————————————– Eugene Carry M. Anipan Most Obedient————————————————- Reymond C. Tubujan ? There are also pupils who have exerted great effort in their studies, as a result, they have garnered honor for their school in the district and division level competitions and are hereby given the following special awards: GRADE IIGRADE IV Waynecie Noreen R. Adolfo Jasnine Odoc – 1st place Declamation Dist.

Level5th place Sci-Dama Dist. Level – 3rd place Declamation Div. LevelJay Gaquit 3rd place 100-m Run Div. Level – GRADE IIIRachel Tero Mervin June Gasatan3rd place 100-m run Div. Level – 4th place Oral Reading Dist. Level – 2nd place MTAP Math Challenge Dist. LevelCashmere Pepkin Glenn Ybanez5th place MTAP Math Challenge – 2nd place MTAP Math Challenge Dist. LevelBea Jean Mendoza 5th place MTAP Challenge Christine Yunson 2nd place MTAP Math ChallengeDist. Level GRADE V Remelyn Luchavez – 4th place MTAP Math Challenge 2nd place Makasaysayan Quiz Dist. Level Nepumuceno Mendaje – 4th place MTAP Math Challenge Glemeper Danghil – 4th place MTAP Math Challenge GRADE VI Rhealyn F. Victorio – 2nd place Math Quiz Dist. Level – 2nd place English Quiz Dist. Level – 5th place MTAP Math Challenge Rosemarie Yunson – 2nd place Sci-Art Contest Dist. Level – 5th place MTAP Math Challenge Edmond Senon – 5th place MTAP Math Challenge ? Their coaches are likewise recognized as they will be given certificates by our beloved School head, Mrs. Esther Arellano. At this point in time, let us take a moment in time to listen to Rhealyn Victorio, our 1st honor pupil from the Grade Six as she delivers her words of Gratitude, • At this point in time, let us take a moment in time to listen to Rhealyn Victorio, our 1st honor pupil from the Grade Six as she delivers her words of welcome, • Thank you, Rhealyn, that was touching. Allow me to present our graduates as they recite their pledge of loyalty to be led by Daniessa Laurente. • And now ladies and gentlemen, behold the graduates in their graduation song • The graduates will now have their ictorial with the faculty and special guests after which they will proceed with their recessional march. This will immediately be followed by the second part of our programme, the closing exercises. • For us to start, let me call on our ever supportive brgy. Captain, Hon. Isaac L. Doyon to give us the opening remarks. Sir… • Thank you so much sir, to entertain us, we have selected grade V pupils to present a dance number • Thanks a lot grade V pupils.. Let us now proceed to the pinning of ribbons to Grades I-II honor pupils. GRADE IGRADE IIGRADE III st —–Mitzl Flores1st —-Waynecie Noreen Adolfo1st —-Mervin June Gasatan 2nd –Joel Bobby Gasatan2nd—Erica Mae Gasatan2nd —-Glenn Ybanez 3rd —Christine Joy Gasatan Renz Marion Beltran3rd —-Kesiya Sanguenza 4th —Marjun Mangasin3rd —-Jacil Pulvera4th —-Christine Yunson 5th —Kem Jhon Saludar Christine Contridas5th —- Ma. Kim Bocao Raymund Rubilla4th —–Shaira Naneth Pical Juvelyn Pepito 5th —–Marven Rey Sollano Jhon Robert Germinal • Congratulations!.. Let us now listen to one of our Grade II pupils recite her declamation piece.

Calling on Waynecie Noreen Adolfo to deliver her declamation piece… • Thanks a lot waynecie, that was indeed excellent. Now, for the pinning of ribbons to Grade III–V pupils. GRADE IVGRADE V 1st —–Daisyrie Wenceslao1st —-Remelyn Luchavez 2nd –Biajean Mendoza2nd —-Nepumuceno Mendaje Cashmere Pepkin3rd —-Glemeper Danghil 3rd —Reno Christopher Conopio Sherry Marie Gasatan 4th —Jay Gaquit4th —-Jellian Claus 5th —Arjelyn Petiluna • Congratulations!.. Another dance number to break the monotony, this time by the selected Grade VI pupils • Thank you my dears, The other upils who have not excelled in academics still have a chance to excel in other ways. That is why we have the following outstanding pupils from grades I-V • (Read from responsible – 3 outstanding) Congratulations! And now, we have Christine Yunson, a pupil from the Grade III class to present to us her poem, a round of applause please… • thank you so much Christine.. to continue… ( read 3 outstanding) • Congratulations! The Grade I pupils have prepared their own creative dance presentation, let us all welcome our cute Grade I pupils with a big hand… • Thank girls!

And now for the rest of the outstanding pupils…. ( read the rest) • Congratulations! Before we end, the Grade II pupils have been waiting to entertain us with a surprise dance number. A round of applause please… • Thank you so much Grade II pupils… At this point, allow me to give the floor to our motherly school head, Mrs. Esther Arellano, for her closing salvo, Ma’am. • And that folks marks the end of this morning’s festivities. The T. Aviles Elementary School Teaching Force would like to extend heartily our gratitude to all those who supported and contributed to the fulfillment and success of this affair.

Dear parents, Barangay council, PTCA Officials and members who have granted us incomparable assistance throughout the school year. Your willingness to help and openness of heart is duly noted and highly appreciated. We would also like to make the following announcements: Brigada Eskwela will be on May 15-21, 2008; Enrolment will start May 15-31, 2008; Pintakasi is scheduled for June 2, 2008. Requirements for enrolment: reader with comprehension, memorization of multiplication table, birth certificates. Once again thank you and good day everyone…. Once again thank you and have a nice day everyone…. [pic]

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