Embracing Perspectives Essay

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Embracing Perspectives

What does an apology really mean? Does mean being sorry? Or maybe it means giving something to compensate. It might even mean both or none of these things. The Rwandan genocide and Indian residential schools are legacies of historical globalization. We should embrace the perspectives behind these kinds of historical legacies to the fullest of our ability. People need to realize all the perspectives behind an issue.

We need to learn from these actions of globalization and explore contemporary society’s responsibilities to address these injustices. The legacies continue to affect us today. For example, the residential schools were a dishonorable memory in the Canadian history. The Indian children were isolated from their cultures and removed from their homes. Their were sexual, mental and physical brutalities in residential schools. Our contemporary society responded to this issue in 2008 giving an apology from our prime minister and getting additional rights.

Our society did everything they could to compensate for what happen in history. Our society gave an apology and a source for compensation. Although that is good it not all that can be done, we should embrace the perspectives reflected in historical globalization. Educating people about the different perspectives is important. For instance the residential schools, we need to highlight the perspectives of the children, the perspectives of the parents and the perspectives of the people behind residential schools. This is the only way to understand the whole story. If you only understand the perspective of only one party, it is like reading half or maybe even less of a book, and saying you understand the story line.

It is evident that we should embrace the perspectives reflected in the source regarding legacies of historical globalization. We see this in the different legacies of historical issues. The issue in Rwanda is a detrimental chapter in historical globalization. The countries that should have been helping Rwanda at that time did not because simply they had no investments to gain from. If these countries were to understand the perspectives of everyone involved in this global issue they would have seen that the perspective of every one was important not only their own nations. Clearly the extent to which we embrace perspectives was not to the fullest and as a result there were millions of death and brutal murders.

The residential schools and the Rwandan genocide were both a great example of how different perspectives should be embraced to a fullest extent. Without knowing all the perspectives to good extent it is not possible to understand the full story, therefore we cannot stop violence of an issue or even learn to properly apologize or a nation cannot apologize for historical cold-bloodedness. We should embrace the perspectives behind these kinds of historical legacies to the fullest of our ability. It is clear and evident that understanding the perspectives behind a complex issue is the first and the major step to apologize for a society or to stop a conflict even in current time.

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