Embracing Opportunity: My Life Experiences

Opportunity knocks at a person’s door every day, How that person chooses to embrace that opportunity can affect the way their life plays out. When I was younger I was presented with a chance to excel in my learning which taught me that it is important to set goals and push yourself in life because it encourages you to strive to be better. In middle school faster paced and more intense courses are offered to allow for a more vigorous learning experience.

When I was younger I was not a fast learner and I often struggled in lower level classes to keep up. When I took my first higher level science class in the Sixth grade I was nervous because I knew science was a class that I did the most poor in, and throughout the year I struggled to maintain at least a B average My teacher talked to me about switching to an easier class, but I was determined to stay in my current class and to raise my grade.

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At the end of the year, I managed to pull my grade from a low C to a high B because I studied and I pushed myself to do betterr.

This benefitted me because I continued to strive to do better in school and in life. Upon reaching high school I quickly learned that the classes had become more difficult, but I remained determined to stay in the harder classes and not give up My sophomore year was when I began taking the Advanced Placement classes and they were like no classes I had ever experienced before.

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There were harder tests and quizzes, and much more outside work that needed to be done when compared to the regular classes I was used to taking At first I felt like I was not smart enough to handle the advanced classes because my grades began to slip, but once again I managed to get my act together and bring up my grades Since then, I have always enjoyed taking the harder courses as opposed to the regular level courses because it was a reward for me at the end of the year to realize that pushing myself to do better paid off in the end Taking advantage of good opportunities is a good way to succeed in life, When I took the chance to learn at a faster pace in school, it gave me the push I needed to be motivated to work harder in school.

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