Embracing Change Essay

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Embracing Change

If Barack Obama were reelected as the United States President, would change transpire? Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, Eva Longoria took the podium at the Democratic National Convention just before 8:20p.m on September 6, 2012. Eva Longoria was asked by the Democratic Party to speak on behalf of Barack Obama, with the primary intent to target the Latino population, especially women. On the surface, it appeared that Eva Longoria’s purpose was to speak publically in support of the Democratic Party, but the real reason Longoria was asked to speak was because of her star-quality. Many party supporters believe her popularity will attract the attention of Latinos and women voters in favor of Obama’s re-election to the United States Presidency. Through the use of pathos and ethos, Eva Longoria’s well-known status within our society helped her to effortlessly capture the audience’s attention, primarily Latino women, and directing them to the significance of education and the importance of boosting the economy in her speech, I Don’t Need a Tax Break.

The audience, of whom Eva Longoria is addressing, has strong political views. They value the significance of education, as well as the value of a strong, stabilized economy. Furthermore, the audience bears specific demographics in gender, social status, class, and occupation. The primary audience that Eva Longoria targeted within her speech, Latinos and women, suffer from the burdens of high taxes, unemployment, unequal pay, as well as a shortage in capital for a quality college education. The audience is aware that these problems exist within our country; however they do not know how change can be made. They are looking for leadership and feel hopeful when promised support by a “star” sharing the same cultural background. They are quick to overlook the fact that Eva Longoria does not share their financial struggles. The audience believes life can be better, but are naïve as to how these change can be made. The captivated audience becomes misguided, which in turn affects their listening.

They only wanted to hear Eva Longoria speak on behalf of the current President Barack Obama, about hope and a promising future. In order for the audience to have reasons for evaluating the speech, I Don’t Need a Tax Break, Longoria stuck to Obama’s goals by expressing the Democratic appeals and following Obama’s presidential plan point-by-point. The relationship between the audience and the speaker is strong because as Longoria indicated in her speech, “Just like our president and first lady, I took out loans to pay for school. I changed oil in a mechanic shop, I flipped burgers at Wendy’s, I taught aerobics, and I worked on campus to pay them back” (Katz). This quote denoted the hardships that Longoria has faced first-hand throughout the first chapters of her life. This helped her connect to the audience and appear sympathetic to the struggles they are experiencing. Furthermore, Longoria encouraged them to support the Obama campaign so widespread economic struggles can be conquered.

The audience expects a lot from Longoria because, unlike any other average citizen, Longoria exerts star-quality, which makes her voice and opinion more valuable. On the other hand, Longoria expects the audience to understand and believe that change is possible with their vote for the re-election of President Barack Obama. The audience has the expectations that Eva Longoria will ensure that the changes she has promoted will be followed through during the presidents second term in office. If Obama is re-elected as the President of the United States, the audience should begin to witness change within our society. In order to effectively sway the public vote into Obama’s favor, it is justified through the combined use of electronic, spoken, and print media. All forms of media have both advantages and disadvantages even when used appropriately. It is important to understand the audience to be most successful.

In the case of the, I don’t Need a Tax Break speech, oral communication was used to convey its message most effectively. Oral communication increases the credibility of the speaker’s overall message. It can create an emotional connection between the viewer and the speaker, as well as, allow for immediate question and response following the speech. Thus any questions that the audience may have can be clarified following the speech. Throughout Eva Longoria’s speech, she addressed the audience using clear diction making sure each and every word were understood and processed by the viewers. The last sentence of her speech she expressed the phrase, “Sí, se puede” (yes, you can) (Katz) appealing to her Latino Spanish-speaking audience. Eva Longoria wanted the audience to feel that voting for Obama would generate adjustments within our society. Within her speech, she used causes and effects of certain phenomena.

In hopes of persuading the Latinos and women who are currently, “some of the remaining undecided and independent voters,” (Been) she stressed the importance of education. Eva Longoria grew up as the youngest of four girls, with the understanding that for her family, “education was not an option and was a cardinal priority” (Katz). Therefore, even though Eva Longoria does not have children, she would want them to have the opportunity to receive a worthwhile education. Moreover, in the YouTube video titled, Eva Longoria DNC Speech Democratic National Convention, Eva Longoria referred to America as, “a nation that rewards ambition with opportunity, where hard work can lead to success no matter where you start.” Furthermore, Eva Longoria continues her argument by explaining Barack Obama’s central purpose in the YouTube video, Eva Longoria DNC Speech Democratic National Convention, “Our president understands the concept of American opportunity because he has lived it, and he is fighting to help others achieve it.”

In addition to education, she emphasized Obama’s desire to lower taxes for “any working American,” (Katz) create equal pay for women, and to aid small businesses. This aid would spark new job opportunities by “helping them get loans and cut their taxes eighteen times” (Katz). During her speech, Longoria continuously pointed out the disparities between Obama’s Democratic appeals and Mitt Romney’s Republican views by this statement in the video within John Boone’s article, “Obama is moving us forward with opportunity today for prosperity tomorrow. Mitt Romney wants to take us back to yesterday.” Longoria also supported Obama’s beliefs that the middle class is helping drive our economy, and bashed Romney’s “outsourced pioneers” in the YouTube video, Eva Longoria DNC Speech Democratic National Convention, of whom are doing nothing beneficial. Also, another flaw that Longoria mentioned was how Romney would rather lower his own taxes, while raising those of other American citizens.

These are powerful accusations that create tension amongst the viewers who may disagree with these declarations. Clint Eastwood spoke in support of Mitt Romney. Clint Eastwood and Eva Longoria’s speeches, representing Romney at the Republican National Convention and Obama at the Democratic National Convention, are being compared and criticized because they are both speakers in the entertainment field. Clint Eastwood used a cinematic technique by talking to an “empty chair,” while Eva Longoria did not. They often try and ignore the notion regarding celebrities who partake in politics, “celebrities should just keep their mouth shut when it comes to politics” (Boone).

Eva Longoria made an avid point that she is an “American first” (“Eva Longoria: There’ll be ‘no empty chairs’ in my DNC speech”) and was an active participant in politics before she became an actress. She expressed, “There are things more important than acting and movie turnout, and that’s being civically engaged” (Boone). Eva Longoria came to the Democratic National Convention with one objective – to secure the votes of the Latino population and women voters for the re-election of Barack Obama on Tuesday, November 6, 2012. Within John Boone’s article, there is a video where Eva Longoria declared, “I represent two communities; the female community and the Hispanic community.”

In her speech, for instance, Eva demonstrated a sufficient usage of “cause and effect” by demonstrating that aiding small businesses will create more occupations for American citizens. In order to successfully support that statement, Eva Longoria claimed in the YouTube video, Eva Longoria DNC Speech Democratic National Convention, “this is important because small businesses create two out of every three new jobs in America.” Having the ability to vote and make a difference in the political scene is a privilege for one to have. As seen by the video in John Boone’s article Eva Longoria stated, “By casting your vote, you are deciding the future of America.”

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