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Two decades of internet technology

Over two decades of internet technology has blanketed every area of everyday life. Today it also includes the more “traditional” people who hammered, “I’ll never be able to understand how to use that contraption,” when personal computers first surfaced. These people still may not be able to surf the net effectively, or download documents, but one thing they are familiar with are emails. The list of personal, safe, informative messages, are just a click away from reading.

What these people don’t know may negatively affect their lives, with personal information floating around the world wide web.

Emails need to be secure and controlled

Computer savvy people, businesses, and government agencies know that in one click you could opening yourself up to a fraudulent email, with similar consequences as stealing your wallet, license, credit cards, etc. Sending and receiving email is like “sending a postcard through the Postal Mail service – anyone can read it (idcontrol.

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net). Emails need to be secure and controlled, through authentication, encrypting and digital signatures. Methods used by Internet Service Providers (ISP), and third party companies automatically without the need for their customers to do anything different than a simple click, but with complete confidence that their identity is not being compromised. This research paper will explain Email authentication, vulnerabilities of internet communications, and steps being taken to reduce and ultimately stop fraudulent emails.

Email authentication

What is email authentication? According to Tara Natanson, Director of ISP Relations at Constant Contact, it is a method to verify “an email message actually came from where it says its fro.

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” The importance of email authentication cannot be overstated, With the billions of emails sent daily. The trust lost from countless fraudulent emails must be reverted to indemnify secure relations with customers.

Natanson also noted that there were more than 2.6 trillion emails in 2007, in the United States alone, depicting them as an extremely vital, “communication tool.” Authentication benefits Internet Service Providers, corporate domains and their clients. The companies depend on a progressive framework to determine whether the message is real or fraudulent, before forwarding it to their clients. The importance for marketing companies, to comply with authentication requirements, delves one step further; the need to be “recognized as legitimate,” is crucial.

ISP’s and corporate domains will not receive or send their emails, with marketing playing such a big role in fraudulent activities, purely from the profusion of emails generated (Keegan, n. d. ). An article from Biz Report, published on February 5, 2008 said that “more than half of email marketers are using authentication or certification programs to ensure that consumers know the messages are real. ” The marketing industry’s growth depends directly on consumers and obviously, if they’re reporting the emails as spam to their ISP’s, the emails are not being opened.

By promoting the security of authenticating they’re domain, “email marketers can prevent email spoofs from reaching consumers,” (Knight, n. d. ). Email authentication has to be taken seriously throughout the internet world, for it to be effectual, and unceasingly productive. In a very detailed article from Michael Kaplan at SpamFizzle. com each aspect of email authentication is discussed.

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