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Ellen Key (1844-1926) Swedish writer and woman sports activist. Her father is a member of the National Assembly. She lives in a relatively free-thinking home environment. She devoted her life to writing and social propaganda activities. The centerpiece is the issue of emancipating women and the rights of children and early childhood education.

My composition will be divided into three parts. The first part briefly describes Ellen Key’s background. The second part describes the writings of Ellen Key. The third part describes the central theory and achievements.

Ellen Key was born in Sundsholm, southern Sweden. Her father Emil Key is a supporter of liberalism and political activities. He has strict requirements for every child in the family. Alan Kay also mentioned her home education environment in her book.
Elan Key’ s educational distance is elementary. Most of the time it was at home that her mother taught her. Her mother was born into a well-educated aristocratic family.Her mother teaches her math and grammar.

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Besides, she also has a home teacher teaching her a foreign language. Later, in 1986, she entered a private school in Stockholm.

The writings of Ellen Key

At the beginning of the 20th century, she was a famous European feminist writer, child educator, and social problem researcher. In the early 20th century, she works on child education and women 's issues. She wrote many books such as ;love and marriage,; ;love and morality,; ;feminine morality.; ;The Women 's Movement," "The Century of Children" and "The Voice of the World.

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Ellen Key began her career as a writer in the mid-1970s. She has become a well-known writer through "freedom of freedom." Her name and her book soon became a lively topic for people to discuss. Books that are widely recognized as "Individualism and Socialism" (1896a); "Thought Image" (1898); "With Human Life,"(1899a); “Lifeline,” Vol. I-III (1903-06); and “Neutral Neutrality”(1916b).

The content and theme of these works are closely related to Ellen, and many of her later views on education. She has her unique perspective on personal power and freedom and individual development. Lengborn(1953)states that“ At the same time,she pointed out that private freedom also raises the importance of considering the interests of others.”

About her writing in education. Her earliest articles appeared to be 1876 "Preschool Teachers in Home and School." Later in 1884, her "books and textbooks" were published in the British magazine Verdandi. Later, she published a geometric article on the "Declaration on homosexual education" and "School Soul" in1888 and 1891. Later she published her work "education" in 1897 and published "The United States" in 1899".

The main theory and achievements

Ellen Kay criticized education work regardless of age characteristics, forcing children to succumb to the will of adults, limiting children's interests and activities and other ills. She promoted bourgeois liberal education and advocated reforming training by J.-J. Rousseau's principles of natural knowledge, and fostering "new people" with ideas and creative spirit.

According to an earlier study (Lengborn 1953) it is argued that “She believes that ideal education should minimize external interference and suppression, and let children naturally develop naturally. The perfect school should abolish the class system, textbooks, and examinations, and all activities should be child-centered. Children can be divided into groups according to their differences in personality and interests.

They can choose their books for self-study.” To develop children’s abilities, schools should set up a manual field to facilitate children’s various independent activities. The task of the teacher is to create a suitable environment for children so that children can gain experience and development through full freedom. She opposes corporal punishment. She believes that adults and teachers should rely on the brain instead of using their arms to educate children. Physical punishment is a severe hazard to both parties.

On the one hand, the fear caused by corporal punishment kills children's activity enthusiasm, adventurous spirit, and Inventing the imagination and creativity of activities creates a kind of slavery. On the other hand, the use of corporal punishment by teachers and adults is not only not conducive to tempering the patience and inducing ability of the work, but will also obstruct the development of wisdom


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Updated: Nov 01, 2022

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