Elizabeth Murray Essay

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Elizabeth Murray

Elizabeth Murray was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1940. She was a well known artist and painter as well. She studied at the Art Institute of Chicago. Famous for her extraordinary creativity and intelligence in the field of painting and sculpture, her works have been exhibited in major museums in the United States. Murray is particularly well known for her shaped canvases. She painted both figurative and non-figurative elements like Sail Baby which is a collage of the image of a brightly painted yellow cup in a comical style.

Indeed, she has the ability to transform abstracted pictures or images of common things like furnitures, animals and musical instruments into animated low relief forms and shapes. According to Murray, what makes her different from others is her ability to balance the illusionistic painting and dimensional sculpture. Her style in painting is quite strange but interesting. I find Murray’s work unique and meaningful. She applies her emotional responses and ideals in her paintings and sculptures which allows her passion to create an abstract painting.

Her works justifies her thoughts and emotions so I learn something everytime I look at them. Elizabeth Murray brings her thoughts and feelings into view. What makes her art truly remarkable is the combination of the physical and personal perception with the geographic environment. Her art of painting is made up of aggressive colors and creativity infused with passion and glowing hapiness. This is one of Elizabeth Murray’s paintings. According to her it is about her childhood and yellow.

It sounds weird but “what you see is what you get” is defnitely not applicable in interpreting her work of arts. She said, “ There is something horrifying and really funny about my painting”. The shapes in her work are comical and the bright colors are quiet torn apart. The subjects of her paintings are usually cups, shoes and other things that are common. One needs to look deeper to be able to figure out the interpretation of her paintings. There are no political issues behind her works. She just wanted to make some innovations in the field of arts.

She said that she wanted to take oil painting and make it come alive in a difference kind of way. She also emphasized that was inspired by artists like Matisse and Gorky. But her early influnces came from comics. That’s why there is a comical touch in her paintings. I think that she wanted to express her feelings through her works. I believe that most of us find peace in silence. She may not verbally opened up herself to her audience but the message of the painting seemed to have justified everything.

The bright colors and strange stokes of canvass brings life to the whole painting and gives a feeling of enlightenment to the audience. References Snead, D. (2004). Reknowned painter lectures on her artistic evolution. Retrieved May 28, 2010 from http://www. oberlin. edu/stupub/ocreview/2004/3/12/arts/article5. html Storr, R. ( 2005 ). Elizabeth Murray. New York: Museum of Art ( p. 1-50 ) Storr, R ( 2005 ). Elizabeth Murray: Pop (Up) Art. New York: Museum of Art ( p. 1-32 )

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