Elizabeth Essay Topics

The Woman Ruler in Queen Elizabeth

Elizabeth I is considered as one of successful monarchs in the history of England. The period where she ruled is deemed as England’s Golden Age where extravagance and luxury flourished as expressed in literature through writers like William Shakespeare, and territorial expeditions through explorers like Francis Drake. In other words, there was a breathtaking cultural… View Article

Elizabeth: A Reflection

Gender preference has always been rampant for the past centuries. Society would dictate that the men take much of the credit, while the women would take the back seat and just cater to the needs of the family. At first, it was evidently understandable that such tasks were assigned to both genders, but everything changed… View Article

Elizabeth Film Questions

Elizabeth’s time was very complicated, especially for a lady ruler. Her’s was a time when the women were regarded to be inferior to the men. Monarchy was always about the King, and the Queen was only regarded as the bearer of the son. Elizabeth was able to shine above the rest by telling them that… View Article

Elizabeth Woodville

-Elizabeth meets Edward IV as he rides through her town. – Elizabeth marries Edward IV in secret three days before he goes off to battle. – Edward IV wins the battle and officially becomes King of England. -Elizabeth’s marriage to Edward is formally announced, angering many of Edward’s advisors. -Elizabeth has three daughters. -Elizabeth’s father… View Article

Raleigh’s Guiana

In 1594, Sir Walter Raleigh was sent to Guyana, present day Venezuela. While in Guiana, he captured a Spanish aristocrat named Sarmiento de Gamboa. In Guiana, Sarmiento de Gamboa told Raleigh of the legend of El Dorado, which is a golden kingdom, supposedly hidden in South America. Sir Walter Raleigh was interested in finding El… View Article