Elementary school Essay

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Elementary school

As the end of the semester approaches, there are lots of experiences and learning that I would like to share during my internship at Paul Revere Elementary school. Just like in any experiences there are good things and bad things all at the same time. These experiences made my stay at Paul Revere Elementary school worth spending. Setting goals is something very important because this makes a person knowledgeable of his/her purpose. Even before going into my internship there are different goals that I would like to attain in my stay at Paul Revere Elementary school.

Now that I am approaching the end, I believe that I am able to attain the goals that I established even before I entered my internship. It is also during my stay at Paul Revere Elementary school that I learned lots of things. During my stay there are things that I know that I would learn. One of this would be the importance of education to people especially to young students. My stay at Paul Revere Elementary school made me more aware of how important education is.

There are also some things that I did not expect to learn at this school and this is how different students have different needs that teachers needs to consider. This is a very important factor consider in education and learning how to cater to these different needs is something that Paul Revere taught me. Because of these experiences, I believe it strengthened my career choice rather than question it. These experiences are enough proof to show how much I value now being a teacher. Being able to shape young minds is a very rewarding experience and I will never exchange this experience for anything else.

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