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Elektrobit Corporation

Which of recommendations listed in the Manager’s Toolbox were used by Elektrobit Corp? Explain. Below shows some of recommendations of Manager’s Toolbox were used by Elektrobit Corporation :- (i) Elektrobit has recent arrivals to an area share their experiences with newcomers.

To inform to the newcomers about what we experienced during all programmes in Elektrobit Corporation. Newcomers can judges companies achievement based on that experiences that we told to them. From there, we can persude newcomers to join us. Therefore, we can enlarge our business.

(ii) Elektrobit employees who accept an international assignment have to sign a contract before they leave that spells out their pay, length of stay, and other details of what is expectedof them.

To prevent the occurrence of fraud and breach of trust in the company. By signing contract, we can refer to the agreement if any problems stated on above is occur. Therefore, newcomers in the organization will be more diciplined in doing anytypes work given.

So, this contract will be a good guidance in their organization and the company will have a good management.

(iii) Elektrobit moves an average of 10 people a year between its global offices, spending about 10,000 annually for each of them on relocation expenses, housing for the employee, and any family that go along.

The company make sure employees have whatever they need to start working efficiently on arrival. But it also tries to help them settle into their everyday lives outside work. This can prove that the Elektrobit Corporation is very concerned about the welfare of their workers.

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