Electronical Devices for Books Essay

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Electronical Devices for Books

Imagine if electronic devices replaced books and papers. Imagine being able to have all of your school supplies at the tips of your fingers. Life would be so much easier for students, and even the teachers. Technological devices should replace traditional books and papers because it provides more resources, keeps everything organized, and make the students backpacks lighter. Electrical devices are better because they provide more resources. It gives more resources because they can go to the internet and find what you are looking for faster.

A student can easily look up more information for a person they are doing a biography on. Plus instead of writing down a website address, they can just go straight to the link. Also, the internet can give a person more information than a book can give. For example; a book may give a person just a page over a person, but online, the student can get pages over that person. A person can get multiple opinions to see if they are getting the right information. The electronic devices such as laptops can keep everything neat and organized.

It keeps students more organized because instead of having all of these papers, you have virtual folders that a student can put documents in, PDF files, and power points. They can look at all of their documents that they saved and print them to give to teachers as hard copies. Plus a student can put work on a flash drive and save them and use it for extra storage too. A student can easily access your homework by clicking on a folder. Using technological devices will make the students backpacks lighter because they won’t have to carry around a bunch of books and folders with a bunch of paper stuffed inside of it.

These devices save room in the student’s backpacks. Students always complain about their shoulders and backs hurting because of how heavy their bags are. So why not give their shoulders and backs a break and use electronic devices and just give them a try. It would also save the schools and parents a lot of money by not having to buy textbooks every year for their children.

To conclude, why should technological devices replace traditional books and paper? They should replace them because they provide more resources, keeps students more organized, and takes weight off of student’s backpacks. Does anyone else agree? Students want all of these things to make their school life a whole lot easier and more fun.

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