Electronic medical record Essay

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Electronic medical record

Today, computerization is a major advancement in technology that helps in many ways: it makes information storage easier and faster thus it can save a lot of time and manpower, and many tasks are done in a certain amount of time. Great amount of time is being consumed by information retrieval and the billing process of San Miguel Infirmary Hospital without computer generated system is slow. To be able to provide the medical needs of the rapidly growing population, San Miguel Infirmary Hospital must be versatile to the current trends and innovation in today’s changes in technology.

One of the concerns of San Miguel Infirmary Hospital nowadays is how to lessen the number paper works in having a transaction with the patient that could fasten the process of admission, discharging and billing of a patient. This greatly affects the profitability of the institution that makes the admission and billing of patients a long process. Another concern is how to extend the accuracy in computing the patient bills, which is very essential in San Miguel Infirmary Hospital.

Because some patients are so smart that they can find a way that they do not have to pay their Local Community Hospitals bills. Some are having a difficulty in paying because of the slow process of computation which can take less or more than a month depends on the number of laboratory procedures or other cases. Observing the institution; the researchers decided to propose a computerized patient monitoring and billing system that is intended to solve the concerns that they discovered.

Efficient patient monitoring and billing management greatly affect areas of a San Miguel Infirmary Hospital such as medical services, billing policies and price rates. With the help of this proposed computerized system the San Miguel Infirmary Hospital can easily keep track and maintain each patient’s information. The computerized patient monitoring and billing system is expected to help San Miguel Infirmary Hospital because of its ability to automatically compute the patient’s bills, generates reports and official receipt that surely fasten their transactions with the patients.

From admitting a patient to discharging, laboratory procedures and other Local Community Hospitals procedures will be updated and presented in precision. Statement of the Problem The main problem of the study is the manual system record keeping and billing record in the hospital. The person tasked usually stores their records through index cards in a filling cabinet which happen to consume time and effort in organizing. Espicially, this study attemped to answer the following problems: 1. How to optimized hardware and software usage? 2.

How to generate accurate billing for the medical check-up/ attention rendered? 3. How to developed a system that will help in the hospital 4. Differenciate the advantages of the purpose computer system from the present manual system 5. How to test and improve the system? 6. The design data flow and the environment of the purpose system Project Content The system described here is propose to serve hospital systems as an edequate fixed asset system and to provide Computerized Patient Information and Billing model that offers support for cost of future medical program designs.

Hospital Record and Billing System give the opportunity to offer high and cosistent levels of output quality. This system is very much useful especially in keeping the the record of the patient information and billing process. The available of this Project are: 1. Maintaining the records of the patient 2. Providing billing details for the patients Purpose and Description The purpose of this study is to make a system for San Miguel Infirmary Hospital to have a software for automation Hospital Record and Billing System.

This program is design to keep the data or patient details properly in the data stores, which will help in retrieval information as well as its storages, the level of accuracy in this system will be higher all operation would be done correctly and it ensures that whatever information is fron the center accurate, the reliability of the propose system will be higher, immediate retrieved information, immediate storage information and easy to operate. Significance of the Study Local Community Hospitals The study will serve as a new instrument for the technological advancement that greatly benefits the San Miguel Infirmary Hospital.

This computerized system is intended to lessen the manpower which will lead to a faster and more accurate billing process which will lead to profitability of the San Miguel Infirmary Hospital. Employees The job of the employees will become more accurate and efficient through the use of the proposed system. This leads to less error which saves time and energy on the side of the workers. Employees can also focus on other tasks assigned that will make them more productive. Patients The service of the San Miguel Infirmary Hospital to the patient will become more convenient.

Less time will be consumed during the payment process. This will also lessen time for patients to wait for computation of San Miguel Infirmary Hospital bills. The study is also expected to increase the satisfaction of the patients to the services of the San Miguel Infirmary Hospital. Researchers This study is a great achievement for the researchers because it will improve their skills in technical writing. The experiences while doing the research build up their characters and teach them values like creativity, working hard, team building and responsibility and time management.

It also builds friendship and camaraderie among the co-researchers. The research also tests their skills that helped them gain sense of fulfillment and responsibility. It also gives them an overview of the IT industry and trains them to prepare to the competitive professional field. Objectives of the Study General Objectives The general objective of the study is to develop a computerized patient monitoring and billing system, for the medical institution of San Miguel Infirmary Hospital to fasten the admission and discharging process of patients, and to provide automatic computation of one’s patient bills.

Specific Objectives • To design a prototype that will provide an accurate patient information, monitor the medical services that each patient undergo, make the recording of all patient information more organized and generate automated reports of patients in San Miguel Infirmary Hospital. • To develop a system that will lessen the numbers of paper works and provide security of patient information and medical records of each patient. • To test and evaluate the acceptability of the system by gathering feedbacks from the target users, the San Miguel Infirmary Hospital management and technical experts.

Scope and Limitations of the Study This study is about patient monitoring and billing system for San Miguel Infirmary Hospital. The scope of the study is to monitor the admission and release of each in-patient inside the San Miguel Infirmary Hospital. It will track the services that each in-patient undergo, time spent by the in-patient inside the San Miguel Infirmary Hospital backing up the records. This study also includes the billing system of the San Miguel Infirmary Hospital; the automated calculation of patients total payment, change and printing of receipt.

This study tries to eliminate the manual patient monitoring and billing system that is currently used by San Miguel Infirmary Hospitals. All information from the admission of a patient to his discharge will be recorded, even the laboratory procedures and medicines. With this information, the patient bills will be automatically computed and generated. The study also includes Discounts and other privileges in the billing process. The study does not include the payroll of employees and the issuance of Birth Certificates. REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE AND STUDIES

This chapter discusses information about topics related and mentioned in the study. It presents and provides gathered facts and ideas from related literatures like books, journals, magazines, and electronic sources. This chapter also presents brief discussion about related studies from locally made and foreign studies. Local Literature The researchers consider providing the history and development of San Miguel Infirmary Hospital valuable in presenting the study as basis for analysis and understanding of the profile of the San Miguel Infirmary Hospital. Methodology

We followed a mixed method approach to investigate tha supply chain issue experienced in hospitals . Both qualitative and quantitative data we collected. Qualitative data we gathered though literature reviews and interviews with supply chain professionals within the hospitals, nurses, material management professionals from outside hospital setting. In particular, we studied three hospitals to obtain current practices in different development stages at Carlos P. Garcia Provencial and Memorial Hospitals , San Miguel Infirmary Hospital and Don Emillio Del Valle Hospital.

The study included interview with various hospital staff at each location. The purpose of the interviews was gain a better understanding of the problems and experience within the hospital setting and discuss possible solution of the problem. History of San Miguel Infirmary Hospital Previosly San Miguel Infirmary Hospital Former San Miguel Hospital was establish in year 1994 when their was a diareah breakout in Barangay Cabangahan San Miguel Bohol. And they realized that they need to have a Hospital and it was supported by the Sangguniang bayan San Miguel Infirmary Hospital was managed by the Rural Health Personnel.

The first building of San Miguel Infirmary Hospital former San Miguel Hospital it was the vecant building of Department of Agriculture. Later on San Miguel Infirmary Hospital have a doctor in a year 2002. The facilities San Miguel Infrimary Hospital was shared by the RHU. In a year 2008 the new builbing of San Miguel Infirmary Hospital was establish with that year they have a Pharmacy and Laboratory. As of now San Miguel Infirmary Hospital have a 3 Doctors, 14 nurses 4 midwife and they have a volunteer nurses. Operations Definition of Terms

Admission refers to the formal acceptance by a San Miguel Infirmary Hospital or other inpatient health care facility of a patient who is to be provided with room, board, and continuous nursing service in an area of the San Miguel Infirmary Hospital or facility where patients generally reside at least overnight. Discharging refers to the term which means that the patient leaves the San Miguel Infirmary Hospital and either returns home or is transferred to another facility such as one for rehabilitation or to a nursing home. Discharge involves the medical instructions that the patient will need to fully recover.

Diagnose refers to the process of recognizing disease by signs and symptoms. Diagnosis refers to the act of act of identifying a disease from its signs and symptoms. Electronic Medical Record (EMR) refers to a computer-based record containing health care information. This technology, when fully developed, meets provider needs for real-time data access and evaluation in medical care. Together with clinical workstations and clinical data repository technologies, the EMR provides the mechanism for longitudinal data storage and access.

Discharge Clearance refers to the clearance that is given by the cashier to the patient after he or she paid his or her bills, this document will be presented to the ward to verify his or her discharge. In-patient refers to apatient whose care requires a stay in a San Miguel Infirmary Hospital. List of Charges refers toan officialrecord that shows each bill of the patient that he or she will be paying to the cashier. Medical Center Chief refers to the director of the San Miguel Infirmary Hospital. Miscarriage (also termed spontaneous abortion) refers to any pregnancy that spontaneously ends before the fetus can survive.

Any vaginal bleeding, other than spotting, during early pregnancy is considered a threatened miscarriage. Patient Clearance refers to an order given by the attending physician that declares the patient that he or she can now leave the San Miguel Infirmary Hospital premises. Patient record refers to the official list of patient treated by a San Miguel Infirmary Hospital. Physician refers to a person trained in the art of healing. In reality, contemporary physicians express their skills by combining art with science.

A physician is also referred to as a doctor of medicine. Resident on Duty refers to the doctor who diagnoses patient before admitting to the San Miguel Infirmary Hospital . Social Worker refers to the person who is in charge of verifying the statement of account of a patient. He or she is the one who decides how much the patients will give as a down payment. Statement of Account refers to the document that shows the summary of the bills of the patient. The statement of account is verified by the social worker for benefits like discounts.

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