Electronic media is the root cause of all evils in this modern society. Electronic media is the medium through with current information is provided to the people. There are different types of electronics, computer, internet, mobile etc. electronic medias the very powerful medium of controlling the people. Electronic media can be used negatively or positively by the providers.

The growth of electronic media over past few decades is very rapid in Pakistan. The media can impact public opinion in a significant manner.

In Pakistan the national integration and cohesion, is indeed a serious issue, which needs to be analyzed. The media’s extraordinary growth can impact this problem. The media is being considered as a fourth pillar of the state.

In this study a sincere effort has been made in a comprehensive but concise way to analyze the dimensions of “fault lines” in national cohesion and integration that occurred during the last over 60 years. The role of electronic media to enhance the national cohesion and integration has been analyzed in this study.

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The same has been analyzed in historical, socio-political, socio-economic, governance and leadership context. From this analysis, a starting point, as I perceive can be made to think various aspects concerning national cohesion and integration. In the end the analysis is concluded and some recommendations have been made.

I am grateful and deeply indebted to professional guidance extended by Dr. Sikander Hayat, Dean National School of Public Policy, for his encouragement at all stages in carrying out this research and making it possible.

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I am grateful to Mrs. Rashida Bokhari for her vision and hard work in guiding me on the theme of the paper during the process. She was always critical but professional in her outlook that enabled me to complete this research as per requirements. I am thankful to Prof. Sajjad Naseer and Dr Riffat S. Hussain, for sharing socio political outlook and focused in depth analysis of Pakistani Society. I am also grateful to Ms. Naeema and her team for the assistance extended for library research.

The cultural, demographic, linguistic and behavioural manifestations do indicate fault-lines in national cohesiveness. The uncertainty about peace, security, bad-governance and system of justice has generated a sense of deprivation in the society. The stake holders in maintenance of national cohesion and integration are State Institutions, Judiciary, Defence Forces, Law and Order Machinery, Political Parties, Civil Society, Public Opinion Groups, and electronic media. The growth and development of electronic media as fourth pillar of the state is a reality. The television is the most favoured medium of communication with a large number of viewer ship with significant results. The national cohesion and integration demonstrate fault lines that threaten very existence of the state. The study is focused around questions of growth of electronic media in Pakistan and the role of electronic media to enhance national cohesion and integration. The National Integration for Pakistan does not mean creating ethnic or national homogeneity throughout the country; rather it only means establishing a bond that may bind the population in common political and social structures, statehood, a sense of identity and of belonging together.

The Questions raised about Pakistan today are; will it survive as an independent country? Will it be prosperous and stable? Invariably these questions concern the prospects of bringing about good governance, reducing poverty, fostering honest leadership, controlling corruption, and reforming legal and moral institutions. The positive and negative role of media has been highlighted in the study. It has been established that the electronic media has a role to play for resolution of problems being faced by Pakistan i.e. political instability, bad governance, weak economy, sectarian and ethnic divide/religious activism, population growth, friction between the provinces and centre, violence and intolerance in the society, lack of national integration and harmony etc.. The impression that the media could solely and independently play a role in making society and the people to behave in a certain way, cannot succeed, there appears no empirical evidence to support this.We have to examine what causes of a certain phenomena, there may be some more research to study about casualty. What causes something to happen? The healthy relationship between electronic media and the government and its agencies is essential for accurate dissemination of news. There is need to draw a fine balance between the excess and denial of freedom to the media. It has been found that government need to evolve a new media policy.

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