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Electronic media and education Essay

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Electronic media is continuously expanding and is now to the degree where it has become a part of everyone’s life, not just in the Western world, it is starting to take hold worldwide.To define electronic media, it is a type of media that reserves and disperses electrical information through sources such as television, radio, and computers. Companies advertise to make consumers acquainted with the products or services provided and the only better way of performing this is through advertising on electronic media.

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Thus this essay will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of advertising through electronic media.

To commence with, the major drawback of advertising through electronic media is that in the marketplace sometimes, electronic advertisement method convey a negative implication. Internet users typically find the ads unwelcomed to their online experience. Text ad and banners frequently are placed in the center of content, which obstructs the reader. The user cannot view the whole page as pop – ads appear over content, thus causing them to remove the ads. Audiences are so deluged with spam email and banner ads that they have begun to ignore electronic advertising just as much as ads on traditional media.

Furthermore, advertising through electronic media has another stumbling block in its path. Electronic media is rather recent in comparison to print media and traditional broadcast but despite the ability to accumulate data and track users its prime technique for dispatching electronic advertisements remains evasive. To avoid pop-ups in the mid – the 1990s, these ads were disinclined. Currently, firms attempt to seize attention with richer media implements. A common example would be streaming audio and video advertisements. Financing money in media with insufficient years of knowledge and research is a challenge faced by them.

Moreover, advertising through electronic media is high-priced and does not guarantee results. This advertising is acquired by an enterprise and stationed on the World Wide Web in key spots. For example, an electronic advertisement for air conditioning equipment may pop up alongside searches for air conditioning installation firms. For per click, it is paid in a click-through advertisement. Plus, the advertisement placing business sustains a levy when someone views the ad by clicking on it and the user is taken to the business website. People access these advertisements for free, even if they are not actually interested in buying the services or products. Clicking on these ads can be costly without a promise of a sale. Furthermore, viewers accessing a page with click-through advertisements click on the ads only 1 or 2 percent. Therefore, if just clicking on the ad is paid, it can result in a huge waste of money.

On the other hand, there are also some benefits of advertising through electronic media. The Internet\’s tremendous reach can enable promoters to contact altogether a larger number of individuals than traditional advertising media at a small amount of the cost. Electronic advertising is perfect for organizations with a national or worldwide target market and extensive scale appropriation capacities. When in doubt, the more individuals the business serves, the most cost-proficient electronic advertising can be. This can likewise be more focused than some customary media, guaranteeing that all the messages are seen by the most pertinent groups of audiences. As indicated by an article distributed in the New York Times, 96.7 percent of American families possess TVs. This adds up to more than 300 million individuals who approach the ads.

Furthermore, advertising through electronic media offers the best creative opportunity among the traditional media. It has visual components like print and sound like radio, yet it likewise has dynamic development. Promoters frequently attempt to tell stories inside their advertisements that affect the group of audiences. Innovativeness can give more meaning intending to a brand past its basic product. For example, with TV, you can target passionate associations, consolidate characters that the audience can identify with and offer multi-tangible interest.

To add on, advertising through electronic media empowers advertisers to be open for business all day and all night without stressing over store opening hours or additional time installments for staff. It has a benefit of 24/7 availability. Offering advertisements on the electronic media is likewise convenient for customers. They can browse the advertisement whenever makes them free to do.

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