Electronic mail will out perform the regular Postal Service Essay

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Electronic mail will out perform the regular Postal Service

New technologies have always allowed us to do things faster, more efficiently and more professionally than ever before. Generally, every new technology is a step forward for speed and productivity. The speed, usage, reliability, and expense make electronic mail more desirable than our general postal system. The speed of transfer is an important part of the decision to send mail by either E-Mail or Postal System. E-mail has a distinct advantage in this category. With the click of a button, ones message is sent. Whether you are sending an e-mail to a person across the street or to Afghanistan, the transfer rate is virtually the same.

The Postal Delivery System takes from two days to two weeks to deliver even the smallest package. Depending on the locations of the sender and the receiver, even sending a letter to the house across the street takes unnecessary time. Another variable aspect of the two mail systems is ease-of-use. E-Mail has advantages when viewed from this angle. For one thing, E-Mail has no limitations on pick up or delivery. Anyone who wishes to use E-Mail may do so on his or her own leisure. When receiving letters from the Post Office waiting is a major inconvenience, taking time out of the person’s day. In addition, writing a letter by hand often allows room for error.

The E-Mail user also has to pay a monthly fee for an internet account, generally ranging from eight dollars to twenty-five dollars per month, and the user may send unlimited E-mails. Local Post Offices charge for envelops and packaging material. The cost of a stamp is thirty-seven cents for each letter. This cost adds up when mailing three to four letters a day. Reliability of E-Mail far outweighs the Postal System. Because a computer network runs e-mail, human error is unlikely. Consequently, E-Mail is usually transferred to the correct address; it is never lost, stolen, and its contents are never removed or damaged. On the other hand, the Postal System has more problems.

Since humans deliver the envelopes, error is very common. Letters are often delivered to the wrong address creating delay for the intended recipitant. In addition, dishonest postal workers have stolen checks and other items out of packages. When choosing how to mail letters, think about the most used system in the world of today. E-Mail is a system that rarely looses or damages letters, and offers fair and low rates. Even though the Postal System offers low rates, the speed and safety of delivery is sacrificed due to unqualified and dishonest employees. E-Mail is instant, cheaper, and most reliable way to send letters.

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