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Electronic discussions

In this research article, Mark Warschauer had clearly stated the hypothesis, that there will be an equal participation among students as a result of computer-mediated communications. He started his study by looking some old researches and formulating a hypothesis that will give direction in the study. The study has been done through observing at face-to face and small group settings of electronic discussions. The result concurred with the whole group research presenting a tendency toward increased participation in using an electronics discussion set –up.

Mark found out that using electronic discussion has increased the participation and have equalized the contributions among the students and participants. Such study has also implied that this kind of discussion has result to an increase in use of formal languages. He pointed out the reality till this point had focused on whole group communication. He would like to extend his research to where the point of interaction between whole group interaction and small group may be different.

His hypothesis says that there will be equal participation in these discussions, of small group, if the discussion would be electronic discussion than the face-to-face discussion. Warschauer also added that the used of formal language in electronic discussion will be enhanced. Warschauer used questions that are direct to the point and was able to answer these by compiling all the gathered data’s upon observing. The hypotheses have lead to the existence of theories with regards to study of using electronic discussions.

One could probably say that having the research would not only gain knowledge of culture authentic experiences, but also has the advantage from using formal languages with more complete thoughts in the second languages. (Warschauer, M. 1996) Hypothesis is the declaration of statements closely associated to the problem subjected for studies and empirical testing. (Mc Graw Hill)When the researcher sets aims, they try to achieve them first, by knowledge. If the study succeeds, it was simply a task, since they only apply what they know.

The call for a hypothesis is occurs when there’s no enough knowledge and faces a problem. Encountered problems in science are in need of heavy mental ability, for new discoveries that is capable and fit for dealing problems. There must have some idea and information to be able to search this knowledge instead of searching it unsystematically. Hypothesis is defined as the formulation of a guess or suggestion that evidently makes a solution for a certain problem and studies. (Ignacz, L. )The hypothesis in Warschauer’s article has been the basis to conduct the study.

It gave the researcher the direction onto which the study goes. This has been relevant upon formulating the expected outcome of the study. Every researcher must have the idea of what to expect in the study, in order to arrive at a planned result. Otherwise, the result may vary. Some expect to be wrong with the formulated hypothesis. With such cases, it is not required or that compulsory to arrive at a given result with the problem. It was understand, that the hypothesis is not actually the result of the study.

If this happened, there is no need to perform the research. Somehow, it was just the basic subject that would focus on the whole study. In Warschauer’s research, the hypothesis statement has been proved and derived the researcher to the expected result. If the researcher never had such statement, the whole study would just be a testing study and not expecting for any right or wrong results. The hypothesis statement has been the basis of the whole study in terms of how such studies will be conduct with the use of electronics discussion and who are to be tested.

Also, this statement determines the credibility and righteous of the study.

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