Electricity Bill Payment Essay

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Electricity Bill Payment

Chapter – 1
On average there is an aggregation of Passenger data in today’s Electricity Bill Payment . Information is soiled, redundant and difficult one. The technology uses if any are aging are frequency in compatible. An ideal state has complete aggregation and alignment. Scope:

1.1 Electricity Bill Payment is comprehensive web-based Bill Payment Software. It will design for better interaction between passenger, agent and Electricity bills Payment.

Designing of Back-end Database
The database of this act as the back-end to store information such as student Details and teacher. Here we have used SQL server 2005 as the database for the proposed system. The Tables in the database are as follows:

View bills
Payment Options
Register Member

System Development Phase
Login Module:
This is the front page of the Project. With the help of this user can Login into the system using user id and Password.

Admin Module:
User belongs to admin staff can enter and update the details Related to Login, member View bills, Payment options. Payment Options:

You can edit your payment or billing address information at any Time. A payment is the transfer of money from one party (such as a person or To another. A payment is usually made in exchange for the provision Of goods, services or both, or to fulfill a legal obligation. Payments may be classified by the number of parties involved to consummate a transaction.

Member Module:

Register Member:

In the testing, phase of the system development checked the working of the written code and connections in the project is proper. There is no duplication of data while storing the data into the database and the data which is to be retrieved is same which was originally saved. There is no mixing of data in the project. The data is unambiguous and free from any kind of duplication and each of the features is properly as expected.

Problem Specification:
Defining a problem is clearly a stepping-stone towards its solution .In case of information system, before designing it is necessary to understand the system clearly, as regard to working of the existing System so as to improve the efficiency of the system.

Since the world is growing for globalization, every institution, organization wants to beat its competitors and to grow with a very surprising way. Survival of manual system to difficult. That’s why any intuition, organization of the world wish to computerize their department.

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