Electrical Engineering is Changing Society one Product at a Time

What do you think the world would be without electrical engineering? Electrical engineering includes so many fields of interest that people’s everyday lives are influenced by the creations that it has made. Technology can all come from the fields of electrical engineering that can be studied. The music you hear coming from the speakers, the monitors that show information, and even the lights that light up a room are all because of electrical engineers. Electrical engineering has a lot of important fields but the ones that are most important in society include computer engineering, software and electronic systems.

These fields have different features that make each of them unique fields that help the others grow. For example, consider electronic systems and computer engineering. An electronic system has a part of computer engineering in it. Where electronic systems engineers create circuits and hardware for computers.

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The better that they make these devices the better the computer will run. With these better devices the computer engineers can use that to create better programs.

The programs that are created from this can be used to create a better purpose for another field of engineering or just ones daily life and because of the electronic engineering continues to improve and enter new fields of development.

The changes in electrical engineering products in the fields of computer, and systems engineering affect the way people live in society. In today’s society, a computer engineer job description is to solve programming problems while making new software and hardware for computers. Computers were a major invention that really changed society. Originally, computers were big in size, but throughout the years they have not only become smaller, but even made portable. With the invention of the computer, people changed the way they go about their day and complete tasks. The computer was invented as a faster, more effective way of completing all kinds of work in a timely manner. Computers are not only made to be more efficient than the original typewriter, but are also used for filing and mathematics. Because of this invention many fields of production came about. Computer are also used in the creation of movies and video games. Without computer, these things would never exist or would be very low in quality like the original games for Atari were. A lot of the entertainment industry would be affected too. Since many programs, commercials and movies are edited with computer animation and graphics the quality of these would decrease. On a larger scale, any of the space exploration that has been accomplished was done with measurements and calculations that were possible because of the use of computers processing abilities. Engineers and scientists have come so far with the on invention and, as computer engineers create new and better hardware for computer, the technology used from them will become better as well. People all over the world own computer, and this is all possible because of computer engineers, who have made many other inventions that have changed society.

Computer engineers make other products that affect society, one such product being robots. Computer engineers. As well as electrical engineers, are the ones that are bringing robots to life. This combination of engineers, scientists, and group effort gave birth to a new field called robotics engineering. “The unique skill of the computer engineer is helping to move robotics forward, by making the best use of traditional electronic technology and the latest in computer generated applications” (What is a Computer Engineer 1). By having advancements in software and hardware, computer engineers can create better and smarter machines. A robot can make many different types of products. These machines can be used to count anything from money at a bank to the inventory of an entire store. Robots are also used throughout the mass-production of many items in the world, such as food. The benefit to using robots instead of humans is that they have a higher accuracy rate and there will most likely be a major decrease in human error. Though this seems like a good thing at the time, robots may become so smart and so advanced that they will take all our jobs. For instance, robots are used in the production and use of vehicles. There are now unmanned cars and even aircrafts, which are controlled by robots, which people such as the military can use to safely scan the land in dangerous areas. Before this was possible, people would have had to been sent out into these areas and could be harmed or even killed as a result. However, robots can can make everything so much easier that they can even be used on children. There are still many more things that computer engineers have made that have changed the way society lives.

Another example of how computer engineer’s products have changed lives is through transistors. A transistor is a device composed of semiconductor material that amplifies a signal or opens or closes a circuit. The first product that comes to mind when this is mentioned is a light switch. A light switch completes the circuit to a light when flipped on or off. Before there was the modern-day transistor, there were other kinds of imperfect transistors. “The earliest junction transistors were made using molded plastics but it was soon discovered that this contributed to early device failure due to contamination by moisture” (Transistor History 1). The water contamination that was a problem for earlier transistors would lead to quite a few problems, one being a shortened life span. Other complications included being too large, overheating, and requiring much more energy than necessary. By the computer engineers ability to create new products while revising older ones like these transistor of today.

Transistors are not just used in simple machines like light switches, which is why some call them most important invention of the twentieth century. Millions of transistors are used in the making of a computer and if the original transistor was still around the computer that have changed society would have never been able to been created.

Systems engineers are in a different type of engineering than the rest. They have to think on a whole different level to create as well as maintain complicated engineering projects. The products that they create are the ones that truly change society. Not to say that the engineering fields mentioned before are not as important as systems engineering, however systems engineers overlaps computer and telecommunications as well as a dozen others. Systems engineers are responsible for creating the design for spacecrafts and aircrafts. These designs have to be remade all the time because of new technology and new concepts. With engineers continuing to research and further improving technology, progress in these fields can evolve and revolutionize the future. With the design of aircrafts, people are able to travel longer distances in a much shorter time. The creation of spacecrafts have allowed the people of today to learn about space that they would have never been able to discover from the earth. Another creation of the systems engineer is nanotechnology.

In the last few years, systems engineers have begun to work with nanotechnology and because of that it has made a big difference. Nanotechnology functions on a molecular scale. One major advantage that nanotechnology has already given us is that when something is made with this technology it is a lot more lighter than it originally would be. This allows it to be made cheaper and sold at a much cheaper price. This changes the way that consumers can buy more of that product at the lowest cost. In return, because of the low prices it allows more products to be created for the consumers. Nanotechnology has also made many different types of products smaller and lighter so that society can benefit through convenience. Phones and iPods are the best examples of these because over the past decade they have been made much slimmer and more advanced. As previously shown, phones have much more features now and can fit more into a smaller place because of nanotechnology. The last of the important inventions that systems engineers have created would be through circuits in a car.

A cars circuits were a major innovation to the car and this was through systems engineers. Think of all the little gadgets that are in a modern-day car and how it has changed the way people live, not to mention the way people drive. The innovation of the fuel injector allows the car to go faster and farther than it could before when it was using a carburetor, which is a device that blends air and fuel for an internal combustion engine. All of the circuits in a car that promote better breaking and other safety features allows us to be better protected, as well as preventing an accident from happening in the first place.

The products that are produced by all the types of electrical engineers including, computer, telecommunications and systems engineers have changed society. Three inventions that computer engineers have make and have innovated are computers, robots, and transistors. Computers have helped society to change in many ways. They have recreated video games, movies, and mathematics Robots have changed society by being more accurate and are able to work for days on end. The last innovations that computer engineers made were transistors. Transistors are responsible for making computers function at a smaller lever and for that matter at all. Telecommunications engineer’s products that changed society a great deal are cell phones, the capabilities they possess and fiber optics. Cell phones have changed society through all the new applications that a phone can perform. Modern-day cell phones have changed talking to others into a new experience, by being able to talk to anyone from anywhere instead of having to be at a home or going to see them in person. Cell phones have also provided a new language to people of today. A text message is practically the same as using AIM except it is portable. In some cases, texting has become more practiced than talking on the phone itself. Fiber optics was another invention that changed society. Engineers were able to do this through making hair like thin glass cables that could send data in light pulses to wherever it needed to go and faster than with cable wires. Systems engineers have made contributions to the way society has changed through the creation of aircrafts, nanotechnology and car circuits. The creation of the design of the aircraft has allowed us to go farther and get there faster, not to mention space crafts which have allowed people to study and understand more about space. Nanotechnology has allowed for much advancement in technology because it allows for engineers to place more technology into smaller areas. Car circuitry has been advanced by systems engineers so that modern society has more conveniences it has also boosted the safety ratings on many vehicles through their work. The world’s products have much more to them than it may seem, and something as simple as turning on a light can change how society lives.

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