Electrical Engineering Essay Essay

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Electrical Engineering Essay

The senior project can be in electrical machines preferably 3-phase induction motors, power system protection, and control system preferably designing of a compensator to achieve the required performance of the system, power electronics and distribution systems.

First, I like deciding the power rating of a -3-phase induction motor for various loads such pumps, compressors etc. Also my interest is in analyzing the performance of an induction motor such current drawn, power factor at which the motor will operate, deciding the efficiency etc. Induction motors are called work horses of industries but I am weak when it comes to design an induction motor.

Second, in power system protection, I like fault current calculations both under symmetrical and asymmetrical fault conditions, deciding relay settings (plug setting), time setting etc. required for implementing relay coordination  I can very well deal with equipment protection such as transformer and motor protections etc. but my weakness lies in dealing with the protection of transmission lines.

Third, in control systems, I like analyzing the performance of the system and achieving the required performance using compensators such lag, lead or lag-lead compensators. The required performance can also be achieved by using controllers such as PI, PD or PID controllers. I don’t like state variable approach in control, systems.

Fourth, in power electronics, I like converters and inverters and can think of designing a battery charger circuit using controlled converters. The design of a firing circuit is comparatively as it there will be natural commutation. I don’t like choppers and cyclo-converters in power electronics.

Fifth, as a result of development of renewable energy sources, the distribution systems are also changing. Now the power feeding is at various points in distribution systems. Hence, these systems have to cater for the demands such as varying and distributed generation, power quality etc.  Designing a distribution system is my weakness. I like operation part of it.

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