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Electric Motor driven Water Pump activated by Temperature Sensor Essay

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In recent times the farmers have been using irrigation technique through manual control in which the farmer irrigate the land at regular intervals by turning the water pump on/off when required. This process sometimes consumes more water and sometimes the water supply land is delayed due to which the crops dry out. It is an electromechanical system. There is advance mechanical water pump which will use to irrigate the crops in farms. The dc electric motor (permanent magnet dc motor or PMDC) will be used to drive this pump.

The motor is controlled by the controller which is connected to the battery and the temperature sensor which give a signal to the controller when the surrounding temperature will increase or decrease.

The temperature is set to (35OC) in the controller whenever it will increase or decrease from the set temperature it will automatically turn on/off the motor with the help of controller and battery which is connected with it.

After that with the help of motor water pump which is connected to the motor will send water to the farms. It will useful for those crops which need constant water and should soak during the growth which will reduce the dry out problems of crops.
Block Diagram of Electric motor driven Water Pump.

Waterproof temperature sensor
PMDC electric motor
Temperature controller
Mechanical water pump

Two of the most widely recognized issues with cultivating water system frameworks need to do with water system booking. Water system booking is just noting the inquiries of “When do I water?” and “To what extent do I water?”. Beginning a water system cycle too soon as well as running a water system cycle too long is considered overwatering. At any rate, this training squanders water and cash. Be that as it may, over watering can cause edit harm if done on a delayed premise. In like manner, beginning a water system cycle past the point of no return or not running the framework for a sufficiently long timeframe is considered under watering and can cause decreased yields and poor harvest quality which can influence cost.

There is also one most common problem which is faced by most of the farmers is field situated miles away from their homes. They have to travel daily base at several time to start or stop the irrigation water pump which is too important for the crops which consume more time. some time due to over irrigation and under irrigation crops are damaged by which farmer face big loss as shown in picture 1.1.
Some farmers have more land and they have more need of manpower because of manual turning on/off for water pump which will take more time and become costly because of labor. . Problems sometimes without automatic irrigation system picture of the farm.


A model of controlling irrigation facilities to help millions of people. In many countries, agriculture plays an important role in shaping up the economy and the climate conditions are anisotropic. the main purpose of this project is to save crops from dry out and the time which is also important in human life.

The model uses temperature sensor technology with the controller to make smart switching devices. It is the basic automatic switching mechanism of motor water pump using the sensor from surrounding temperature. This system can be operated at night and water which loss from evaporation is thus minimized. The most significant advantage is that water is supplied only when the temperature is increased and the plant has need of water. It works according to temperature and keeps soil soaked whenever it going to dry because of temperature. It will also reduce the consumption of water and save the lot of water which will more beneficial for the dry areas of the world.

There is also one more biggest advantage of this project is it will also help to increase the production of the crops and save crops from dry out which is also good for the farmers and those countries which totally depend on the farming. It is the highly sensitive product with the low cost by which poor farmers can also buy this in their budget. With the help of automatic irrigation system picture of a farm.

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