Einstein’s statement Essay

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Einstein’s statement

According to Einstein’s statement that “Memory is deceptive because it is colored by today’s events” one should take a concrete position in order to prove it or not. There is nothing frozen in the cycle of life, everything is in flux. The process of memorizing information around is amazing at a glance. However, there should be an explanation of why human beings get stuck on what they know about a definite thing or event, and do not want to step back not a jot. I think that there are several responses on what Einstein once said.

Hence, memory can be deceptive for a man, as it refers to the past and to the present only. Here comes a logic evaluation of the Einstein’s statement which designates the idea of what is known to people currently and what is not. Thereupon, it is a matter of contradiction between three states of time, so to speak: past, present, and future. It goes without saying that the first two relate to what is recollected in our memories. On the other side, the future is a mystery for every human being. Memory does not apply to the future events.

It is about to gain momentum, as we may call it, of what has been predicted and what it comes out to be as a result. However, there is an aspect of memory which relies on peoples’ suggestibility (Platek, Keenan, & Shackelford, 2007). This feature of memory can serve as pseudo-persuasiveness in what has not happened yet. Within my remembrance, I have too many cases when I could state that memory is really deceptive, and is based on some evidences at hand. It was when I tried to win in lottery. I was sure that a fortune will help me.

Nevertheless, I tried to work out a specific formula on finding out the “receipt of hitting jackpot” at once. My memories could give me just the examples based on the experience of many millions of people who failed to reach out a definite circumspect approach toward solving the enigmatic mystery of where the luck is. As a result, I just spent a pretty some of money, as related to all cases when I bought a bunch of lottery tickets. It fell into nothing at all, unfortunately. However, since that time I have been working over a philosophical attitude toward what knowledge is.

Furthermore, it became interesting to me that memory can become vague in some moments, as it complies with physiological processes as well. Thus, memory does not just colors today’s events and gives no answer on what will become tomorrow. It also makes people realize the things going on all around. There is an assumption that the hidden power of brain can work miracles in perceiving events of tomorrow. People can just change their consciousness in order to discolor reality and appear in parallel worlds.

However, it is just a hypothesis which Einstein once claimed during his investigation of the concept of time as such. To sum up, memory complies with the past and the present. It has no connection with the future. Hence, people are misinformed about what awaits them in future. In turn it proves the idea that memory is deceptive and that it is colored solely in accordance with today’s events. That is the argument for getting the properties and nature of memory in brief. Reference Platek, S. M. , Keenan, J. P. , & Shackelford, T. K. (2007). Evolutionary cognitive neuroscience. Boston: MIT Press.

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