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Einstein’s Big Ideas Physics Quiz Essay

Paper type: Essay Pages: 6 (1301 words)

Michael Faraday time period
Victorian, England

Michael Faraday concept
electricity and magnetism,
light is an electromagnetic wave

Michael Faraday experiment
electromagnetic field and electric motor

Michael Faraday challenges faced
he was not a nobleman,
too poor

What job did Faraday hold?
book binder’s apprentice

Was Faraday rich?

What was Faraday’s passion

In the early 1880s, science was usually performed by what kind of people?
gentlemen (rich people) and nobels

Who did Faraday get tickets to see?
Sir Humphrey Davey

What was Sir Humphrey Davey’s problem?
he was a drug addict to laughing gas (nitrous oxide)

What was Sir Humphrey Davey’s greatest discovery?
Michael Faraday

What happened that gave Faraday his chance?
Sir Humphrey Davey was injured in a laboratory accident

When you pass electricity through a wire, what happens to a compass?
the needle is deflected at right angles,
it changes direction

What two concepts does the experiment of the wire and compass show interaction
electricity and magnetism

What did Faraday’s religion believe?
everything is connected

What discovery did Faraday help invent through his experimentation?
electric motor

What was Faraday accused of? By whom?
plagyerism; Sir Humphrey Davey

How did Davey die?
Over dose on laughing gas

What did Faraday start?
The Great Revolution

Antione-Lauret Lavoisier and Marie Anne Lavoisier
Time Period
Paris, France 1700s

Antione-Lauret Lavoisier and Marie Anne Lavoisier

Antione-Lauret Lavoisier and Marie Anne Lavoisier
Conservation of Mass

Antione-Lauret Lavoisier/Marie Anne Lavoisier
converted water to gas

Antione-Lauret Lavoisier/Marie Anne Lavoisier
Challenges Faced
French Revolution

What first piqued Einstein’s curiosity?

What was Einstein concerned with only? What was everything else?

What was happening in France at the time of Lavoisier?
Era of Enlightenment/ French Revolution

What characteristics of Antione-Lauret Lavoisier led to his downfall and was of great benefit?
meticulous attention to detail,
consumed with accuracy

What was Lavoisier’s real job?
head of tax enforcement/tax collector

Behind every great man their is a great ______.

What did Marie Anne do?

assistant to her husband, note taker, PR, learned chemistry, English, did drawings for experiments, etc

Besides a great mind, what helps scientific research move along?
money (Lavoisier was a tax collector)

What was Lavoiser’s great discovery?
Conservation of Mass

What is Conservation of Mass important?
tells us that in any chemical reaction, you end with what you started with

How did Lavoisier die? Why?
had his head chopped off,
he was a tax collector

Who was Einstein’s important fan club member?
Max Plank

What was Einstein appointed as?
Professor of Physics

What was Einstein the undisputed father of?
Modern Physics

How did Einstein’s success affect his marriage?
his marriage ended in divorce

James Maxwell
Time Period
1860s England

James Maxwell
light is an electromagnetic wave

James Maxwell’s
developed Maxwell equations

James Maxwell’s
challenges faced
no experimental proof

What were the two pillars of science in the 19th century?
energy and matter/mass

Were the two pillars of science in the 19th century separate?
At the time they thought so

Was Einstein a good student?

What was Einstein’s annoying question?
What is light?

What questions did Einstein ask Mileva Meric in the movie?
What would he see if he rode on a wave of light?

How fast is light? What letter do we use to represent the speed of light?

Faraday proposes that electricity and magnetism are part of one concept called…

What did Faraday lack in his proposal that light is an electromagnetic wave?
advanced mathematics to back his idea

What was Maxwell’s relationship to Faraday?
great friends

What is important about the speed in which electricity and magnetism are related?
speed of light

What does the importance of the speed of electricity and magnetism’s relation mean?
Faraday was right, light is an electromagnetic wave

Gottfried bon Leinbniz, Emilie du Chatelet
Time Period

Gottfried bon Leinbniz, Emilie du Chatelet
German, French

Gottfried bon Leinbniz, Emilie du Chatelet
energy is related to the square of velocity

Gottfried bon Leinbniz, Emilie du Chatelet
lead ball experiment

Gottfried bon Leinbniz, Emilie du Chatelet
lived in a time where women were not accpeted as scientist,
they went after Issac Newton

What did du Chatelet do in respect to Newton?
translated his book on physics (he would write his books in Latin)

What did du Chatelet accomplish that were firsts for women?
conducted research, was published, etc

Who did du Chatelet hide?

What famous scientist did du Chatelet feel had slightly flawed work? And what part of the work was flawed?
Sir Isaac Newton; energy vs velocity

What did Gottfried von Leibniz propose?
energy is related to square of velocity

How was du Chatelet’s reasoning for energy to use velocity squared described?
based on the lead ball experiment

Why was du Chatelet’s pregnancy not a good thing for her?
she was in her 40s,
it killed her

Who does Einstein eventually marry?

Where did Einstein wind up working? Why?
Patent Office; his professors would not write him a reccomendation

How did Einstein’s job performance affect his home life?
his family struggled and his home life suffered

How did Einstein approach his life?
he was a bit self centered
mainly focused on his obsessions
didn’t care much about what surrounded him

Albert Einstein

What did Einstein want to know?
what the nature of light was

What did Albert notice on a walk with his dear college friend?
town clocks; light always moves at the same speed

Einstein accepted that light’s speed NEVER changes, so he discovered that in order for that to happen…
time slowed down

What year is Einstein’s biggest year?

What did Einstein’s papers discuss?
1. size of the atom
2. nature of light
3. movement of molecules
4. theory of special relativity
5. e=mc^2

The one true constant in the universe is…
the speed of light

What is the relationship between mass and energy that Einstein proposes?

How long was Einstein’s last paper?
3 pages

What kind of reception did Einstein’s papers receive?
no one noticed/cared

What did Einstein do to remedy the slow response of his papers?
he answered every letter

Otto Hahn, Fritz Strassmann, Lise Meitner, Otto Robert Frisch
time period

Otto Hahn, Fritz Strassmann, Lise Meitner, Otto Robert Frisch
nuclear fission

Otto Hahn, Fritz Strassmann, Lise Meitner, Otto Robert Frisch
splitting the atom

Otto Hahn, Fritz Strassmann, Lise Meitner, Otto Robert Frisch
challenges faced
(Lise Meitner)
woman and Jewish

What was the field Lise Meitner was interested in?

Why couldn’t Lise Meitner get a job studying it and who helped her get in?
she was a female; Otto Hahn

Lise Meitner was the first woman in Germany to hold the title…

What was Lise Meitner’s relationship like with Otto Hahn?

What was the largest atom known at the time of Lise Meitner? How many neurtons+protons did it have?

What was the goal of Meitner and Hahn?
wanted to create a bigger nucleus by adding neutrons

Why was Germany a dangerous places for Lise Meitner?
the Nazis

What kinds of people were first to leave when the Nazis came to power in Lise Meitner’s time?
Jewish acedemics

How did the scientific community respond to Lise Meitner’s plight?
they tried to get her out of Germany

What did Lise Meitner lose due to her relocation?
nearly everything

Instead of the atom getting bigger, what did the experiment with Lise Meitner find?
the atom got smaller

A big nucleus is much like what which is unstable?
This gets so unstable that it…
a drop of water; it splits

Upon splitting the two left over pieces of a split atom are ___________ than the original atom?

Upon calculation in the snow, Meitner verifices Einstein’s equation _______.
This is called ____________ ____________.
Nuclear Fission

How did Otto Hahn betray Lise Meitner?
he wrote her out of experimental history

What did Lise Meitner start?
the race for the atomic bomb

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