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Einstein- Rosen Essay

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According to physicists worm holes which are also referred to as bridge of Einstein- Rosen are space time topological features that primarily create shortcut through time and space. A wormhole has a minimum of two mouths linked together by a single throat. Matter travels from mouth to mouth through the connecting throat. Wormholes that are intra universe links locations universe, by simply bending the space time and by allowing travel between different locations of the universe at a faster rate than light could take in order to cover the same distance through the normal space (McElwee, Para 2).

Wormhole theory has been proven through the use of radio waves which are capable of detecting the wormholes. The white hole theory helps to explain the wormhole theory. The white hole is opposite of the black hole, whereas the black hole eats matter up the white hole splits it up. The wormhole acts like a tunnel that connects the black hole to the white hole. Since the existence of black holes and white holes is proven by use of radio waves to detect them, then the wormholes also exists to link them through a tunnel (Sexton, Para 4).

The wormholes are also commonly referred to as Schwarzschild wormholes; they are bridges which are merely theoretical between space areas that are speculated to be in between the white holes and the black holes linking two universes. They only exists in equations especially those of Einstein. According to the equations the wormholes are found to be very unstable and would in fact fall instantly, the moment they are created. Other speculation also exists explaining that quasars are in fact white holes and not black holes which are super massive (McElwee, Para 5).

It is not possible for the wormholes to exist since it is in fact impossible for a traveler to pass through the wormholes since it is not possible to pass a horizon in single direction. If non exotic matter form the traveler, then the moment they reach at the middle of the wormhole then it is impossible to leave through the other side and again it is not possible to leave using the entry route since the entry side must have been a black hole, this therefore, means that nothing can manage to escape once it has entered into the radius of the Schwarzschild.

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Thus the wormholes do not exist and are only a fiction feature and they can only be proven by theories with no practical to prove their existence (Sexton, Para 5). Black holes are basically deformation of the continuum of space time that appears once there is an explosion of a star in the scale of supernova with its remains becoming the black holes and neutron of stars. The gravitational force pulling the black holes is very powerful and cannot even be withstood by thousands of sun’s masses. The white holes on the other hand are opposite to the black holes.

Their work is to split matter into smaller pieces instead of eating as it is the case for the black holes (McElwee, Para 7). Theoretically the white holes are reverse to the black holes; their being is implied by a solution of square root which is taken to be negative of the metric to the Schwarzschild. This metric is basically based on the time symmetry of general relativity. This implies that the best definitions of white holes which can be taken to be technical are primarily black holes running in the reverse direction.

This is location of space time which is not possible to reach instead of failing to escape (Kruglinski, Para 6). Conclusion The wormholes, black and white holes can only be explained theoretically even though it is possible to detect them by use of radio waves. Their existence therefore, remains theoretical as it is not supported by substantial practical evidence. But this cannot be taken to mean that they do not exist since more research work is being carried out and may be their existence might soon be revealed practically. Work cited:

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