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Einstein, Relativity, and the Expanding Universe Essay

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Einstein’s understanding of the universe can be sourced out from his search for a single equation that is capable of explaining all mysteries in the cosmos. Although technical details are missing in the book, two important things are clear. First, astronomers realize that the Hubble constant (which Einstein devoted most of his lifetime) can be calculated. The Hubble constant is the rate at which the universe is expanding (named after Edwin Hubble – the astronomer who first discover evidences proving that the universe is expanding).

Second, if the second component of the field equation is found (the total cosmic mass), then it will be possible for scientists to determine whether the universe will slow to a stop or continue to expand infinitely. Einstein’s life has been examined thematically in the book. The first chapters of the book deal with Einstein’s beginnings, his entry into college, his work as a patent clerk, and his eventual rise as a famous scientists.

The middle chapters of the book focus mainly on Einstein’s search for the “ultimate equation. ” According to the author, the closest equation Einstein developed was the field equation of gravitation. This equation describes the way in which space is curved under the influence of gravity. One incident made his field equation instantly acceptable to the scientific community. During a total solar eclipse in 1914, Einstein’s calculations proved accurate. Bertrand Russell once remarked, “Einstein is right!

The dice of the universe can be predicted. ” Generally, the book can be regarded as a brief introduction to cosmology. The basic premise is, of course, the universe infinitely expands. In some sense, the book succeeds in giving the audience a detailed view of the search for the field equation. The latter chapters of the book deal with Einstein’s continued search for the single equation in his old years. He removed the Hubble constant (which today has yet to be determined) from the equation.

However, realizing the salience of the constant, he eventually reinserted it. Time, however, was running out. His health was failing. His preliminary findings were incomplete. The equation slipped out of his hands. The book is an inspiration piece, with the aim of giving the audience an overview of basic cosmology and mathematics. Hence, the reader can understand the universe in simplistic terms, not necessarily with the help of mathematical jargons.

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