Eiffel Tower Essay

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Eiffel Tower

College — the important four-year period in which a student grows in knowledge of their preferred career and steeps in new and different experiences. It is important for me to leave college with a close community, a better knowledge of my future job, and the experience of studying abroad. These three things would help me in post–school life, and also give me vivid memories. It is essential for me to leave college with a close community. Having grown up in a small community, I am looking for this in a small school as opposed to a larger university.

In s small college, a student is able to find a group of friends during the first few days, making for a comforting sense of inclusion. Students can also benefit from one-on-one interaction with professors and faculty members. This is a huge benefit as college courses are more rigorous than high school courses. To be able to contact a professor with questions is an essential tool for success in college. The college I attend must have a strong program for the field I want to enter. A program that not only has the necessary courses, but also provides experience and tips from people already working in the field.

Learning is more than just a classroom, so the college I choose must prepare me for what my job will really be like, and how to be successful in it. This would better prepare me, and give me realistic impressions of that job, helping me to determine if I would enjoy that particular career. An exceptional study abroad program is the last thing I am looking for in college. Traveling to a foreign country would give me a great understanding of different cultures, people, governments, and customs than my own. A program that goes to France would be best, giving me a taste of France firsthand through living there for a semester.

This would be a great asset, because I would not only learn things, but I would also get to see things, such as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, that I would normally only have a chance to see briefly. Memories of witnessing France’s spell bounding beauty in person would benefit me for my whole life, as I would have a greater knowledge of another culture than my own/ College is a pivotal time in life, so I want to make the most of those four years by choosing a small school that will give me a great community, one that will prepare me for my career of choice, and one with a strong study abroad program.

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