Egypt and Nubia: Two Different Lands Essay

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Egypt and Nubia: Two Different Lands

Historians once thought that the human race began with the white Greek and Romans. Present day archaeologists are telling us that the cradle of civilization is in the Nile Valley of Africa. Two rival kingdoms called Egypt and Nubia have much in common but they also have their unique differences. In my essay I will explore some similarities and differences on monarchy, geographical features, and customs.

Egypt and Nubia were both ruled by monarchy, which shows that they had an advanced form of political organization. A variety of archeologist findings show that the symbols of Nubian royalty were the same as those of Egyptian Pharaohs. They believed that they were god-Kings and built large pyramids to spend eternity surrounded by their riches to keep them comfortable after death. The thing is, it seems that Egyptian Pharaohs reigned over a longer time, while Nubia seemed like they had a shorter history than Egypt’s administrating period.

The geographical features between the two rival cities were a bit different, as Nubia was rockier in contrast to Egypt. The vast municipality of Ancient Egypt was more arid, xerothermic, and desert-like, with a smoother terrain, often depicted by the mind as a large sand dune with carroty-red sand gently blowing over the sides. The one obvious similarity was the lengthy Nile River that ran through both of the civilizations that supplied each city with resources. Both the Ancient Egyptian and Nubian civilizations were also built alongside the Nile.

Though, there were some similarities and differences in customs as well. In Nubia, Queens bared the honor to pass on the right of the throne. Also in Nubia, there were pyramids. But they weren’t like the Egyptian ones at all. They were steeper, shorter, and smaller, while the Egyptian ones were a cut above and much larger. Nubians also used Merotic writing, while on the other hand, the Egyptians stuck with hieroglyphics. In addition, in Nubia, Queens were the main rulers, and are often depicted on temple walls as great warriors wielding swords. But in Egypt, rather than females, males ruled most of the time. Finally, we come to the main people in both civilizations, the monarchs.

Monarchs between the two cities dressed differently. In Nubia, they wear along robe with a cloak thrown over it. In Egypt, Pharaohs have fake beards and sometimes nothing but the uniting crown of Egypt, a heavy chest plate, and a white skirt-like item of clothing for men. There are many similarities and differences in between Egypt and Nubia, but each has their rights and wrongs, perfects, and discrepancies. I’ll leave it for you to decide whose better. Egypt or Nubia?

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