Efficiency in Micro-projects Essay

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Efficiency in Micro-projects

As listed in various sections of the paper, localisation of decision making processes regarding pollution control has the ability of producing small projects that would be more efficient in meeting needs of the local populace. This is because it is the local people that would be undertaking processes of ensuring that their communities meet EU standards. Indeed, this is a positive thing because community members would be taking the pride of preceding one of the best processes in the neighbourhoods.

It has to be considered the days of solving society solutions with big projects are long gone, and processes of relying on internal mechanisms ushered. That being the case, members of the EU community should feel obliged to participate in the problem solving processes. Authorities in local communities should not forget the importance of offering incentives in the implementation of pollution control measures. This is because only through incentives that localities can afford to attract entrepreneurs who are vital in providing the much needed efficiency.

Any failure to involve the entrepreneurs would lead to continuation of current inefficient processes. In addition, it has to be considered that the entire world is quickly moving towards depending on local solutions for local problems as opposed to the traditional model of developing solutions form the highest level of authority. Stakeholders in the regions should also remember that it does not hurt to try new measures of dealing with local problems. For sure, the transition period could prove rough, but the long run benefits would serve the entire community well.

Therefore, the long run benefits should form the key premise of solving the pollution crisis. As illustrated above, European Union’s Fifth Action Programme stands to benefit the region in many ways. First, it shall lead to the localisation of pollution control measures, which is a drastic move from traditional models of relying on highest levels of authority. Second, the program has a higher chance of achieving efficiency that has lacked in the systems in application today.

Third, the program helps in the development of preventative measures that would reduce costs of taking care of the problem. All these reasons should make EU authorities and residencies fell obliged to help take care of the looming pollution problem.


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