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Effects of video games on children Essay

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Although video games can increase aggressive behavior, they can improve memory and logistical thinking, as well as teach perseverance. Over the course of the last few decades video games have been integrated into the lives of our children. Video games are very appealing to children of all ages, and even to some adults. There is a variety of video games out there, and they range from educational to very violent.

Because of this diverse selection of video games, there is a wide range of positive and negative side effects that these games can have on children.

Because a large percentage of our children’s time is spent playing video games, there has been a lot of research in recent years on the positive and negative effects these games have on them. “Among elementary and middle-school populations, girls play for an average of about 5. 5 hours/week and boys average 13 hours/week,” (Gentile, D. A. 2004). Teenagers also spend a time playing video games.

According to Media Analysis Laboratory (1998),”Eighty percent of teens said they played at least occasionally and the average amount of time spent gaming for the sample was 5 hours per week” (para. 19). Video game play has become not only a leisurely pastime for children, but for families also. When parents are not involved in some of their game play the outcome can become a little scary. Children who play video games with their families have a more pro-social attitude compared to their counterparts who play alone.

Children who are less social or somewhat anti-social tend to develop aggressive tendancies when spending long hours gaming alone especially when violent video games are involved. Video games have been shown to increase aggressive behavior in some children. Neubert, S. P. (2004) said, “Individuals high in hostility are more likely to become aggressive when exposed to violent video games. ” “Games in which the only positive outcome is the violent demise of enemies reinforces anti-social behavior.

Violent video games desensitize people to aggression,” (Neubert, S. P. , 2004). According to a study done by Douglas A. Gentile.

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