The education part has seen an observable increment in educational guidelines, headway and developments as of late. Schools and other educational establishments have started to embrace present-day showing techniques through intuitive wise sheets, projectors and brilliant journals, and so forth. What’s more, we cannot deny, these innovative updates make the education framework progressively intelligent and simpler. We know it is easy to remember something that is taught visually. Smart class is the way to teach students visually. This practice become popular in 2012.

This kind of learning has helped in many ways for example some students and teacher have problem with chalk dust but smartboards save from such thing. Studying in smart class is just liking watch a movie or an animation and teachers teach us the main points. Smart class help us a lot in field trip which is impossible with textbook. A field trip to desert of Sahara and Amazon forest can me made possible through it. Understanding your learning style can make contemplating and holding data a lot simpler.

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Commonly, we learn in three different ways: by observing (visual), hearing (sound-related), or doing (sensation). In the event that you are a visual student, you don’t effortlessly comprehend or hold data by hearing alone. Utilizing the visual learning style to further your potential benefit could mean a simpler time preparing and getting data.

This kind of teaching also increases student’s participation. As indicated by a Gallup review, subsequent to presenting keen innovation in schools and universities, understudies’ commitment rate has improved by 55%.

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Smart classes have many advantages but for some people it is difficult to adopt such new style of learning but this style if learning is very help full. But in Pakistan this facility is not available in every school, colleges and universities and this type of learning system is not accepted by many schools and colleges. Your learning style is the manner in which you ingest and absorb data. Individuals have diverse learning styles relying upon how their cerebrums work amid learning. Four distinctive learning styles are recognized as visual, sound-related, read and compose and sensation styles. Everyone has unmistakable focal points and disservices, which can enable you to perceive the most appropriate learning style for explicit subjects or circumstances. A few subjects or circumstances likewise expect you to embrace a style not quite the same as your regular learning style. The major questions that this study aims to answer are:

  1. Why it is easy to remember something that is taught visually?
  2. What are the cons of visual learning?

In many researches it is shown that smart classes are very beneficial and has many advantages. And this kind of learning have yielded a positive result in education sector. This educational system has proven to be beneficial for both teachers and students. It has increased the engagement of students in the study and motivated them. Experiments showed that the use of multimedia in classroom is very beneficial because students remembers the things that are shown to them, rather then they read it from books.

Literature Review

The interest in educational technology is expanded by the administration since late 1999s. The expansion of innovation in schools and universities could improve education and advance learning results (Huang et al.2010). The Organization for Economic Co-action and Development (OECD) has released a report with an end that vivaciously enthusiasm for school’s PCs and class advancement does and improves the understudy’s presentation (OECD 2015). The cutting-edge study hall began when study hall education was developed at the sixteenth century. This style of instructing incorporates a raised stage where an instructor remains before understudies sitting in lines of work area (Song et al.2014). With educators at the front or at focus remaining at a raised stage and understudies sitting in the lines of work area keeping their eyes on the instructor, this study hall model functions admirably for quite a long time. Be that as it may, conventional methodologies were ineffectual for the present need (Finch 2018). With the passage of time the style of teaching changed. In 1890 the chalkboard was introduced in the classrooms with id also use nowadays in many schools. But now the students and teacher prefer to smart classes in which the lesson is taught visually to the students and the teacher tells points to them. A large number of researchers has proven that visual cues help us to better remember the information. Both long-term and short-term memory stores information in chunks, but the former is limited. In order to store information in the long-term memory of a person meaningful images and moving images are use. According to Dr. Lynell Burmark, an education specialist, our transient memory forms words and can just hold around seven bits of data. While, pictures are legitimately prepared by our long-term memory, where they get permanently scratched.

As indicated by the visual instructing union:

  1. Our eyes can enroll 36000 visual messages for each hour.
  2. 90% of data transmitted to cerebrum is visual.
  3. 40% of nerves filaments are connected to retina.
  4. Visuals are prepared 60000 X quicker in mind then content

All these attention on one point that is individual procedure visual data all the more successfully than content.

Visuals has been found to improve learning up to 400%. Robert E Horns from Stanford University clarifies the connection between influence of visual learning on psychological dimension and invigorate data that procedure data quicker. ‘ When words and visual components are intently weaved, we make something new and expand our common insight visual language has the potential for expanding Human Bandwidth (the ability to take in, appreciate, and all the more productively combine a lot of new data)’.

Many researches have shown that learning through smart classes has a major effect on a person learning.

For some people this style of teaching is difficult to adopt but with the passage of time evolution is necessary. In the comparison between new style of teaching and new on always new style of teaching will win because new style of teaching uses technology in classrooms. One form of classroom technology is smart classes. The use of smart classes is help because all kinds of students can get benefit through it.

China administration of training issued the movement plan of ICT in Education 2.0′,

which underscored the hugeness for structure smart learning circumstances to progress quick training (China Ministry of Education 2018). The word homeroom was first use in 1995 in San Diego State University. They manufacture this kind of classroom with the plan to acquire innovation classrooms (Frazee et al. 2006). In the next years until 2012, scientists examined different advancements, similar to sight and sound correspondence supporting stage (Shi et al. 2003), Ambient insight (Augusto 2009), Internet of things (Temkar et al. 2016), and so forth to make either physical classroom or virtual classroom shrewd.

Huang et al. (2012) characterized a brilliant classroom as a physical classroom space that was successful for appearing content, simple for class the board, advantageous for getting to learning assets, simple for instructional cooperation, and joined with relevant mindfulness. Smart classes also have some cons which are as follows:

  1. When you are tuning in to addresses your psyche generally will in general marvel: In a visual learning condition, it is exceptionally simple for your brain to start meandering particularly when the class is instructed using pictures.
  2. Visual students are less sorted out: Visual students depend exclusively on the visuals to propel realizing which makes the less composed than different students.
  3. Video learning requires gear: Visual learning necessitates that individuals purchase hardware for use amid the realizing which much of the time will in general make it in all respects exorbitant.
  4. Video students are not by any means chatty: Visual learning expects understudies to be mindful in class on the grounds that their prosperity will rely upon the sharpness they practice amid the class time frame.
  5. Visual learning requires extraordinary memory: Students who have an issue with their memory may think that it’s difficult to flourish in a visual learning class since it depends totally on memory.
  6. Visual students are less sorted out: Visual students depend exclusively on the visuals to propel realizing which makes the less composed than different students.

So, these are some of the cons of visual learning. Building up the body is as significant and improving the psyche. Likewise, with all things, balance is important to draw out the best in you. It might entice sit throughout the day before the PC, however a round of tennis once in for a little while won’t hurt and can even improve your learning capacities.


Now we are living in the era of smart classes in which the teachers teach us the lesson which is shown on the screen through a projector. This style of learning is beneficial because in this style of learning internet (which is an easy access to any information) is use in the classrooms. Teachers can teach the lesson easier and students can also learn it easy. And teacher can go extra miles to grasp information that is a way ahead of their course curricula online resource can improve the curiosity and creativity of students. One of the best advantages of smart classes to the environment is that we can learn the lesson without the use of paper. We obtain papers from tree so with the help of smart classes the cutting of trees to make paper will be decrease to an effective limited. It is beneficial for the student with different ability to understand the lesson because in smart classes there is no need text reading all is visual teaching and it is easy for every student to grasp information equally. This type of learning has some disadvantages to for example a student and teacher become totally dependent on the technology. That feel totally lost and helpless in the absence of gadgets. The constant use of gadgets decreases the problem-solving capacity of the students. Since the students get all the required information through the gadgets, they use in the class they will consider teacher just as a mere entity in the classroom. The gadgets, used in smarts classes are also expensive so it is not in range of al schools. Around 65 percent of the human populace are visual students. Visual student’s best procedure and translate data when they are presented to pictures, delineations, pictures and other visual media. They are magnificent eyewitnesses and memorizers and can frequently recall rapidly where data is contained in a book or in notes. Visual students are frequently said to think in pictures — subsequently, many exceed expectations at perusing understanding since they can see the story or account happening in their inner being.

Despite the fact that over portion of the populace are visual students, up to 80 percent of homeroom guidance is conveyed orally. Visual students frequently battle in classes that are address based and in learning conditions where data and bearings are dominatingly transmitted orally as well as through composed methods. Visual students regularly request that instructors rehash data when it is spoken and may demand extra guides, for example, having the material recorded with the goal that they can see and process it.

In the event that you’ve at any point attempted to comprehend data in specific educators’ classes, it might have been on the grounds that they didn’t coordinate with your own learning style, the manner in which you process new data. Regardless of whether they adopt best by observing, hearing or doing, all understudies have predominant learning styles with various points of interest and burdens. Understanding your learning style qualities and shortcomings can enable you to tailor your examination abilities to fit this inclination for social occasion information.


The use of smart classes makes learning entertaining and the outcomes are progressive. The use of smart classes has many advantages and also has some disadvantages. But if you weigh both advantages and disadvantages you can conclude that smart classes are an effective means of learning. Every school should have smart classes, but the user should be limited so that the student should not totally depend upon the technology. Visual learning is that memory is simpler when the student is presented to pictures in conditions, not quite the same as when the material was first learned. A drawback of visual learning is that the student encounters trouble when just content and discourse-based apparatuses are utilized for guidance.

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