Effects of Routing on Current Communication Essay

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Effects of Routing on Current Communication

When it comes to Johnson Company’s current communication methods it is blatantly obvious that they are very outdated. I would start by updating their phone system to a digital multiline phone system which utilizes the latest network telephony protocols including VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). There are many vendors who offer multiline digital telephones which would be very useful in bringing the Johnson Company up to speed with their competitors. Another significant improvement would be to augment their advertising in the phone book with a well-designed website. With the explosive growth in the popularity of e-commerce over the last decade the Johnson Company could greatly improve their visibility to potential new customers. If the website could be built by properly trained professionals it would make the Johnson Company stand out from other businesses which in turn would help to draw in more customers. It would be in the company’s best interest to design and build a database which would be used to record order information. This would be useful in keeping track of existing customers and taking new orders from customers their information could be added to the database. Many companies do this and it is referred to as data mining.

Simply put it helps keep track of what products and services they are buying in order to tailor products and services to their specific preferences. From a customer service standpoint it makes the customer feel like the company is going that extra mile to provide them with better products and services. When it comes to keeping existing customers informed of news and updates I would recommend the use of e-mail subscriptions. Most of today’s businesses are using this method and are seeing positive results. Sending e-newsletters and updates would keep customers informed of the latest products and services available to them from the Johnson Company. Just make sure to give customers the option to unsubscribe due to the fact that not all of Johnson’s customers will want newsletters and updates sent to their e-mail accounts. All of the above recommendations should be helpful with regards to bringing Johnson up to speed with the rest of the modern business world. It would also make their business more visible to new customers while improving business with existing customers. An additional effect of these updates will be an increase in profitability as a result of the higher visibility which would attract a vastly greater number of potential customers.

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