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Effects of Migration Essay

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There are a lot of different reasons as to why people migrate, one being forced migration, where people are told to move because they could be at risk because of war or natural disasters. Another is internal migration, where people leave their country either permanently or temporarily, and could also be to escape from natural disasters or for work. Immigration is when people move to another country permanently, and could be because of a number of reasons. There are a lot of people that move from LEDC’s to MEDC’s like Mexico to America, North Africa to Europe and Japan from China, for many of those different reasons.

Indonesia is far overpopulated and so the government is trying to ease population pressures on Islands such as Java by spreading out development to some of the more remote islands like Maluku. This means that many people living in Indonesia will migrate away, as overpopulation means there is a lack of resources in that area, such as food, water and even jobs. A lot of pressure is put on the areas they migrate to because over three million people have moved there. A lot of the rainforest in the area has had to be cleared, which has led to soil erosion. This also means that a lot of the land is then not suitable to be used for farming anymore. What makes it worse is that wild animals destroy the crops, which causes a major shortage.

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A problem that has occurred is that there has been conflict between the migrants and the local population. The trans-migrants receive land as an encouragement to move, and the locals think of this as favouritism. The tension then grows as sometimes the government give areas of land that locals used for shifting cultivation to the migrants. Even though much of Indonesia’s population has migrated away, its population is still rapidly growing, and the scheme to Trans-migrate isn’t working as well as planned. Many trans-migrants are coming back after not having much success following their leave. Transmigration isn’t helping the growing issues of over-population.

Depending on the specific circumstance, migration can be either positive or negative in the long run for a country. It could be bad for the country they’re leaving, as it could leave many jobs with not enough people to fill them, and the decreasing population could then mean the country loses money and end up with less resources. However, it could also mean that there are now enough resources for the population as the country was overpopulated before, and could have had too many jobs for the amount of people living there.

The host country also could have a positive impact from the migrants, for example cheap labour and migrants could be willing to do jobs that the local population don’t want to do, and they bring more money into the country. But the country could also be affected negatively, like if that country becomes overpopulated and then there are too many people for the amount of jobs, and then they claim benefits and live off the government, as well as the shortage of resources that would soon follow.

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