Effects of Media Globalisation Essay

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Effects of Media Globalisation

Summary of the Effects of Media Globalization by Mary Hickman The world, in many ways, has been benefited from media globalization. However, the lurking dark side of media globalization that threatens us, as audiences of the media, has to be acknowledged and cogitated. Undoubtedly, media globalization has transformed our lives in many ways. Friedman (2005) asserted that the seamless information sharing have brought nations closer in the facets of businesses, personal communications and medical industries. Unfortunately, media globalization has brought about many drawbacks to the world.

Firstly, it is a question of the motivation behind media corporations. According to Chomsky (1996), profits are the primary motivation behind every multi-national media corporations. Overwhelming media businesses have swallowed the essence of journalism. As a result, media corporations have the ability to manipulate the media, creating their ideal audience of a certain kind. Due to the small pool of competing media corporations, the existing powerful media corporations have been dominating the media content.

Through various underhand methods, the media corporations have effectively influenced and gained favor by the government. Friedman acknowledges that American media corporation, as leaders in the media globalization arena, are leading the media world into a dangerous position; posing a great challenge to media liberation. In addition, Siochru (2004) postulated that intervening American media has damaged cultures amongst countries. While the voices of the audiences are suppressed, proliferation of unhealthy media content such as cognitive content of greed has been appalling. Due to the minimum participation of media content from the audiences, we are vulnerable to any form of ideologies that are intentionally displayed by the media monopoly.

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