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Effects of ICT Essay

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New Technologies

The new technologies in the computer industrial have made major advances. This has opened new jobs but have also lost job. Things can be done faster and over night. It has become easier and faster to send thing across the world. Mail has become so fast that you van now see events and meet with people in video with people that are on the other side of the world.

From the invention of the computer people has tried to make them smaller and faster. In the beginning they made 3 forms of computer, apple Macs, IBM mainframes, and desktop pc. When this was going on IBM were leading the way with the mainframes but as IBM moved into making mainframes the desktop pc began to get popular. IBM was forced out of the industry. Since then they have lost out on a lot of the market. This led the market open and has been filled with other companies.

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Since then there has been a lot of new technologies like faster internet and the need for speed as increased and the need better communication between people all over the world.

Advantages of ICT

The advantage of ICT is that it is fast and is cheaper to run than people. This has led to a revolution in building on production lines. For example in Ford at the car plant in Dagenham they have replaced the working line that once had many people to a line made of robots to do one job at a time.

Another advantage of ICT is that is easier to talk to people on the other side of the world form your home computer. With advances in technologies we can have video meeting and conference with people across the world. The world has now become small.

Disadvantages of ICT

The disadvantages of ICT is that cause of millions have job have been lost due the revolution it has left millions of people out of work. This has also left people with no money, but when the car was invented what happened to the horse and cab driver. They trained in driving cars. So people who lost their jobs should train in the technologies and adapt to the changes. An animal in the environment that has a changed his eco system changes to fit in so why can’t we.

Effects of ICT in the work place

ICT has greatly effect the work place because of new ways of communicating with other people across the world and the people that would have jobs like printing or running printing presses. They jobs would have gone to save money with the bosses and they would have been replaced with jobs like computer operators. This would be cheaper for the management and faster.

It has also changed the world does business in transfers and moving money from account to account. With the invention of the Internet speed will only get faster and better quality will always come on the market. This means when you pay for goodies the money is transferred directly into the supplier accounts. It doesn’t just work on a small market but when you buy stokes and shares they are paid directly and the value can go up or down according to want you do.

In offices these days they will put a computer work station at every desk to have easy access to the documents and other personal or business resources. This is capable cause of they network that the computer is connect to.

The environmental Effects of ICT

The effects of Computers in the environment is that we don’t use as much paper as we used to so therefore there have been a lot less trees cut down due to this. With no computer powered machine to cut the wood there is also a lot less wastage from other forms of waste from the wood and the paper being wasted.

In an older office they would use a lot of paper to write things down to remember things. This made people use more paper and when there was a memo going round the office they would use the paper to write it on to. This would have meant the why would have use millions of tons of waste paper every year.

With and e system they would use and email to save paper because it is faster and more efficient to get a message to someone. This means that people would save so much more money than they spend on paper. Now they only would use paper in a letter that they would print off and give to the people that they would go to.

The Social, Moral and Ethical Issues of Computers

These issues are to do with the way we use things like credit cards and debit cards in our socialites today. These cards are used to borrow money to pay for other things like clothes and food. This is always using to pay as a substitute to money. These are known as credit cards. Credit means to borrow and pay back at the end of the month or the end of the period that you have borrowed that money.

Another effect of Computer is the health and safety of them. Computer can cause stress and muscle pain in later life because you have to sit down and look at a monitor, which could give off radiation.

These problems all need to be looked at when putting in an e system into a work place.

Personal Privacy

The issue of personal privacy because of computer they have a large amount of data in large database about different people across the UK. This can mean that they can sell your data to other people across the UK and therefore the junk mail is increased.

These database hold information like your name, age, phone number, where you live, email address and in some database bank details.

The information in these databases can be used for junk mail and other things that is not need for you. These are used for gaining information on people.

Data Protection Act

The data protection act of 1984 says that data that has been acquired lawfully from then person that the data concerned. It should also be up to date.

There was a new data protection act of 1998 says that data can be build up over time but I needs to be keep lawfully and not given away for unknown uses, They should be given a small amount of information that would need to be transferred between two companies.

Valid Data

It is important that data is kept up to date by the companies cause if it is stored on a computer over a long period of time this has to been change in order if someone was to change there address or change the job.

This is done by legitimate sources for the persons that have been put in to this. Everyone should be very careful on who they give out there data to.

Security of Data

The companies that also have the data need to keep are stored in a safe place and have it up to date. This has protected your files from hackers by using an encryption of data. This means that your data has to be secure in all ways.

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