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Effects of Having a Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (328 words)
Categories: Girl,Interpersonal relationship,Psychology,Relationship
Downloads: 45
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Do you know what the use of boyfriend/girlfriend? As a student , do you keep on falling in love? Being love by someone can help the student to admire life?

Significance of the study

This study is about the negative and positive effectiveness of having a boyfriend/girlfriend and its part can be a self concern to enhance the capacity of the students to learn in balancing their time in having a boyfriend/girlfriend, This is a small contribution to the students concerning about its self.

The goal of this research paper is to help the students to see how the lovelife can change their life , whether positive or negative. The paper is also designed to gather the opinion of the students on how they look at their love life. The output of this project can be a source material for future improvement.

Statement of the Problem

see more:effects of having a romantic relationship while studying

This study intends to investigate the negative and positive effectivity of having a boyfriend/girlfriend to junior students of St.

Thomas Academy

Specifically , this study aims to answer the following questions:

a.) Does having a boyfriend/girlfriend help them a lot?
b.) Does it affect their life here at school or outside of the school?
c.) Do their behavior change when they feel love?
d.) Are they aware of the consequences of having a boyfriend/girlfriend will bring?
e.) Do they understand the true meaning of love in their boyfriend/girlfriend?

Scope and limitation of the study

The scope of this study are the juniors or the 3rd year students of St. Thomas Academy. The researcher chose them because as far as the researcher see almpst all of the 3rd year students are having a boyfriend/girlfriend. The respondents have more experience in having it. The limitation of this study are only those students ithat are already have or already had a bf/gf and they are the only who are allowed to participate in the research.

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Effects of Having a Boyfriend/Girlfriend. (2016, Dec 05). Retrieved from https://studymoose.com/effects-of-having-a-boyfriendgirlfriend-essay

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